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  1. I always loved the shirt that says, “Tell your boobs to stop staring at my eyes.”

    That’s what this reminds me of.

  2. because your face is ugly? sorry thats not fair is it. I have had this conversation many times with many people and we came up with a few things like if they were not showing then we wouldn’t see them!

  3. Robb says:

    Well…. I’m sure I can come up with a thousand lines from carry on films when the discussion gets going.

    if they were not showing then we wouldn’t see them

    It has to be said, on occasion I have not known where to put myself. Sometimes there is no appropriate place to look. That isn’t the fault of my eyes.

  4. Francie says:

    If she’s wearing a low cut blouse, she’s sinning by causing them to stumble. If the men stare, they’re sinning by staring (and blaming her.) We should ALL treat each other as brothers and sisters in Christ and dress/act accordingly.

  5. yesuvia says:

    Hmm… I could almost swear that your chest just said the same thing…

  6. flayedhypatia says:

    I have difficulty with the notion of “causing someone to stumble” is a sin. The inference is not, so far as the evidence shows, scriptural, let alone valid.

    I read in Matthew that Jesus was from Nazareth, and this fact was a stumbling block to many.

    So Jesus having lived in a certain town caused many to stumble. Does this mean Jesus sinned by living there?

    I was once, many years ago, nineteen years old. A very good friend of mine and I went out to yogurt (yes, this was the 80s, and that’s what we did) and were doing a little Bible Study. I was wearing a brilliant red blouse, buttoned to the top button. The blouse was cut with a scoop neck, but as buttoned, showed no cleavage.

    We were confronted with people who (we found out years later, upon the hoopla of a legal matter that made all the news around town) were in a cult. After a lengthy discussion, I determined this was going nowhere, and I politely left. After that, my friend tells me, they told her they were very gland I had finally left, because it was she whom they desired to reach, since I was clearly too sold out to Satan to listen, and that even when I entered the room, he (the husband) could not avert his eyes for the lascivious thoughts that I caused him to have (shame on me!).

    Women in fundamentalist Muslim nations wear burkhas, for anything less is a sin on the woman’s behalf, causing the man to stumble into the sin of lust.

    When, oh, when, will we take responsibility for our own sinful thoughts instead of excusing them as caused by others?

    The woman you gave me, Lord, tempted me, and I ate. Blame her.

    /end rant

    (And note, that I’m not herein trying to say women are innocent when it comes to sinful thoughts, rather, that we are guilty of our own, not of yours.)

  7. zefi says:

    Anyway, I’ve always wondered why women wear low-cut shirts, or skimpy shorts/skirts.

    Is it more comfortable, is it more airy?

    They should generally be aware that most guys are visual-oriented, that they would *look* at wrong places, even if they don’t intend to.

    And when they do, they’re blame as perverted, or horny, or sexually-charged. It’s almost like when the fish caught the bait, we’d shout, “I KNEW YOU’D EAT IT! YOU’RE A FISH!”

    Even after I kept requesting to my sisters in Christ that they should cover up more, not for the purpose of violating their right of choice, but because I’m weak, they don’t seem to care… Can’t they do that one small thing, simply for their love for a brother?

    Is it more comfortable? Is it more airy?



  8. scott says:

    They are just breasts and all you are really seeing is skin. It is a human body – get over it!
    “Men are so visual” what a pathetic excuse – are women supposed to become invisible?
    Take responsibility for yourself – it is rude to stare at any body part while you are supposed to be having a conversation with someone, and if you aren’t having a conversation than the time you spend looking at any part of a person is up to you. Don’t look if you can’t stop objectifying a women as just a collection of sexy body parts for your enjoyment.

  9. ben says:

    so how low is too low? how high is too high? what does the bible say to measure these things by?

  10. Tamara says:

    This made me laugh. Guys will look if we put them on show, and they’ll probably notice if we cover them. Guys notice boobs. But for girls… I think we need to balance looking (and feeling) pretty, which is perfectly acceptable, and intentionally drawing attention to our boobs.

    Tough topic.

  11. zefi says:


    I agree.

    Let’s walk around naked.

  12. Lori says:

    Scott, #9, I think Zefi is entitled to his opinion, like you are, without it being called “pathetic”.

    Besides, my husband doesn’t think my breasts are just skin.

  13. Christopher says:

    Why are you not looking at my face?

