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  1. Lori says:

    Well, I for one, AM!! :-)

  2. sarah says:

    Me too, only cos I love it! ;-)

    Sas x

  3. A S Hodel says:

    Some say salvation is on every page of the Bible. You might be able to say something similar about sex.

    This does NOT imply that sex is salvation. Get your mind out of the gutter. :-)

  4. for those of us who are new, what number would that be so we can find it?

  5. becky says:

    Amazing cause it’s a subject that Jesus didn’t really talk that much about. Yet if you EVER suggest that Jesus EVER had an erection (he was human and divne right?), you get hammered.

    Try to get a discussion going about what it means to be sexual beings and Christians and whammo – Here’s an article I penned for The Ooze that got some cool discussion going. http://www.theooze.com/articles/article.cfm?id=1803

  6. jonbirch says:

    hi palletjackracer… it’s 307. :-) i think.

    hi becky. orientation really gets people wound up. people who’ve not commented before or since couldn’t resist the urge on that topic. :-)

  7. I’m obsessed with sex and sexuality. With physical expressions of sexuality, I would be straight. With emotional expressions I would be gay.

    Thankfully I’m happily celibate :-). I hate that people don’t see the sexuality in celibacy. I’m very sexual! It just gets expressed in different ways. Hard to explain if it isn’t a natural stance for someone. I love it :-)

    But yeah I’m obsessed! Ditto Becky. I can’t see how Jesus wouldn’t have had an erection at some point on this earth ;-)

  8. I’m just obsessed with what the Bible says.

    Try arguing that there are four persons in the Godhead and I’ll make sure you’ll get a lot of comments.

    (Actually, the number of comments about sexuality doesn’t mean that we’re obsessed about sexuality – it means that it’s one big area of disagreement amongst us all)

  9. Robb says:

    This seems to be opening an interesting area. This may be a little bit of a tangent but…

    Parts of the church don’t seem content with arguing what the bible says, they want to argue bible squared. An example of this would be the Christian union when I was an undergrad. Jesus said “if you think about doing it with her it is as if you have done it” he was saying that you are all as bad as each other. Some try to convince everyone that as well as the bits that are hard to follow, the though police are out there condemning you as well. When you have low self esteem you are screwed in so many different directions by this sort of thing!!

    Yes, some are obsessed with the [lack of] sex.

  10. DrNick says:

    Maybe its got something to do with the comments Paul makes about sexual sin being different from other sins in 1 Corinthians 6?

    Perhaps another aspect is that we are relational beings (i.e. relationships are an essential and defining part of who we are) and sexual expression and identity is a very big part of our relational make up?

    For me its a big thing because it is one of my major areas of weakness and I know it has a major effect on my relationship with God, so I want to get it right…

  11. jonbirch says:

    ‘he was saying that you are all as bad as each other.’ that’s helpful robb. thanks. :-)

    oso… that’s how obsessions start. :-)

    ‘I hate that people don’t see the sexuality in celibacy.’
    absolutely allat sea+. what is interesting to me is that if you have a conversation about same sex love many seem to want to reduce it to the sexual act, rather than look at all aspects… it’s like talking about orientation is too complicated and makes the argument to messy. even if people come to a different conclusion to me i would hope that where there’s real love christians would be the first to celebrate it.

  12. jonbirch says:

    hi drnick. if only everyone came to the topic with your humility… what you say is challenging and helpful. :-)

  13. becky says:

    Jon – Bingo. Sexuality isn’t a physical act but the entire essence of who you are – and then take that metaphor it’s part of who we are collectively as the body of Chris. In Evolution and Christian Faith, Joan Roughgarden (a transgendered evolutionary biologist who used to be Jonathan) gives an eloquent description about how we as the body of Christ ties into both ecology and theology.

    I get the need to buck against the fundies legal system but I’ve been in church settings where it felt to me that commandments might not have been broken but boundaries were definitely being crossed. This is particularly in online exchanges (but that’s another post). But try to have a reasoned and prayerful discussion around this topic and it quickly devolves into “it’s my life and I’ll do as I please” versus “It’s the married missionary position or nothing” fracas.

