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animator, illustrator, character designer, graphic designer. music producer/recording musician. co-owner of PROOST. proost.co.uk
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  1. Lewis says:

    Haha, maybe it’s to do with the incline of your arm?

  2. zefi says:

    The day machine rebels against man.

  3. Carole says:

    It’s all in the way you say it, Jon. What you should have said is, “Wow! I love the way you can balance on your four beautiful doggie paws like that…let’s see how great you look when you sit on your bottom….please”

  4. David Keen says:

    It’s when you command and your own body doesn’t even obey that you know you’re in trouble.

  5. AnneDroid says:

    Carole, that teacher-training has really got through to you, eh?

    Indeed, David, and I seem to remember Paul had exactly the same trouble, which I’ve always found a big comfort.

  6. Carole says:

    Eek, Anne, is it beginning to show? One more week and I will have undergone the full Stepford teacher treatment! AAAAAAAAGGGHHHH!!!

  7. Rich says:

    Not sure exactly what Adam is doing…? Is he commanding plums or figs to grow?

  8. drewman says:

    Technically Jesus cursed and it all went wrong for the fig tree.
    Maybe there is an argument that he could have commanded – “Let there be yummy, juicy, ripe figs”. The up side would be obvious for the fig tree and also have side benefits for Jesus and the posse.
    The downside is that alongside ‘prosperity gospel’ we would probably have created ‘horticulture theology’.
    It could even have its own Bible colleges and publishing group?

  9. Forrest says:

    The cat commands . . . and I obey. :D

  10. Forrest says:

    Rich in #7, looks like limes to me.

    Story time -> “that reminds me of . . .”
    When we lived in Georgia there was a plum tree on our property. We didn’t particularly care for that tree, and for some reason decided to actually abuse it. That perverted tree produced more and more plums the more we abused it!

    Served us right I guess, “Well pardner, guess that’ll learn ya to do that again!”, eh?

  11. subo says:

    i know that feeling. the dog we had as kids just did exactly what he wanted. I took him for a walk in the fields one day, and as soon as unleashed he strolled back home ignoring me.

  12. Laura says:


  13. Well, now remember what “dog” spelled backwards is… ;-)

  14. Robb says:

    Perhaps the dog doesn’t realise that the gun is loaded!!

    Anyone ever looked into if there is a parallel between Jesus and the figs and Jonah and the figs?

    BTW, did you nick a mechanical dog from the BBC props department. Does he have a little lazer from his head? Does he beat Daleks? ;) If not, take him back for a refund :lol:

  15. Forrest says:

    But K9 is so cute!

    Can I go off on a thangent and tell a cat story from back in the bachelor days about Annabelle a longhair black and white “garden variety” long passed on?
    Don’t think it’s been told here before.
    I don’t want to become one of those old geezers who tells the same five stories over and over.

    I’d been to a specialty shop selling different barbecue sauces and came home with a hot Cajun spice one. Sitting at the table eating chicken cooked in it and here sits Annabelle at my chair begging. Heh, heh, heh, >:D let’s watch the cat run for the water bowl, she has noooooo idea!
    She took the meat.
    It went down fast.
    And the cat went absolutely nowhere at any rate of velocity.
    And she licked her lips.
    She wanted more!?!!?!?

    Guess the joke was on me!
    I miss her.

  16. soniamain says:

    Mentioning daleks- did you see tonight’s Dr Who, Robb?- so exciting! :)- my daughter wore her special effects dalek t shirt with sound effects helping towards the atmosphere!.

    sorry jon off the point!

  17. Ben says:

    I know many people would insist that you should say:

    “In the name of Jesus …. SIT!”

    Then it’s sure to work!

  18. sarah says:

    Dr Who yes what a penultimate episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Mike_maple says:

    Wonderful episode- edge of seat stuff.

    Also, can anyone explain why cursing the fig tree was a good thing – it always struck me as kind of unfair – as a horticulturist I can tell you that fig trees don’t fruit all year round.

  20. subo says:

    i can’t get that fig tree one at all, – except I can relate to it, it’s a night mare being hungry, expecting a juicy fig, hoping against hope.