    In the case of this picture, I would say because the boobs are very shiny.

  14. Sam Norton says:

    In the case of this picture surely it’s because there is no picture of the face to go with them…

  15. AnneDroid says:

    Yesterday I had a conversation with a man who sat staring at my chest. It was disconcerting EVEN though I knew (a) he is gay and (b) his eyes were unfocussed – he had had bad news and was actually staring unfocussed “into space”. It still made me self-conscious though.

  16. Robb says:

    So essentially we are on to a loser whetever then.

  17. Robb says:

    or ‘whatever’

  18. Suzy says:

    Am I the only one who thought for a second this was a bare bottom!? Must be some kind of optical illusion :)

  19. marcus says:

    I too thought at first this was a bare bottom…!

    As for why I am staring its cos in this picture their right up in my face!

  20. maggi says:

    I have noticed, on quite a number of occasions, guys “talking” to my breasts even when I have been wearing a clerical shirt and a cassock and a surplice. Believe me, you can’t get more buttoned up than four layers of clothing buttoned right up to the chin. So it is definitely not all about how revealing the clothes are… There is a place for just learning manners and looking at people’s face when you talk to them. :)

  21. zefi says:

    I think that there are possibly more than one reason of why a guy’s eye would “wander off.”

    I believe that while there are cases where it’s purely about manner, there are also cases where it’s about being purely distracted.

    I like to look around, and I do notice that there are a lot of times when my eye would be automagically fixed to a revealing part of a woman’s body. Not that I wanted to, but yeah.

    You might want to brand me a pervert or whatever, it’s up to you, but I honestly am more comfortable with “properly” covered up women, because I seriously do not want to automagically look at your bosom…


    Intentionally looking at it with lust is different from intentionally looking at it for no apparent reason.

  22. marcus says:

    iz it gust me or am eye the onle 1 who whilst typeng cant keep my eyes of the pikture?

  23. Maggi says:

    Whoops, another “maggi” commenting?! I’ve got to change my nick for this blog. Especially since “maggi” seems to be a female nick in the anglo-american world …

  24. AndyP says:

    Ha ha ha.

    Post no. 7 above wins the “Freudian Slip of the Day” award for the following:

    After that, my friend tells me, they told her they were very gland I had finally left

  25. Robb says:

    I don’t think you can really be accused of perving on someone wearing 4 layers and a clerical collar. It is a bit hard to do. As someone who is a man (last time I checked) it is pretty hard to stare at boobs that are beneath a mountain of cloth. However, last night at the rehearsal studio we had a bunch of women come in and listen to us (weirdo’s were paying for their own rehearsal room and decided that they wanted to come and be groupies). It was pretty hard to miss the fact that one of them was wearing fishnets, high heels and a corset – essentially she was all boobs and legs. That was her intention. As luck would have it, they requested live and let die and I got to spend the time staring at the fret board and moshing.

    Speaking for my people – James is in the room and one of the first things I notice every day is what he is wearing. Is he wearing pin strip or not. What sort of shirt is he wearing today? Does he want to look especially smart (cufflinks) if so, why? What is happening that is special today that I have forgotten about?

    How we dress is an important statement. I don’t turn up to teach in leather trousers and cowboy boots, throw the keys to the harley on the desk and get on with it. I wear a suit. I guess it is all horses for courses.If Dr Ruth is going clubbing you can expect big boots fishnets and a tight top. If she is going to work at the hospital it is likely to be a shirt and trousers. People look at how you present yourself. If you’re all boobs they’re going to notice that. It’s not a problem, I don’t want people to dress in any particular manner.

  26. zefi says:


    I didn’t know that “typo” has such a sophisticated term!


  27. slowburn says:

    I’m sorry which one of you said that?

  28. dadube says:

    Just to throw being a teacher thing into the pot again (sorry), but I really can’t cope when my sixth formers stare – I’m trying to teach for goodness sake!
    And in the same breath, why do some of the girls wear black push up bras under their white shirts – I barely know where to look, so pity the poor male teachers….

  29. Robb says:

    OK dadube, I deleted this bit from my previous post….

    I can totally understand where you are coming from (Oh, no – where two teachers are gathered together and all that jazz…).

    When we are talking about the sixth form it’s one thing. What gets me is when the yr 7’s are wearing a thong (that you can see) and a pierced naval (which you can see) and a black bra (which you can see). Then we make films like St Trinians.

