I’ve been given an hours slot in the CMS tent at Greenbelt this year to do something ASBO.

1. If I do it, will anyone from here attend?

2. What would you like to do?

3. Shall we go for a beer or cuppa afterwards?

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animator, illustrator, character designer, graphic designer. music producer/recording musician. co-owner of PROOST.
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43 Responses to ASBO @ GREENBELT 08

  1. Carole says:

    1. yes.
    2. dunno.
    3. yes.

  2. Sophie says:

    agreed Carole!

  3. Carole says:

    Er…cartoons on a screen. In the spirit of ASBO, asking the awkward qestions, bit on the provocative side. Discussion – ASBO goes live. Choose the stuff that gets a range of responses but maybe also stuff in the spirit of Greenbelt – so environment, social justice – leave Todd Bennett at home. Let’s face it Greenbelt is never short of people who like the sound of their own voice so there shouldn’t be any tumbleweed moments. Recipe for chaos – love it!

  4. JF says:

    I won’t be there, but why not get a few new, unworded ASBO cartoons blown up biggish and hold an interactive caption competition; people shouting out (or writing down)suggested captions, maybe with discussion of thoughts these inspire? A quick-fire, no-holds-barred kind of thing.

  5. JF says:

    A case of simultaneous ‘great minds’, Carole! (If I may be so immodest).

  6. Carole says:

    Suppose you could do the who, what, when, where why and how of ASBO – but a bit of interactivity would be good.

  7. Carole says:

    JF – you can put me in the ‘great minds’ category any time you like!

  8. Carole says:

    You could also have classic ASBO – revisiting the greats. I’m wondering about what would be stimulating for the uninitiated.

  9. Carole says:

    Something ASBO? Can we happy slap someone and see how quickly we can send the vid around the GB site?

  10. Carole says:

    As a teaser, you could post different cartoons randomly around the site (could be old ones) with blank space inviting comments.

  11. Fubarskine says:

    1. I’ll be there.

    2. How about “ASBO Jesus 101″ for those who don’t know your work, as well as some new and exclusive cartoons for those who do? Would be good to see a few inspired by/teasing Greenbelt..

    Definitely a good idea to post some teaser cartoons around the site too. What about a mashup between ASBO Jesus cartoon and the graffiti artists?

    3. Any excuse for the tiny tea tent or the Jesus arms is good to me.

  12. Peter Kirk says:

    I won’t be there. But as an idea, you could give out a flyer which purports to be an ASBO, the order but in cartoon form, ordering them to report to the tent. Something like “You have been accused of anti-social behaviour by following or being interested in Jesus. You are hereby ordered …”.

  13. Sarah B says:

    1) I will be at Greenbelt and will come along if I’m not booked elsewhere (as I will be for some time)

    2) I think Fubarskine’s suggestion of a bit of an explanation is good. I think maybe talk through some of your “faves” or some which have promoted most discussion. How about looking at the concept of cartoons being able to bring discussion in a way that other things can’t especially over difficult topics.

    3) beer or tea is a good plan!

  14. Carole says:

    Fubarskine, I didn’t know your name but couldn’t resist having a nose around your blog and flickr photostream. Do you know my mate Alison of the Third man, then?

  15. Robb says:

    1) Yes, already penned it into my diary as the end of our holiday…

    2) I guess a live ASBO would work. People will be provoked into discussion of some kind. May need to realise that an hour may only last for 3 cartoons though…

    I’d make sure they’re varied. We do sometimes come to the same conclusions as we have previously – even when that cartoon is at first unrelated.

    You could have a rolling powerpoint going in the background as people come into the tent so that they get to see some of the cartoons themselves. I vote for the PCC raising electric guitars but not getting a seconder as one of them ;)

    People could do with an explanatory introduction as to the generousness of our othrodoxy and the key skill in RE (that I hammer into every 11-16 year old I meet) “Disagreeing respectfully”.

    3) Always :D

  16. Robb says:

    Oh yeah, if you need anything doing with organising it all, just ask – I’m on holiday until September :lol:.

  17. Robb says:

    Damn that full stop :lol: .

  18. subo says:

    would love to be there, but no chance, why not have a cardboard cut out life size ‘anointed worship leader’ and some floral items to toss?

  19. AndyP says:

    Don’t know yet if I’ll be there, but if I am and I can ditch the kids for a bit I’ll come along. Suggest you have some of the most popular cartoons printed up on T-shirts – I reckon you’ll sell a few at an event like this. And yes, beer/caffeine afterwards would be fab.

  20. Howard says:

    I think ASBO Jesus fuzzy felt – lots of bits all the right shapes, and then people can assemble their own cartoons.

  21. Liz says:

    The fuzzy felt gets my vote…and the cup of tea.
    But do you actually want to do it Jon?

