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animator, illustrator, character designer, graphic designer. music producer/recording musician. co-owner of PROOST. proost.co.uk
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  1. Looks like the EKG of some of the cardiac patients I treated in the past……;-)

  2. jonbirch says:

    hi mr. nighttime… remind me not to get taken into hospital on a sunday. :-)

  3. Jessica Denise says:

    Day of rest from blogging perhaps?

  4. zefi says:

    Though almost clearly otherwise, I like Jessica’s suggestion.

    Which can be quite true, for the time is used for something else, something that is perhaps more meaningful, more in-touch with reality?

    p/s: Please, please do not take the above statement as a biased statement attacking Christian bloggers. I’m tired of people thinking of the things I wrote negatively. Perhaps, for once…?

  5. ben says:

    i know people whos live become extremely busy because of all the church stuff they do.
    im so glad i dont go to a church like that.

  6. jonbirch says:

    hey zefi… i like jessica’s idea too. but like you i doubt that most are resting… more likely to be rushing around like mad things. :-)

  7. Dave says:

    I say – keep mon, tues, wed, thur, fri and sat special!! dave

  8. I just checked my stats and Sunday came out with the LEAST hits (maybe only churchy people look at my blog) and Tuesday & Friday where the highest. Sunday is my worst DAY of the week!! and thats sad.

  9. kate says:

    Maybe it’s because on Sundays people aren’t bored at work surfing the internet …

  10. Robb says:

    I find my stats go up towards the middle of the week and drop off on a friday and come back up on a monday. I would have presumed otherwise.

    That said, I don’t have a brain, I have a connection – so I am permanently wired up :lol:

  11. Robb says:

    And what Kate said ;)

  12. Andy Weir says:

    Yeah, this is another good ‘toon, Jon.

    My blog activity is sporadic at best so I *think* I escape this one applying to me. Phew!

    And for what ben said, it’s a funny one. I wonder if people want to serve their community of believers on Sunday, so take a sabbath rest on another day?

    Surely that’s not going be cast up to them? I know plenty people who love to serve in their church family and as we know there’s something good about joyful giving, right?

    Our challenge is getting the balance right – we are not so busy on other days getting ready for Sunday that we “forget” (or should I say neglect to rest).

    Nice one, Jon.

  13. Andy Weir says:

    and what Kate said

  14. Peter Kirk says:

    Ha! My blog is usually least busy on a Saturday, probably when my Christian readers are having much needed family time, but Sunday is rather busy, especially the evening, even though I rarely blog myself on Sundays. Perhaps that’s because some strange people see reading my blog as rest!

  15. drewman says:

    Having only just started posting on any blogs at all – I have not even got to a Sunday yet.
    There simply must be a way I can fit somthing else in on a Sunday what with the mad rush out the door with the kids, complete with yelling. Setting up the PA, standing in for the leader/preacher/worship leader/coffe rota/prayer ministry team/creche – please delete as appropriate. Cleaning up, crashing the PA, being available to the youth -regardless of what I am doing. Remembering I am a husband and Dad as well….oops. Home, dinner, hospitality with someone or other, tea, yelling at the kids/dog/wall. Then its evening church and it starts again!
    Now for those of you experienced bloggy types who have done a Sunday before where, from your vast experience, do you think I should fit it in?

  16. Pete Huey says:

    not to be pedantic, but everyone dips at the weekend. Maybe the weekend dips are just because all the civil servants are at home, away from their eight hours of facebook-filled 9-5!


  17. jonbirch says:

    pete, you may be joking… but i reckon you’re right. :-)

    what kate said. :-)

    drewman… you should fit in just fine.

    my guess is… the same people who serve everyone on a sunday also are the ones serving everyone all week. just a guess. :-)

  18. Robb says:

    OK, here’s the statistics. From my blog the most clicked link is ASBOJesus. I think you mayhave come second to my flickr account if people weren’t clicking on individual photos – they logged as separate sites.

    I would bet that the reason so many people clicked ASBOJesus was the name. It is such a provokative title.

  19. FSWood says:

    “I would bet that the reason so many people clicked ASBOJesus was the name. It is such a provokative title.”

    Hey, He was such a provocative guy.
    Just ask the Pharisees.

