i don’t usually blog links… but as it’s a rare thing i trust you’ll indulge me.
i have a great mate who happens to be a very cool magician indeed… real name ‘ian carpenter’, often goes by the alias ‘mindwriter’… good bloke and all!
the reason i’m blogging about him is because i know some of you out there are teachers. you know who you are! :-) anyhow… he does a really good, tried and tested (and it works well!) maths show. it is aimed solely at the national curriculum and is a perfect teaching tool as well as being inventive and entertaining. he is also now offering to tutor teachers in some magical maths based skills for use in their own lessons. how cool is that!? so… if you are a maths teacher, or sometimes have to take a sick maths teachers lesson, or if you have friends or colleagues who are… let them know. i kid you not when i say he is excellent.
i’ve added his link to the side of this blog. mindwriter go to the page entitled ‘mathemagician’. when you’ve done that, check out his new blog.
hope this is helpful to some of you. cartoon coming up later! :-)

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animator, illustrator, character designer, graphic designer. music producer/recording musician. co-owner of PROOST.
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5 Responses to mathemagician

  1. Will says:

    i have never seen Ian’s magic, but he is a fantastic bloke, someome else i miss. Seems like the day for it today! :(

  2. dadube says:

    Jon – what a great link, but hey, thank god I don’t have to do maths lessons as I’m hopeless at it! I’m so bad they don’t even ask me to cover maths lessons, although I’ve had some interesting attempts at French and German this year!
    Anyhow I’ll pass on the link to the maths dept…… xxx

  3. Carole says:

    Is Ian a Bunionite, too? I’ll pass his details on to the powers at Hope.

  4. jonbirch says:

    no he isn’t carole. he’s my most regular ‘let’s have a beer’ friend. :-)

    cheers dadube. nice one. :-)

    can’t believe you’ve not seen ian’s magic mate. his mind stuff is great.
    a couple of weeks ago in the pub, he got a young couple to sit back to back and to close their eyes. he did a bit of concentraty stuff… then, he tapped the bloke three times on the nose. then, he asked the girl if she’d felt something. she said she’d been touched three times on the nose!!! amazing!!! how does he do that then, eh!!!??? her nose was miles from his and they were back to back!!! it’s the devil i tell you! he’s full of cool stuff like that. :-)

  5. JF says:

    I just saw the Mathemagician cycling the wrong way down the High St (Bath’s High St is one-way). No helmet or anything. Did a double-take to check if he was wearing a blindfold… alas not. Perhaps just a dry run for something more magical?

    Would love to see him in action tho Jon.

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