  22. Carole says:

    Howard – fuzzy felt – luv it!

  23. soniamain says:

    love asbo fuzzy felt!- I can offer you a lovely cafe area to meet in afterwards – brilliant space for children to play while asbo people sit, chat, drink coffee ( sorry we won’t have any alchol in our venue) :)

  24. Fubarskine says:

    @14 Carole,

    No, only know of her rather than know her. She did put on a very good show at that gig in the photo though, despite still being a little hungover from the late night session the night before!

  25. Carole says:

    Fubarskine – That’s our Ali!!

  26. soniamain says:

    sorry meant to say a long as I am not on the rota to work i’ll be there- when are you on for?

  27. becky says:

    Jon – if there’s a way to get me there via webcam, I’m there bud.

    My two cents would be you need some kind of an ABSO 101 intro via flyer or whatever – I like the idea of placing conspiratorial cartoons over the place inviting people to come in and see.

    Also, I’d connect this to Proost albeit peripherally as your artwork is also there.

    Your design your own caption contests have gotten gonzo comments. I love some kind of interaction between artist and crowd – and then let people vote on the caption and the best cartoons/captions go on the website. Perhaps a free beer for the winner (unless it’s a child of course).

  28. kim says:

    What day will that be – I’m coming up for one of the days, not sure yet, but whichever day you there is likely to swing it so pls publicise the date! ASBO live sounds a great idea, bound to be funny and thought provoking (no pressure then…)

  29. James says:

    ahhh now I’m even more cut up that I can’t go to greenbelt this year. :( My church has a worship spot I’m missing and other stuffs I would have wanted to see.

  30. sarah says:

    Won’t be there Sweets, but you ****ing go for it!

    What’s CMS? (Awful “Christian” acronym?)


  31. sarah says:

    Good idea of Becky’s 27.

    Sas x

  32. jonbirch says:

    thanks all… some great ideas… very helpful. :-)
    i shall put some time aside and sort it out.

    when i know my gb slot i’ll post it straight away.

    sorry to have chatted so little just recently. life’s busy right now.

    really looking forward to putting a few faces to a few names. :-)

    oh… and robb… offer noted. thanks mate. :-)

  33. Robb says:

    Glad to hear it. You know my email… if you want my phone no, just ask (via email ;) )

    Plenty of time and plenty of ideas…

  34. dennis says:

    I WILL defo attend!! this is my first year.

    You should share some of your personal genius.

    I get the feeling that all of your stuff covers ‘stewardship’ in some way.

    Just do what you do best Jon and keep us sane.


  35. johnski says:

    how about something activity completely other than cartoons…

    – keep the mystery –
    doesnt talking about them risk destroying the sheer genius of the fact that they are random entrances into life which therefore have more chance to challenge or be apposite than them being a personal vindication of the point of view ‘I’ want to see promoted. While some have made me ROFL some have stopped me dead.
    And besides, as a true ASBO myself I have no indication that anyone is the remotest bit interested in anything I might have to say so the idea of meeting lots of people makes me wince at the thought.

  36. janetp says:


    I’m with Carole (1), but I like the ideas posted so far. As Rob said, let me know if you want any help – Clare’s got my landline, mobile & home e-mail.

    Looking forward to seeing you again, and to meeting some fellow ASBOers. :)

  37. Mark Berry says:

    Will be at the Festival so def try to be there Jon… and a beer ALWAYS sounds good!

  38. Caroline Too says:

    1) Yes, I’ll pop along…
    2) what about an improv ASBO? building up a series as one cartoon inspires conversation …inspires new cartoon which inspires new cartoon… so that we can explore a theme, dance around a topic… look at it from different perspectives…
    … could you connect with a poet and dance/mime?

    none of which will work if you need time to build your cartoons…

    and all of which probably means that this post is longer than your time slot at Greenbelt…

  39. Nadia says:

    Becky tells me that we should try and meet, and I tend to agree with her!

    I’ll try and come to your event and say hi – I’ll be the 6 foot 1 very heavily tattooed American chick (the Sarcastic Lutheran aka Nadia Bolz-Weber) see you there!

  40. Amanda says:

    I would love to be there, youth group and small child permitting. I’ll watch out for it in the programme. I like the sound of the interactive stuff/caption competition… although it’s no good for poeple like me that need lots of time to think of anything remotely insightful or humorous

  41. Going to be at Greenbelt. Once I figure out where you are I’ll turn up. Love to have coffee/whatever afterwards

  42. Sarah says:

    not going to Greenbelt this year otherwise I would love to go. Would be lovely to meet you after reading your cartoons for so long!!

  43. Tiggy says:

    I can help take the mike round if you like. I used to do that in the Hothouse when I was part of College House.

    And if anyone is going from Bath, I need a lift because I’m physically incapable of carrying a tent on a train.

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