    Then we complain about it.

    Totally off the point here and back onto the last cartoon I know.

    At my first school the Drama department would stick them in bikinis and make them girate at the front of assembly – sorry, my mistake – modern dance to the tune of Mousse T’s “Horney”.

    (it’s a metaphore…. for being horney*)

    I can’t believe I am sounding so puritanical, I’m not. I just want kids to have a chance to have a go at being kids rather than 11 year old adults and sexual beings.

    *A prize goes to the person who can tell me where this quote comes from!

  30. Dr Ruth says:

    Robb – The quote comes from the Chef Aid (South Park) album. I win the prize!! I win the prize!

    I think that if, as a woman, you wear clothes that are revealing, you can’t complain that men (or women for that matter) might stare. We have a choice about what we wear. But when it comes down to it, the clothes are designed to draw that kind of attention. We live in a sex-obsessed society and are pretty much programmed (by the media, by our culture, and even by our genes) to focus on aspects of sexuality – at one level it’s all about finding a healthy mate!
    And anyway, women are just as bad as men for commenting on a guy’s nice bum or six pack.

  31. Robb says:

    Typical. I read the post and think “who the hell knows that?” and it’s you :lol:

    OK, the prize you have won is your tea on the table at 6PM. Prawn curry. Go and do some work! (or buy me something cool).

    So are you saying that the selfish gene makes us preprogrammed to stare at boobies?

    I don’t remember anyone commenting on my six pack. They have commented on the size of my bum :(

  32. Chris F says:

    It all comes from living in a land where it’s always either boom or bust :-)

    I think some women dress provocatively as a deliberate power play. (SOME! – not all!).

    Cultures vary enormously across time as well as geography. Whats ok now and here may not be ok then and there. Just another of life’s confusions. I agree with most of you – in the end it’s down to me as the beholder to take responsibility for my owm responses

  33. becky says:

    There are some guys who will stare at my chest even when I am wearing definitely unsexy clothes and that is a bit creepy. But I also take responsibility for myself that I don’t say wear see-through blouses and clothing so tight that if I was a guy, you could tell if I was circumcised or not. BTW-I find it equally hard not to notice when some guy is strutting around wearing clothes that’s designed to show off his assets – this is especially true when I sit on the bus/subway and I’m faced with said package (or a woman in a thong) looking at me right in my face.

    What makes me sad is when those of us in the Christian community seem to be oblivious to when someone is sexualized – I went to a gathering of holy hipsters where it was obvious (to me anyway) that a very young lady studying fashion was sexually acting out and the others (including a gay male clergy member) were flirting back with her as though to encourage this behavior. I didn’t “want” to look at her but she kept talking and acting in a manner that it was impossible not to – she had to be the center of attention. But this is another post for Jon.

  34. Hayley says:

    Poor me, I’ve never really noticed someone staring at my chest!

  35. Breasts are overrated…….Then again, there is that old Bob Hope tune: “Thanks for the mammaries.”

  36. dadube says:

    Hayley – don’t worry, its only adolescent boys looking at mine, no-one I ever wanted to notice them did! (clearly with a husband in tow I have no need to flash them at anyone now….unless its jon!!)

  37. “What makes me sad is when those of us in the Christian community seem to be oblivious to when someone is sexualized – I went to a gathering of holy hipsters where it was obvious (to me anyway) that a very young lady studying fashion was sexually acting out and the others (including a gay male clergy member) were flirting back with her as though to encourage this behavior. I didn’t “want” to look at her but she kept talking and acting in a manner that it was impossible not to – she had to be the center of attention. But this is another post for Jon.”

    Becky – Your frustration is understandable, but keep this in mind: At the end of the day, whether we like to admit it or not, we are all still animals at our most basic level. We can’t deny our physiology, or our brain anatomy. There is this part of the brain called the limbic system, that is composed of several different parts, It is the a much older portion of our brain, but if there is any one thing that we have in common with our ancestral past, and with other animals, it is that limbic system. One section the hypothalamus, is directly concerned with sexual arousal, and, as all other creatures on this planet do, the desire to procreate, attract a mate, etc is generally housed there.

    If that woman was strutting her stuff, and the men were responding to it, well, blame biology. Yes, as humans, we have the ability to consciously override it, but, it is simply a hard thing to overcome. We are driven by primitive instincts far more often that we care to admit to ourselves.

