cheers, subo .:-)

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10 Responses to 1004

  1. Sarah says:

    This is one of the reasons I left the church.

    I’m sure you can get lots of witches who just want to meld people into their image too, although I have to say the less organised it all is, the better.

    Jesus wouldn’t do any of this.

    Blessed be.

    Sarah x

  2. Brent says:

    interesting cartoon :)

    Sarah, sorry to hear you’ve been hurt by the church – happens to all of us at some point
    The problem though is that in many churches there is no call to conform to Christ and people are left to their own devices and what happens is a that there are many who claim to be Christians yet their lives bear no resemblance to the one they claim to follow.

    I guess the middle ground is where Jesus desires us to be…

  3. subo says:

    ah, yes. fair point Jon, I know I need help, actually I’ve chilled out loads, (oh, and I now only go to church stuff where there’s a tangible sense of fun and humilty)

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  5. Caroline TOO says:

    hmmm, difficult … I wonder if in our wish to be gracious to our fellow Christians,

    we are always willing to be gracious to those who’s actions feel like bullying to us?

  6. shorter78 says:

    so so true and i must confess at one point i was a bit like this. Sorry, i struggle to see the middle ground, as i see it because to confirm to jesus is not something your pushed into! Also the vision for the church should be the churches vision, not one person’s, this is not an easy done how ever i think the role of the leader to help the church have vision rather that have the vision of the church.

  7. Kevin S. says:

    If people are trying to see a vision of how Jesus’ mission looks like, they never will if there is no leadership to show us. I don’t understand how that can be bullying?

  8. jonbirch says:

    it can be. doesn’t have to be. some do, some don’t, i’ve seen both. depends who’s leading… how they model their role and all sorts.

  9. Kevin S. says:

    You are right brother.

  10. Rich Lush says:

    This is something I’ve experienced. The leader was brilliant in many ways but the easiest way to describe the church’s approach was that it was one of those children’s toys where you have to put the wooden shapes through the matching holes, but they only had one hole and if you didn’t fit that shape they would bash and force you in.

    All are welcome in the body of christ – as long as you stop being who he made you to be.

    I know some might just say we’re all called to be “christ like” and that’s true, but sometimes they forget he also made us as individuals. Christ in Me, the hope of glory is going to operate differently to christ in you, and we need that diversity, but many seem to believe one size fits all!

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