comments from kick-hat-snare and stevef got me thinking some more.

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  1. Babylon's Dread says:

    Dig the ‘toons…

    Pine Box Dread

  2. su says:

    your fine, so long as ….

    your thinking outside the box (modern conditions of worth)

  3. jonbirch says:

    i’m no longer sure whether thinking outside the box is possible. we’re always trapped in a world of assumptions, prejudices, fears and anxieties. to break out of these through education or good old healing and grace seems to change the nature of the box but we remain flawed… for now. maybe we’ll be able to one day. or maybe we’ll always have our limits and certain boundaries simply are in our best interests.
    sorry for the ramble… i think that’s two thoughts that got stuck together somehow. :-)

  4. bishopdave says:

    Jonbirch said: “i’m no longer sure whether thinking outside the box is possible.”

    That’s a great post and ‘toon. The music some thing is so fresh and hip right now is blasé to someone else. As the cartoon points out, getting out of the box is actually staying in the box. Feeling edgy is no longer on the edge. And so on with our various cliches that make us feel like pioneers.

  5. jonbirch says:

    thanks, bishop dave :-)
    yeh… it struck me as i was responding to a couple of posts. this cartoon is certainly true of my own experience of what i’m like.

  6. Chris says:

    So true, great image. Like the artistic direction too.

  7. jonbirch says:

    thanks chris. :-)

  8. scoeyd says:

    the post cracks me up – there’s nothing new under the sun… & illustrates to me that no matter how much I think I’m getting out of the box, there’s always another one …

  9. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    What he said :))))))))))))))))) “vanity vanity”

  10. Carole says:

    Reminds me a bit of the temple. Actually its giving me one of those dizzy infinity moments…

  11. Are we like kids at Christmas…

    We take the good stuff out of the box
    then get in the box
    then realise the good stuffs now not in the box anymore and can’t climb back out of the box.

    Maybe the father of the house will lift us out of the box….
    Into the living room (which by the way is…… another box) ;]

  12. Sarah says:

    Maybe a case of things having such a bad name we don’t want to touch them with a disinfected bargepole.

    My husband used to say to me, “We’re all clichés”, which I used to take great exception too, but now I realise Yeah. But so what. As long as you know you’re true and you’re (as much as possible) happy with yourself and you’re trying to make the world a better place… – who cares? Rather be a cliché doing something right than be fantastically self-assured and that’s all. :-)

    Sas x

  13. Sarah says:

    ps Su you’re dead right re modern conditions of worth. Another one is, You have yo think this way about a certain thing, or that way, because oh doesn’t everyone.

    Another version of leaving our brains at the door.

    Gosh aren’t I cheery this evening.

    Sas :-)

  14. Chris F says:

    Moving from one box to a bigger one can be scary, and all credit when we have the guts to try it. When the walls get so far away they’re difficult to see, it’s tempting to run back to the previous box. Maybe faith is learning to be at home in the box you don’t feel safe in

  15. su says:

    thanks Chris, something like this has been happening to me, the box changed somehow, hope it all settles down to something I can manage soon. so good to read you post, and think, ‘it’s ok’.

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  17. Mimo says:

    Haha, great one.

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  19. konastephen says:

    Keep thinking outside the ‘thinking outside the box’ box!

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  21. I’m with Kona–you go girl!

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