  38. slowburn says:

    Suzy/Marcus (19 & 20) I think Desmond Morris in Man Watching said breasts were a secondary sexual signal area because the mimicked the bottom.

  39. helen says:

    I have no problem with guys talking to my chest, so long as they listen to what I say, i personaly think guys stare due to jealousy, my sons (all still fairly young), still think of them as their own snack center!

  40. sonia says:

    I was sat outside a cafe last week and had a funny sight!, a young woman was walking along the street, she had her back to me, the wind blew her skirt up to reveal a very nice ass and only g string knickers. i wasn’t offended at all- thought it was highly amusing!

  41. I never had any for years….was the typical pear shape…and then, after some serious beer drinking, they arrived!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO
    I’m sure at some point I must have prayed to have them. God, in His own time, delivered.
    Round about the time I became a Christian.
    There’s some sort of justice going on here, don’t ya think?

  42. Carole says:

    so how low is too low?

    Well, Ben, as a general rule of thumb, I would say that when they are making a serious bid for escape, that is too low! :lol:

    I don’t have a major problem with men looking, as long as they employ subtle tactics. It’s the blatant staring which is really annoying. And actually, when they are valiantly climbing out of a ‘famous name’ push ‘em up and shove em out bra, even I find it difficult not to look (if anyone feels tempted to point out that this may be a sign of ‘latent lesbian tendencies’, please don’t bother, the idea might cause my man to sin!). The interesting thing is that if you are on a Mediterranean beach somewhere with wall to wall topless sunbathers, boobs can become invisible. Only those with interesting characteristics tend to provoke a reaction, so to speak. A guy who used to be my boss was on holiday. He’s lying on his sunbed, catching some rays by the pool. Then this attractive woman with charms in abundance arranges herself on the sunbed next to him. She removes her bikini top, slowly and liberally bastes herself with suncream, without missing a bit. Meanwhile poor old Pete is mesmerised and getting just a bit hot under the collar. He wisely decides to move to a place of safety before he is caught out. He moves his sunbed, as if he wants to catch the sun at a better angle. Just as he is settling himself down, he realises that the woman’s bikini has become tangled around the leg of his sunbed and he has dragged it away with him… :oops:

    I think the idea of causing someone to sin is interesting. I can now have all the lustful thoughts I want and lay the blame at someone else’s door. Ah the joys of a guilt free life!

  43. Carole says:

    ‘bikini top’, that is.

  44. Jeremy says:

    I think the real problem lies not in the fact that we stare at your boobs. It’s simply because your boobs are up to your eyes. Stop pushing them up to your forehead! That would save people the embarassing notion that a man is staring at your breasts. Really he is trying to find your chin through the bra.

  45. Jeremy says:

    Along with this epidemic…how about the pants that have words across the butt….. if you didn’t want me to stare…why not take the word “juicy” off your butt for a change!

  46. FSWood says:

    Probably for the same reason my wife stares at my posterior.

  47. su says:

    am I bovered? – look at the face, am I bovered! (are you gay sir?)

  48. DrNick says:

    Why is a picture of a stick insect looking through a porthole causing such constenation?

    I used to find it nigh on impossible to look anyone in the eye (self-confidence issues) and when trying to look anywhere but peoples faces it’s quite easy to be drawn to such ‘interesting features’ especially when they are openly displayed, as some girls do.

  49. AnneDroid says:

    Hahahahaha, Dr Nick. A picture of a stick insect looking through a porthole. Hahahahaha.

  50. In my mind, some people stare and some people don’t. If you’re someone that doesn’t stare, having stuff on show won’t make you stare, it’ll just make you embarrassed and worried that you’ll be thought of as pervy!

    Starers, however, would probably do it whatever you’re wearing.

    I have no idea if that’s correct. Just my current take on it all.

    Inappropriate dress ain’t kind. Staring ain’t kind either.


  51. gilly says:

    19- suzi …. you are not alone in thinking it was a bare bum.
    I kinda never got how in my church boobs are covered up but it’s OK for the guys to sit in front of me, lean forward during the talk and …there’s their rear.

  52. Karen says:

    Amen Gilly! Numerous times have I been distracted by builders bum, and not in the nice way either! Ewww…

  53. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

    Although also in agreement, that it does look more like a bum than 2 breasts!