  14. becky says:

    I meant body of Christ. My bad.

  15. Ros says:

    Of course we all are! For two reasons;

    1. We’re human beings.
    2. Why else would some people get so offended by nudity?

  16. jonbirch says:

    why else indeed? :-)

  17. ron says:

    We fear that which we don’t understand.
    I was nervous about sex before it actually happened.
    Of course, now, you couldn’t keep me away.
    Even though my wife’s body isn’t her own, neither is mine, my own. And if I step over boundaries to get what I want when she doesn’t, is that honoring her? Nope. Just selfish. Curious, that no matter how hard we try not to be selfish, we still end up being that way to some extent.
    Which then leads me to ask, “Is God selfish?”
    Thanks for the post.

  18. Chris F says:

    The reason Jesus got on so well with the prostitutes, drunkards and taxmen,etc was that they knew he was no better than they were.

    When I first saw this line, I was shocked. But wait a moment – we believe Jesus was fully human, the full on incarnational thing, right? We all come equipped with bodies with nerve endings all over that want comfort, stomachs that need feeding, and bodies that need a sexual mate. Of course Jesus was “no better” – he had all the same appetites and urges I have.

    The difference is, he was at ease with his body and fully understood it; was not afraid of it; accepted it in all its reality. He was so full of understanding that he did not “act out” the negative stuff. We do of course “act out” – but the closer we can come to understanding and acceptance the less likely it is that we will act out in some daft and uncontrolled way. I find this is scary – if I accept I am like this and don’t resist/fight – all hell will break loose!
    The opposite seems to be true – all hell breaks loose when I am at war with myself.

  19. jonbirch says:

    is god selfish? does god need our worship? all these and other questions to be pursued in future asbo’s. :-)

    great post chrisf… really thought provoking. :-)

  20. really like your take chrisf :-)

  21. Robb says:

    “The reason Jesus got on so well with the prostitutes, drunkards and taxmen,etc was that they knew he was no better than they were.”

    The systemaicians will beat you with sticks ;-)

  22. sarah says:

    Jesus had a penis. Jesus had a heart.

    Still does (on both!) I imagine.

    Let’s claim the ground that’s rightfully ours of healing in our sexuality, of purposefulness, of love.

    DrNick I appreciate your frankness I too have problems inthis area. You’re not the only one. x

    Cheers Everyone

    Sas x

  23. Chris F says:

    Hi Robb,thanks for the warning

    But “sytemaicians”?? Who? What? but I bet whoever they are their sticks are pretty big, huh?

  24. Robb says:

    Sorry, I fell into the trap of using jargon. Systematics is a particular branch of theology that studies doctrine. If you are a Roman Catholic and go to train to be a priest you study ‘dogmatics’. Protestants do exactly the same but call it ‘systematics’. You systemtically think through the consequences of a particular statement. An easy example of bad systematics:

    a) God created the world 6000 years ago
    b) Therefore the dinosaur bones must have been put there in the ground.
    c) Satan isn’t a creative force.
    d) Therefore God created the dinosaur bones.
    e) God sends you to hell if you don’t believe in Jesus.
    f) Some people don’t believe in Jesus because of dinosaur bones
    g) Therefore God is tricking you into hell.

    Didn’t Bill Hicks have some intersting things to say about this!?!?


  25. Chris F says:

    Thanks Robb!!

  26. Robb says:

    Not a problem. I’ve just realised that I appear to have given dogmatics/systematics a bad name. An example of good systamatics:

    a) God so loved the world…
    b) I am part of the world…
    c) Therefore God loves me

  27. jonbirch says:

    what a positive man you are robb. :-)

  28. Lol. Well I had to travel through to Glasgow last night carrying a Sex Education Folder.

    We then had a great discussion on the train about the whole thing much to the amusement of some of the commuting passengers!!

    Difficult not to be obsessed with sex when it’s saturated into every single part of the media!!

  29. jonbirch says:

    you’re not wrong. :-)

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  31. Ian says:

    Why do ‘you’ look like an Alien Nun? Self-image issues there matey?

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