  20. Dave says:

    It’s great you are not becoming a stumbling blog to Christians Jon! dave

  21. Tom C says:

    well no one reads my blog ANY day of the week…

    As for other stuff. I rarely go online on sundays. Weekends are for my wife. Sorry Jon, i read your weekend posts on monday. You’re just not as important to me as my marriage! ;)

  22. AnneDroid says:

    #15 drewman. Hahahahahahaha. :) Love your description of your day of rest… Just fab. (And not unfamiliar)

  23. “hi mr. nighttime… remind me not to get taken into hospital on a sunday”

    LOL. You have no idea how many calls I responded to as a paramedic, on Sundays, at church, where many a parishioner were moved by the spirit….usually to the floor……and too often in cardiac arrest.

    I remember one time all too well, when we were attempting to resuscitate a cardiac arrest in a church, and the service kept going, withthe choir singing. (this was an AME church in Brooklyn.) I could not hear the doctor on the other end of the phone to get medication orders, and I literally had to scream at the top of my lungs to get them to stop the service. I got some strange looks, but I gave even stranger looks back.

    The pastor came over to me and asked some questions, and I suggested he try “silent devotion” for the remainder of the time we would be there……

  24. Carole says:

    This cartoon is so true. My blog dips to a derisory zero hits on a Sunday from the lofty average daily heights of, oh, at least two or three… :)

  25. Carole says:

    I told you those hits were looking a bit saggy :lol: or is it the remaining traces of two vapourised wombles?

  26. Tom C says:

    how do you measure how many hits your blog is getting?

    or in my case, how can I find out how many people don’t read my blog? ;)

  27. Peter Kirk says:

    Tom C, it’s not easy for you as you use Blogger. It would be much easier, indeed stats come built in, if you used WordPress like ASBO Jesus and me.

  28. jbonewa says:

    if the christian blog such as mine has sermons, then the stats go way up on saturday, I presume on saturday night as pastors are looking for something to rip off.

  29. Will says:

    drewman i was with you until you said delete as appropriate. ;) SOmetimes find myself doing all those things. Somethimes feels sad and sometimes rewarding. I often look at blogs on a sunday but rarely have the energy or inclination to engage

  30. Blog stats? Really?


  31. jonbirch says:

    carole… enough about my saggy hits! they’re just fine! :-)

    a good yet pretty disturbing story mr. nighttime.
    one day i’ll share a story about what jonny baker and i experienced in a meeting once… it’s disturbing so i’ll leave it for now.

    peter kirk is right tom c… wordpress makes it easy… if it weren’t easy i wouldn’t know anything useful. :-)

    rhymes with kerouak… i guess stats are there for those wishing to make money from a blog. i find them fascinating, as i can find out who’s visited me and what they’ve said on their own blogs etc. i’ve seen these cartoons in blogs of lots of different languages, even chinese and japanese etc… i’d love to know what was being said in the text of those blogs. i’ve connected with some fascinating blogs just from looking at the stats. + i confess i do find it interesting knowing how many visits i get… sad, i know. :-)

    ibonewa… i do wonder whether some of my saturday visitors are ministers looking for resources. :-)

    as dave intonated… at least i know christians are where they should be… in church! :-)

  32. jody says:

    i use blogger and my wonderful hubby set up my statscounter for me using, um, statcounter.com and he imported a hits counter from somewhere, I think it’s pretty easy, but certainly the statcounter thing should be fairly easy to set up.

    stats have their place and it even meant that when I used some of jon’s cartoons on my blog I think I was once visited by him and I felt much blessed ;)

  33. Peter Kirk says:

    Stats are also there for those of us who want our egos to be stroked a little by the thought that lots of people (or at least lots of computers) are reading what we write. Especially helpful for anyone who isn’t too sure that God loves them.

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  35. ron says:

    I have a bit more irregular rhythm than that. But rest is good. Sometimes.

  36. jonbirch says:

    who was it said ‘there are lies, damned lies and statistics’…?

  37. Robb says:

    It would appear to be disraeli and associated with M. Twain…

  38. Robb says:

    or was that rhetoric?

  39. jonbirch says:

    nope… genuinely couldn’t remember. i knew the twain association (that’s what i couldn’t remember) but i never knew disraeli said it. you learn something new everyday. :-)

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