  54. becky says:

    39. What made me sad is that everyone was so busy being cool, they didn’t realize that this woman was sexually acting out in a way that told me she at best had very low self-esteem and possibly sexual abuse issues. Somehow, I expected the priest at least would pick up on this acting out behavior instead of encouraging her to continue.

  55. jonbirch says:

    maybe the priest had his own issues. we all do.

    whoever said that the breasts were very shiny was right… that really made me laugh. :-)

    in what way does this picture look like a bum? i’m trying to be objective here, but that would be some kind of strange pair of trousers/skirt. :-)

    on one level i think men are supposed to be distracted by breasts. it’s in our programming… did someone say that above? if so, they were right. i also have to agree with all those who say we are responsible for ourselves and our own behaviour… that seems to be a sensible point. mostly when i see young things about town wearing next to nothing, i think ‘blimey, you must be cold.’

  56. AnneDroid says:

    #57 “mostly when i see young things about town wearing next to nothing, i think ‘blimey, you must be cold.’” Me too Jon, me too.

    Once I was leading the service at our church and there were a lot of visitors there that Sunday. One young woman had no jacket and was wearing a “boob tube”. My first and only thought was how cold she must be as it was December. A few church people said to me afterwards, “Did you see what she was wearing – not very appropriate”. It genuinely took me a while to realise they were talking about decency not the weather!

  57. jonbirch says:

    annedroid… haha!… aah decency… where would we be without decency? tony blair kept on using the words ‘decent’ and ‘indecency’, decency was clearly very important to him. then he illegally invaded iraq and ruined thousands upon thousands of lives and then still banged on about decency.
    decency… where would we be without it, eh? :-)
    ps. maybe it’s another of our beloved red-herrings…

  58. Caz says:

    “in what way does this picture look like a bum? i’m trying to be objective here, but that would be some kind of strange pair of trousers/skirt.”

    Jon I think that they mean it looks like a bare bum, which is sitting on a big… err… blue thing.

    I think, anyway! :lol:

  59. jonbirch says:

    aah right… if i squint i can just about see that. haha! :-)

  60. “But I also take responsibility for myself that I don’t say wear see-through blouses and clothing so tight that if I was a guy, you could tell if I was circumcised or not.”

    ……but then they would be able to know if you were Jewish or not… ;-)

  61. jody says:

    wow, this one really caught the attention! 62 comments!

    um, as someone with, er ‘ample assets’, can I just say that I spent a good proportion of my life (after I hit puberty at around 10) being half ashamed of my boobs, just for the very reason that most of the people here seem to think that I should be.

    in terms of clothing, I not really a nymphette shape, so I do tend to dress ‘appropriately’ whatever that is – however, I challenge any item of clothing that I wear (unless it is a polo neck) not to expose some kind of cleavage if I lean forward even just an inch….

    I think we should consider becoming naturists, just to desensitise everyone…. ;-)

  62. jody says:

    oh, and I should probably say I got over myself and am not ashamed any more…woop

  63. Robb says:

    I think that misses the point somewhat. No one is suggesting that boobs are at fault or that anyone should feel ashamed of them.

    To quote AASWABAS “Inappropriate dress ain’t kind. Staring ain’t kind either.”

    Don’t click this link if you are easily offended. But it does have plenty of warning about what is going to happen if you do click it and change your mind ;)

  64. Carole says:

    Robb!!! What is this!! How to keep a thick voyeuse in suspense, put something that looks suspiciously like a link in your post, make a tantalising warning and have it not link to anything!!! So I’m sitting here clicking like a prat, heart racing with anticipation of what naughties lie in wait and it just don’t deliver. What a metaphor for life! ;)

  65. su says:

    ‘does my bum look big in this?’

  66. Robb says:

    OK carole, the broken dodgy link ;)

  67. Carole says:

    That’s not even nice. Were they real or clever prosthetics? If they were real, it wouldn’t half chafe. Funny idea but I don’t wanna get up close and personal with some stranger’s tezzies. You’ll be glad to know that this voyeuse switched off before the end…so to speak.

