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animator, illustrator, character designer, graphic designer. music producer/recording musician. co-owner of PROOST. proost.co.uk
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  2. fogg says:

    sorry, no sympathy, if your IQ’s that good why don’t you have your own job?

  3. Heidi says:

    Hey, these are fantastic, I had no idea!!!

  4. jonbirch says:

    hey, heidi. the wonderful heidi from naked pastors blog! welcome to my little world! i love np’s blog and the people on it… the conversation is great and very thought provoking.
    i wanted to leave a comment on your blog but it requires me to have a google account… is there any way you could change your preferences to allow other readers to comment? don’t worry if you’d rather not, but your blog is cool and i wanted to leave a complimentary message. :-)
    hope to have more conversation in the future on your blog and/or on np’s. cheers, jx

  5. lor says:

    well, holy cow, I must have stumbled into the nakedpastor’s blog by mistake :)

    wow – these are great!! I laughed out loud at several of them…

    hi jon birch! what a wonderful sight you have here.

  6. jonbirch says:

    hi lor… welcome to my little blog home… thankyou for the compliment… it has humbled me and made my head swell all at the same time! J :-)

  7. sonia says:

    Jon that 1 is genius – must get anne to read it :):):)

  8. tallandrew says:

    so.. you’ve met my wife then!

  9. Carole says:

    Have any particular vicar’s wife in mind when you came up with this one? ;-)

    Do you know if there are any married couples who are both vicars? Just a random thought…

  10. jonbirch says:

    yeh… there’s a couple in swindon i know… married, both vicars. :-)

  11. Carole says:

    So do they work in the same parish or rival ones?

  12. jonbirch says:

    rival… i don’t think they’d see it like that though. or maybe they do. who knows what goes on in the marriages of others. :-)

  13. AnneDroid says:

    Carole #28 Me and the mr are both ministers. We don’t work together. He has a church and I am a prison chaplain (as I have mentioned many times on later pages of this blog as you know). But I don’t rule out the possiblity of us working together in the future. After 14 and a half years of marriage I think we’ve rubbed each other’s sharp corners off sufficiently. In the early days there might have been violence or a divorce!!!

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