  21. Robb says:

    My recorder messed up at about episode two. They keep messing with the time but not telling anyone. I got the last five minutes. Next week I got nothing. I decided to wait for the repeats and curse the BBC. The corporation is still going. I should stick to fig trees ;)

    Last night I was flicking through the channels and came across what looks like a new episode of torchwwod. Stupid BBC and their uselessness. Now I need to get online and find out what is happening!!

    Don’t no-one goe bespoiling it now!!

  22. jonbirch says:

    mike maple… hi!… :-) i’ve never understood the cursing of the fig tree either. it’s clearly a symbolic gesture… anyone?

    not seen sats dr who yet. will watch on ‘catch up’ later today with mrs b. last weeks was very exciting… don’t you just love bernard cribbins!? :-)

  23. Anna says:

    Maybe its because tree’s are more persuadable?
    Doctor who was amazing! Exept I thought they rushed through it too fast to build any tention.

  24. soniamain says:

    you might have seen a bit of the saturday dr who robb as torchwood was on it!

  25. Robb says:

    I think that’s it. Because of the unique way in which the BBC is funded they can’t put a programme on at the same time each week!

  26. Carole says:

    Dr Who – just doesn’t do it for me…

  27. Rich says:

    NT Wright suggests that the fig tree curse is an ‘enacted parable’ about the judgment of Israel for not recognising his messiahship… seems to fit…

  28. Rich says:

    Still don’t get the Adam commanding the fruit (whatever they are) to grow, Jon… Thought God gave the trees and fruit etc to him as a gift

    Genesis 1:29-30
    29 Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food. 30 And to all the beasts of the earth and all the birds of the air and all the creatures that move on the ground—everything that has the breath of life in it—I give every green plant for food.” And it was so.

  29. iaincotton says:

    Thinking about command and obey structures, where’s Eve? We know who’s really in charge!

  30. TyTe says:

    When I tell my dog to sit and she looks at me with those huge eyes, floppy ears and big black nose, I cave and end up rolling around on the floor with her. Sitting is out the window. It’s The Fall all over again!

  31. jonbirch says:

    you’re quite right rich. it is a poor first frame. i was wanting to give the idea of adam’s authority, but chose a bad way to do it. oh well. :-)

    iaincotton… hilarious! :-)

    tyte… hilarious! :-)

    would that it were just my dog where i display no authority! :-)

  32. sarah says:

    We don’t trust each other because of the fall.

    But we want them to trust us, and they want to trust us.

    But they’re our food and the fear’s there so some of them get away and not all the numbers get decimated.

    But it’s coming bit by bit. Lots of birds in the garden.


  33. soniamain says:

    iaincotton- sad to see you falling into the cheap typical patriarchal humour- your poor wife !! of course men and women can both share the authority roles :)

  34. Robb says:

    Oh the irony of the irony….

  35. khs says:

    (soniamain 33….
    …sad to see you falling into the cheap typical patriarchal humour- your poor wife !! of course men and women can both share the authority roles.)

    I have committed all out gender surrender ..
    My wife has the authority role all wrapped up.
    Mostly because she punches harder than me and is prepared to bite.


  36. Robb says:

    gender surrender

    Oh it’s soooooo ture :lol:

  37. doctor ruth says:

    Hey robb (36) sometimes i think you just forget that i look at this site too!

    The thing with commanding (whether it’s a tree or a dog or a person) is that it comes down to a relationship in the end. A dog will obey a human that it has the right kind of relationship with.

  38. Robb says:

    Sorry dear, I submit :lol:

  39. Carole says:

    This blog is becoming a very ‘couple’ place to be these days! It’ll be car keys on the table next – or worse, golf with matching his ‘n’ hers sweaters … :)

  40. sonia says:

    KHS (35) – i must admit iaincotton is my husband!- and a very good one too, even if he has poor humour!

  41. jonbirch says:

    doctor ruth. we can see you have your work cut out! :-)

  42. Linus says:

    heehee i’m sitting here imagining Robb and Ruth wearing matching golf sweaters. That’s made my morning =]

  43. Robb says:

    Not whilst I still have my strength :lol:

  44. wayne says:

    Oh, you should just see how my tomato plants produce more fruit when asked, but the critters that live wild seem to not listen and leave them for me.

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