me? subversive? i’m sure i don’t know what you mean. :-)

got given an award at this blog… nice. :-) must check out his blog when i get a moment.

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About jonbirch

animator, illustrator, character designer, graphic designer. music producer/recording musician. co-owner of PROOST.
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9 Responses to me? subversive? i’m sure i don’t know what you mean. :-)

  1. Dave says:

    You might say that – I couldn’t possibly comment!! Jon – you do a great job of keepin’ us thinking – don’t want the radicals to become the new orthodoxy do we!! shalom and thanks – dave

  2. becky says:

    As long as you stay “subversive,” you’re my man.

  3. Comgrats on the award……

    BTW, this is one reason why I have given up on religion:

  4. jonbirch says:

    you’re welcome dave. thanks for the encouragement. you’re one of those people who has always encouraged me to be me… so if anyone ever gets offended i guess it’s all your fault! :-)

    thanks becky. i will, i promise.

    awful isn’t it mr. nighttime… when i read this bit (below) i didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. they are all missing the point completely it seems. they aren’t the only ones. oh… and thanks. :-)

    “The Church of the Nativity in nearby Bethlehem — where Jesus is said to have been born — also falls under the status quo arrangement. Last year, pre-Christmas cleaning in that church turned ugly when robed Greek Orthodox and Armenian priests went at each other with brooms and stones.”

  5. Robb says:

    Awww come on. This is hilarious. Haven’t you seen this?

    Having worshipped with orthodox priests and a bunch of monks doing plainsong with the beards and hats and beards the imagery of this story is just too funny!

    On a serious note, yes, it is terrible. Sorry – I’m a bad man and will try harder to be appauled in the future.

  6. Robb says:

    My link doesn’t appear to be working…

  7. jonbirch says:

    i understand the dilemma robb. terrible, yet an hilarious image.

  8. Carole says:

    Subversive? What’s wrong with subversive? Subversive is goooooood. :)

  9. jonbirch says:

    yup indeed… subversive is gooooooood! :-)

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