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animator, illustrator, character designer, graphic designer. music producer/recording musician. co-owner of PROOST. proost.co.uk
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  1. MMM says:

    I’m too young to
    March with the infantry,
    Ride with the cavalry,
    Shoot the artillery,
    I’m too young to
    Spy on my enemies,
    But I’m in the Lord’s army, Yes Sir! :)

  2. ben says:

    Psalm 35
    Of David.
    1 Contend, O LORD, with those who contend with me;
    fight against those who fight against me.
    2 Take up shield and buckler;
    arise and come to my aid.

    3 Brandish spear and javelin [a]
    against those who pursue me.
    Say to my soul,
    “I am your salvation.”

    4 May those who seek my life
    be disgraced and put to shame;
    may those who plot my ruin
    be turned back in dismay.

    5 May they be like chaff before the wind,
    with the angel of the LORD driving them away;

    6 may their path be dark and slippery,
    with the angel of the LORD pursuing them.

    7 Since they hid their net for me without cause
    and without cause dug a pit for me,

    8 may ruin overtake them by surprise—
    may the net they hid entangle them,
    may they fall into the pit, to their ruin.

    9 Then my soul will rejoice in the LORD
    and delight in his salvation.

  3. Hey
    This is such good timing for me today. Must’ve been inspired. I’ll carry this around with me for the next few hours. Thanks muchly mr. Jon

  4. Jeevan says:

    Thought-Provoking to say the least…Its so very easy to forget the whole ‘armies will encamp around you’ concept but sometimes one wishes they’d make themselves a bit more apparent to our enemies eh?

    Maybe a corporeal foot for the briefest of briefs but long enough to send the obnoxious man in the bus flying face first into the lap of the girl sitting next to her 6′ 6″, short-tempered, insanely jealous, construction worker.

    A flock of very well-fed pelicans prod in their bellies thus forcing them to release their load right above the pain-in-the-arse politician and his cronies.


  5. Jeevan says:

    correction : construction worker boyfriend

  6. maxplanck says:

    Makes me think of ‘Jesus Camp’ :s

  7. whiteflash says:

    This is such good time timing for me as well. Coming in for a lot of Criticism to day, people not understanding what I’m trying to do. This just reminds me that if it is truelly the will of God that I’m following then I will have His full support and that’s all I need.

  8. jonbirch says:

    you’re welcome ms allatsea. :-)

    whiteflash… not with that wig on you won’t! :-)

    hi jeevan… obnoxious politicians covered in half digested bits of fish… cool image! :-)

    hi max… did you go on a jesus camp? what happens at one? :-)

    mmm and ben… to be honest i’ve always struggled with the army imagery… more on that another time… i guess it’s because i don’t feel at war with a particular person or people as david would have. great to see a whole psalm typed out here. psalms really make it okay to be human and flawed, don’t they?

  9. Hayley says:

    I find lines such as ‘may they fall into the pit, to their ruin’ very difficult. Aren’t we supposed to love our enemies and see that they are in need of love and forgiveness just as we are? Aren’t we all saved by grace?

    I’m not sure what I think about the way David views God in this psalm.

    Bits like this always leave me feeling very confused.

    Hayles x

  10. Jaybrams says:

    Jon: ‘Jesus Camp’ is a documentary about Christian summer camps, but from my limited understanding (haven’t had the chance to watch it yet), its a pretty one-sided affair that does not really paint a overall picture. It certainly paints how much of society looks at us, though.

    but on a totally unrelated, far more important note, ASBO was in my dreams last night… Steve had a ASBO T-Shirt slogan contest and my entry was:

    “inspired by something _____ said…”

    good times

  11. jonbirch says:

    hi hayley… those rants in the psalms really are the writer getting it off his chest. if i thought they were a model for living i’d hate them, but read as a real human being expressing his humanity both good and bad i find i relate. there’s nationalism and all sorts in the psalms… but they are raw and honest and from the gut… hiding nothing from god, which i like. :-)

    hey jaybrams… with a caption like that you surely must have won! i suppose it would depend on what mood steve was in! i’d have let you win! :-)

  12. sarah says:

    Love it!

    You should ask my husband a thing or two about spiritual armies. That’s what he does.

    I like the ones that don’t give me a headache! ;-)

    Sas x

  13. Carole says:

    Hayley, I know exactly what you mean about those uncomfortable lines in the psalms. But in a warped kind of a way, I kinda like them, too. For one thing, I like the way it confuses the cocksure Christians amongst us. It’s always good to know that you can’t pin everything down. And secondly, just for an instant, it makes me feel OK about occasionally indulging myself with those disturbing little fantasies about wreaking vengeance on my own enemies – before I set about trying to resolve my negative feelings. Guess I’m just a flawed old human!

  14. sarah says:

    And it’s true.

    Sas x

  15. Carole says:

    Good dream, Jaybrams. Makes a change from the blancmange giving a lecture in quantum physics from behind the fish counter in Asda.

