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animator, illustrator, character designer, graphic designer. music producer/recording musician. co-owner of PROOST. proost.co.uk
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  1. Chris says:

    I think I’m being thick – I don’t understand this one.

  2. …and whilst I’m sure the stereotype isn’t deliberate, not always the fault of the man!

  3. jonbirch says:

    hi uk salvationist . absolutely! not always the fault of the man. i could have done two cartoons i guess. it may be a stereotype, but it is a fairly commonplace one… most cartoons are stereotypes. telling a simple story in a simple hit. the cartoon is just a conversation starter and thought provoker.
    my point in this cartoon is to suggest that some marriages are not really marriages… especially when one or other party is in serious danger emotionally or physically. the strap line means these marriages are not good and to end them is not necessarily a bad thing. dare i even suggest, a good thing. hope that helps chris.
    again, i am not trying to be contraversial… just raising a subject that i think needs raising… and hoping people find it useful to them.

  4. Sarah says:

    I find this very disturbing. but I absolutely agree with it.


  5. jonbirch says:

    it is disturbing.

  6. zefi says:

    uksalvationist, this kind of presentation is called “focus.” Don’t know what’s the term people normally use, but that’s the one I use.

    When you say, “Wake up from your sleep,” (assuming the most literal meaning) you’re obviously not telling that to those who have already woken up.

    But then again, that depends on the intention of the artist.
    So, am I wrong?

  7. jody says:

    oh go on Jon, you were being a little bit controversial – and that’s a good thing, just what cartoonists are meant to be I think ;-)

    (not for the sake of it, but you know it takes a sharp shock for some of us to confront injustice)

  8. jonbirch says:

    i was being controversial, i just wasn’t trying to be. it often happens to me. controversy’s fine with me. :-)
    the two things most likely to get me hot under the collar are 1. injustice and 2. dualism.
    thanks for the comment jody.

  9. Che V. says:

    Wow, just linked here from Decontrustructed Christian…love the art.
    I hit this one…thanks.
    That could be a picture of me…and the divorce was definitely a good thing. Even, dare I say it, a God thing.
    Thanks for being willing to be controversial….

  10. jonbirch says:

    i went through a divorce, 14 or so years ago now. very painful. god never left me. life is ver different now. thanks to god’s amazing grace. :-)

  11. Che V. says:

    Sorry to hear that.

    Did you have a hard time with other christians withdrawing from you?

  12. jonbirch says:

    some… not the real friends, the ones i respected. they stayed loyal and true. the others can think what they like, it’s none of their business. this is a time for confidence to be restored to you, not taken away. those who can’t cope with it or would rather judge you, that’s their issue… nothing you can do about it i’m afraid. i hope there are those who’ll simply stand with you, like god does. :-)

  13. Che V. says:

    I’ve had to move churches and cities to find them, but, yes, I have them.
    Only 2 couples survived as my friends after the fallout, but they have shown me how much they love and respect me all the way through.
    I guess the old adage is true…you find out who your friends are.

  14. jonbirch says:

    absolutely you do… i guess there’s a reason why that’s an old adage. thanks for your honesty. here’s to some wonderful years ahead for you!

  15. Lori says:

    The go-go boots on the blonde… nice comic relief in the 2nd panel.

    I just happened upon your site and it’s keeping me up way too late (church in the morning). I really appreciate your thought-provoking work. I’ll check back often.

    Thanks so much –

  16. jonbirch says:

    thank you, lori. :-)

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