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animator, illustrator, character designer, graphic designer. music producer/recording musician. co-owner of PROOST. proost.co.uk
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  1. Heidi says:

    love it!!! well done, on all fronts.

  2. fogg says:

    this church needs a make over, lets contact the BBC

  3. Caroline says:

    …no heart? hmmm

    not sure that you’re fair there…

    trouble with ears
    not hearing what’s going on
    around us

    trouble with legs,
    often failing to get going

    trouble with the tongue
    too often speaking to make points
    rather than build lives

    trouble with the bum
    just stuck in the pew,
    and won’t budge

    trouble with the eyes
    can’t see the obvious

    but the heart?
    I think that’s in the right place
    the trouble is though
    that the other troubles
    often blind us to the
    good of the heart.

  4. jonbirch says:

    yup, i agree… but… the cartoon is more about the ‘institution’ than the ‘family’… the family of church can have a massive heart but i think the institution with its ‘take no prisoners’ agendas and visions can kill heart, spirit and intellect. many i know have been hurt or damaged by their experience of this kind of driven church and i abhor it.
    you’re right though, it’s still harsh and i make no apologies for it. :-)

  5. Caroline says:

    Dear Jon

    I must be careful, for I fear I may tread on a bruised heart

    but sadly, it was not an institution that damaged your friends, it was people

    flawed people, like me,

    trying-to-do-their-best people, like me

    people who, like me, wanted to do what’s right but ended up hurting those they love the most.

    it was not an institution but the damaged person who didn’t mean to damage anyone else, ‘cos they know how much it hurts to be damaged.

    it was a frail, foolish person (like me) who needs to repent and turn and try again

    it was a bone-headed, arrogant, sure-that-they-know-what’s-right person (yep, you guessed it, not unlike moi)

    it was a person (or people) who needs grace and forebearance (like I do)

    Harsh? No I don’t think you’re harsh, Jon. Angry, yes :-) but not harsh…

    …and I still love your cartoons :-)

    with best wishes


  6. jonbirch says:

    i think you’re being pretty harsh on yourself there.
    institutions demand a certain way of being and many go with the tide… institutions couldn’t exist if they didn’t. so you are right, but those in positions of power do bear responsibility for their behaviour. the masses often get manipulated and damaged people will hurt damaged people particularly if the stage is set for it.
    i am angry about some things, especially when i see people manipulated or bullied… something institutions can do with no guilt. o for wiser leaders sometimes.
    thanks for your support of these cartoon musings… and thanks for offering your thoughts, which i do take seriously and enjoy very much.

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