    It’s a sign that we need a range of ASBOJESUS hoodies available before Greenbelt.

  16. jonbirch says:

    they’re on their way! x

  17. Carole says:

    Oops! got me emoticons in a tangle.
    I meant :-)

  18. ben says:

    sorry if i took this off topic, i just thought the psalm was relevant.

  19. jonbirch says:

    don’t you go apologising ben for bringing the bible on to the pages of this blog. great to have you and your input here. thanks! :-)

  20. zefi says:

    Now I’ll be careful should I ever want to contend with ministers.

    Well, at least not to do it for the purpose of making their life more difficult.

  21. Lori says:

    This is a good one, Jon. :-)

  22. Jeremy says:

    I absolutely LOVE this picture. I actually just posted the quote on my office door today by Erwin McManus. “If an arrow of criticism doen’t pass through the filter of Scripture then do not let it pierce your heart!” It’s easier to fight when you have the right heart and the army of the Lord.

  23. Carole says:

    *Off topic alert* – check the link on Jonny Baker’s blog on post “Grand challenges for theology for 21st Century”. I laughed my socks off… :lol:

  24. Robb says:

    Did he pick a fight with Vigo Mortensen?

  25. steve says:

    Hey. Its the pointing man again..

  26. Carole says:

    So it is, Steve. Actually he should know better than to pick on another vicar ;-)

  27. zefi says:

    Finger of Death!!!

    Heh. :P

  28. sarah says:

    Isn’t that “Cake or death!”? (Eddie Izzard)

    Sas :lol:

  29. Carole says:

    Oh no! Deja vu! All we need now is for someone to say “Pull my finger”.

  30. Robb says:

    Zefi, Finger of death from Talisman??

  31. Carole says:

    I think we established on Jan 29th that it was finger of death from DoTA (whatever that is!)

  32. jonbirch says:

    pull my finger! all of you! :-)

  33. Robb says:

    Defence of the Ancients (google)?

    Drink of The Aadvaak (me) ;)

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  35. sarah says:

    If I pull your finger will you fart?

    Sas !

  36. sarah says:

    Robb how are you doing mate.

    Prayed for you.

    Hope you’re well.

    Sas x

  37. jonbirch says:

    sas… i’ll fart whether you pull my finger or not…. mmmmmmm… that’s better. :-)

  38. sarah says:

    Aaah, shut up!

    Sas ;-)

  39. Robb says:

    Cheers Sas. I’m mostly erm…. with a bit of hmph and a good dose of argh :D Options evening didn’t help as I’m now also a bit zzzzzzzzzz.

    I had a good conversation with the diocese which highlighted a lot of stuff to do. I had a good conversation with a colleague where we both put the world to rights. I’m unemployed in a couple of weeks because my contract finishes. Dr Ruth and I have discussed it and it is probably for the best given that I don’t what is happening next for me with the diocese. Lets just hope I can pay the rent!!

  40. jonbirch says:

    hey robb. all the best mate. so it’s a diocese school you’re working at? feel like i’m being a bit thick. hope things work out well for you mate.
    zzzzzz sounds like a good counterpoint for erm and argh… hope you get good zzzzzzz.

  41. Robb says:

    No… erm… I was with the church. I went back to teaching as a bit of a stop gap paying the rent. I’m hoping that the vocational stuff will carry on in the future bishops et al willing. My teaching contract was just maternity cover and she is coming back at easter leaving me a bit high and dry.

    Sorry, I know I have been a bit cryptic. I am finishing a dissertation for an MA in theology and ministry at the mo as the next step in my journey. 10k words down and 5 to go. How does the CofE engage with alternative worship? How do the structures allow for it?* I’ve already quit teaching once and moved on. I feel that I am currently an eye trying to be a hand…

    *I know this is a two word answer, “They don’t” but I need to come up with another 14998 to go with them :lol:

  42. Carole says:

    Hope everything works out on the vocational front, Robb, and that financially you manage to keep your head above water. Absolute trust can be a toughie when it comes to balancing the books – but you’re probably better than me at all that. I’ll pray for you.

  43. Robb says:

    I know. I had to do that the first time round when my house sold about 5 minutes after the deadline for me leaving the job I had already quit for the church. Trust me, that does make sense and isn’t a typo :lol:

  44. sarah says:

    Robb, 43, that’s probably why I was told to pray for you.

    Keep at it. God’s on your side (if you know what I mean).

    Praying for you both,

    Sas xxx

  45. Robb says:

    Thanks. I really appreciate it. I think this is what I need most. My spiritual director is a monk. There is something very comforting about knowing a man who is looking out for you and goes to pray seven times a day!

  46. Jason says:

    lol, awesome.

  47. hayley says:

    how can u have asbo jesus

  48. Robb says:

    I would guess that you get an ASBO for being antisocial. Jesus was so antisocial that they crucified him.

  49. MMM – what did I start by mentioning that old kids chorus!!

    Didn’t realise the angels had lightsabres!!

  50. sarah says:

    Hi Brunette!

    Sas x

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