    I can’t see it catching on somehow…

  68. Clare says:

    gosh I haven’t seen so many excuses for male behaviour in one place for a while. Depending who you believe, men staring at your chest is the fault of the clothes you are wearing, your flirtatious beahviour, their limbic system, biological programming or the sheer physical difficulty of swivelling one’s eyeballs. Astounding. So it isn’t just simple lack of sensitivity to your fellow humans? Pah. No-one ever stares at my chest as I don’t really have one, but the idea that somehow if they did it wouldn’t be their fault and their responsibility is just laughable.

  69. jonbirch says:

    okay, so i’m biased, but my wife makes a good point. why is this such a big deal? women can jut and strut so far as i’m concerned… i simply don’t mind.

  70. jonbirch says:

    oh… and breasts are great in all their variety. i love’em and that’s the truth.

  71. Robb says:

    What he said!

  72. zefi says:

    I don’t know why people kept seeing this as blaming, but if that’s obvious, let me point out something that is more obvious.

    We are actually saying:

    1. Women, your body has got great power over men. Like, GREAT POWER.

    2. With great power, comes great responsibility.

    3. Thus, exercise your power with care. Not that you need to though. This is only a plea.

    Thank you. ;)

  73. jody says:

    Zefi, firstly, ‘hi’ :-)

    secondly, your last points on #75 seem to be saying that the responsibility is pretty much solely the woman’s, when actually I think it probably lies much more with the ambivalence of both men and women to our bodies and our sexuality.

    rather than defer the responsibility, I would much rather people engaged with the issue of friendship and sexuality.

    (if you’re interested there is a conversation going on, on the fulcrum website about this, which is why I smiled when I saw this cartoon)

  74. Robb says:


    Do you wear a red and blue costume and climb walls?

  75. jonbirch says:

    men also have great power… and with great power comes great irresponsibility.
    i guess if you’re a bloke who believes that to notice a womans breasts is an awful sin, (or notice any other feature of beauty for that matter) then you might have problems. but you can appreciate without lusting over, you can enjoy without perving… it’s a matter of using our god given spidey senses and having a better theology. i’m most likely to be distracted by a beautiful face, and given that’s the bit i’m supposed to be engaging with i’d be living a nightmare life if i thought that was a sin.

  76. Robb says:

    it’s a matter of using our god given spidey senses

    Danger – boobies :lol:

  77. zefi says:

    Geez, geez. Just geez.

    That is so obvious. Why is a statement that is directed only to women be taken as a totally biased thing?

    Why would you even see it as implying that men are not responsible from taking care of what they see?


  78. zefi says:

    For people who cannot help looking at a statement and think that the person is biased:

    1. Guys, your eyes (assuming that you can see, physically) is the gateway to your brain.

    2. What you see affects what you think.

    3. The ability to see, comes with the responsibility to take care of what you see. Well, not that you actually have to, but I hope you get slapped for looking at things you’re not supposed to.

    4. Feeling tempted is not the same as sinning. It’s not about the first look that got you interested, it’s about the deliberate second look.

    5. There, 4 reasonings. Now anyone, please accuse me of being biased towards the male species. Oh come on, it’s so obvious that I’m pushing all the fault to the men right???

    Thank you.

  79. zefi says:


    Nope, but I’ve got a pair of eyes that can see past your humanly physical body, into the very core of your humanity, and view the sins of your life. But worry not, I would normally refrain from revealing em to the masses. I know we’re all shy people. :”>


    Yea, in my wildest dream. Sigh.

  80. drewman says:

    Hmmmmmmmmm in late here, but am reminded that way back in the beginning when our relationship with God was FAB, we were all naked anyway – and felt no shame. How about that? I am sure there must be a ancient church service somewhere in celebration of that! The problem is what does one wear to such an occasion……

  81. Robb says:

    With eyes like that you must wear a cape and have your underpants as your overpants :lol:

    I think that you have moved to the darkside and joined DC!!

  82. drewman says:

    Help.. what or who is DC?

  83. zefi says:

    “Hmmmmmmmmm in late here, but am reminded that way back in the beginning when our relationship with God was FAB, we were all naked anyway – and felt no shame.”

    Applies only if you don’t know you’re naked. Heh.

    Do you subconsciously have the desire to put on such attire? You know, out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh… And some people said that what you do, and what you say is a reflection of your inner desires/conflicts sometimes. :P

  84. Robb says:

    Spider-man’s uncle Ben said “With great power comes great responsibility”. He comes from the Marvel universe and sports a hyphen. He is SpiderHyphenMan and he wears red and blue and climbs walls. He has Spidey sense and is a propper super hero.

