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animator, illustrator, character designer, graphic designer. music producer/recording musician. co-owner of PROOST. proost.co.uk
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14 Responses to 966

  1. Tiggy says:

    Looks like a leg sticking out of that bag on the left. I thought he’d stuffed the Mrs. in there.

    He has no eyes!

    Btw thanks, you just reminded me to put the rubbish out. I’d forgotten.

  2. We don’t get off that easily. We have a good 6 days of Xmas yet.

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  4. A S MacIntosh says:

    So depressing, and so true!

  5. laura says:

    Poor Bloke..shoulda asked Santa for some eyeballs.
    Oh well, at least he’s happy.

  6. Here in Birmingham there are loads of bin bags strewn across our streets. Due to a combination of industrial action and the Christmas holidays there is an enormous back log of rubbish collections and the piles of bags on the streets is just getting bigger and many are busting. Happy New Year!

  7. Forrest says:

    Tell ya what, after working retail for 20 some years I’m still astonished this whole planet ain’t ankle deep in cardboard boxes.

  8. Freda says:

    Oops! That reminds me – I meant to take the bottles/jars etc to the bottle bank before it got filled up after Hogmanay.

  9. Carole says:

    Haha! Guilty as charged, Officer! We have had rather a poor service in the last few weeks due to the snow which doesn’t help matters. But it is an eye opener when you see the amount of rubbish generated.

  10. AnneDroid says:

    Yikes! You looked through my letterbox didn’t you? Wine bottles (all mine) and 5 black bags (of my daughters’ old clothes) accumulated for recycling.

    On Christmas Day we have a wee short service at our church (I missed it this year as I was in jail) but Him Indoors took a black bag of Christmas wrapping paper that our kids had just an hour before torn off various presents. He tipped it on the floor at the front of the church and invited the congregation to grab a bit, let it represent all the various other kinds of rubbish and crap in their lives and take it to the foot of the cross and leave it there. I gather folk appreciated the symbolism.

  11. jonbirch says:

    brilliant david! hilarious! :lol:

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