    Superman comes from Krypon and his uncles all died without passing any useful advice on power. He wears his pants outside his trousers and for some reason this is deemed acceptable. He Lives in the DC comic universe where people are allowed to have all of the toys and not leave any for anyone else. He doesn’t just have lazer vision he can also see through things. And because they were smoking crack that day in the office they decided that he could also lift heavy stuff, fly, tell if someone is lying by listening to their heart, turn back time (which I though was Cher’s super power) and still hold down a day job as a journalist. That is because D are wrong thinkers. They have a whole host of comic book heroes but they rolled them all into one:

    “If we put all of these powers into on character we could have it written by lunchtime and head off own the pub”.

    The problem with this is that you can’t kill him. Bullets bounce off. He is invincible. What do we do about it then? How do we do something about this particularly boring character we have created? “I know – we’ll send in the Spin Doctors”*.

    You shouldn’t have to make something up to kill a super hero. You shouldn’t create something you can’t kill.

    “Help, the world is in danger, what should we do Captain America?”

    “Fear not citizen, lets hang around and wait for Superman. He has all the powers and left me with this crappy shield.”

    *Oops I did it again, The Spin Doctors sang a song and have an album called pocket full of kryptonite.


    Ooops. I meant to say “DC are a manufacturer of comic books”.

  85. Robb says:

    Zefi, if I was Superman it would be perfectly acceptable to wear my pants on the outside.

  86. Robb says:

    Just realised my C was missing…

    “That is because DC are wrong thinkers*”

    *Heretics :lol:

  87. drewman says:

    I can only presume that by heretics you realy mean that they do not agree with what I agree with! Which is really the only true definition of the word. How did we get to Superspideyhyphenpantwearingman anyway.
    Bringing us painfully away from superheroes and back to the post. I pretty much find myself agreeing with everyone – Breasts are great -“God saw all that he had made and it was very good” so the big man agrees as well. However I seem to recall his son saying something about the implications of just looking……….Its all very confusing.

  88. Robb says:

    I don’t know how many times I can get away with posting the same thing before someone notices.

    One mans heretic is another mans freedom fighter.

  89. drewman says:

    Hey Robb you’ve said that before

  90. Robb says:

    Damn. Have I told you how rubbish superman is yet?

  91. Robb says:

    Hey, just realised. Boobies get nearly as many posts as people who fancy their own sex.

  92. jonbirch says:

    ‘The problem is what does one wear to such an occasion……’
    hey drewmam… i guess you’d wear nothing save a little pink tie worn two feet lower than you’d usually wear it. :-)

    superman is rubbish… you’re right robb. :-)

  93. drewman says:

    wow thanks Jon – an online trinny and susanna as well – amazing! and thanks for the satire as well its great.

  94. Carole says:

    Boobies get nearly as many posts as people who fancy their own sex.
    It is widely agreed that sex sells. Don’t you think it is particularly cynical of Jon to post on this subject just to boost his flagging hits – I said flagging hits not s*****g t***s!! ;)

  95. jonbirch says:

    you’re welcome drewman! :-)

    oi carole! you trouble maker! are you staring at my hits! :-)

  96. Carole says:

    I can’t help it, every day you just thrust them in my face!!!! Tart!

  97. Pingback: Taming the beast « Just one step at a time

  98. sarah says:

    Put some ********** decent trousers on. You can’t have it both ways.

  99. sarah says:

    Just realised it’s a higher neck line. Could still be a bottom.

  100. Becstar77 says:

    Ditto #63. I grew a C-cup aged twelve, and at 30 am now a 32DD at a petite 5’3. Whatever I wear, however loose and unflattering, men stare at my breasts.
    I’ve had so much criticism and comment from Christian men (and women) about how I cause people to stray, so much so that I stopped wearing makeup, scraped my unwashed hair into a ponytail, wore huge baggy clothes…. zero self-esteem!!
    Only when I started dating a non-Christian, did I manage to develop a healthy self-image of the body God blessed me with.
    I dress nicely, but I’m not going to dress like a bag-lady, with unflattering (read: supportive) bras, simply because some man can’t control his thoughts. In my experience, he’s going to have those thoughts regardless of what I wear or how I behave – some men just can’t help it.

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