519 Dave Walker

This gets my goat! Thanks to Dave Keen for informing me of this outrage.

It seems to me that trying to gag bloggers and the opinions expressed on blogs through the use of the law is both heavy handed and daft (unless you wish to draw attention to your behaviour).

I know little about the law, but i don’t see what Dave Walker has done wrong. He’s just a good guy trying to do good work. Btw his cartoons are hilarious!

For more info… go HERE, HERE and HERE

for the record… the words attributed to God are my own and i’ve never seen a “Cease or Desist’ notice and assume it is nothing like that which i have drawn.

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24 Responses to 519 Dave Walker

  1. Matt Wardman says:

    Thanks Jon.

    I’ll add you to the list with the other 40…


    Could you confirm for the record that other people can use your cartoon with attribution? Suggest putting your url on this one.

    Matt Wardman

  2. Sam Norton says:

    Marvellous. They’ve served me with a cease and desist as well.

  3. Ros says:

    From what I gathered from Bishop Alan’s blog, this chain of bookshops didn’t like to sell books it didn’t like. It seems that censorship is it’s favourite game!

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  5. becky says:

    Jon – when The Old Testament God gets PO’d he goes biblical – you know you’ve ticked off the Almighty when you wake up in a bed of locusts and find out your entire tribe is history.

    As a religious satirist, I can attest that the law gives one a fair amount of latitude for parody of public figures (e.g., I can say things in print about the priest that I can’t say about the person in the pew). See Larry Flynt vs. Jerry Falwell when Hustler published some cartoons about Falwell and his mother that were in extremely poor taste. Flynt won.

    I’ve been accused unfairly of slander a few times- I’ve seen Dave’s work and like me, he doesn’t come close. The problem is that you have to hire lawyers to fight these orders and this can bankrupt most of us. What Dave really needs is a team of lawyers who can work pro bono.

  6. David Ker says:

    Jon, thanks for chipping in. I hoped you would.

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  9. Mark Bennet says:

    I don’t have a blog, but I wish I did. Meanwhile, I think Dave has done a cracking job reporting facts with care and without malice. And I like Jon’s latest cartoon.

  10. makarios says:

    This is the strangest thing I’ve ever heard. Follow the money for motives I suspect. God weeps yet again.

  11. Dan says:

    Jon – fantastic. Well done on speaking out on this one. I worked for the bookshops formerly known as SPCK 10 years ago, and have been saddened – even sickened – to learn of their quick and illegal demise. SSG have behaved appallingly. Dave Walker seems a great guy and its is a crying shame that he has been gagged in this way – even the post he wrote about the gagging was gagged. I hope and pray the same fate does not befall you – these people need to be stood up to. So Jon – do not cease; do not desist – those actions should be reserved for SSG and others who seek to quash the work of God. Well done you good and faithful servant.

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  13. Matt Wardman says:

    Can I just clarify that the Cease and Desist is not related to Dave’s Cartoons – it relates to 75 other posts reporting the SPCK situation as it has developed over about 2 years.

  14. Forrest says:

    Darkness is reported to Really Not want to have Light shed upon it.

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  16. Robb says:

    I’ll read everything tomorrow. All I need to say now is that they put my mate out of work….

  17. Linus says:

    Forrest spot on. When i first heard about this i initially thought of the passage Jon has posted in the next cartoon, but your comment made me think of 1 John:

    “God is light; in him there is no darkness at all. If we claim to have fellowship with him yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not live by the truth…

    Anyone who claims to be in the light but hates his brother is still in the darkness.”

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  19. Deacon says:

    Usher: Nice!

    Deacon: Sweet!

  20. Phil Groom says:

    Hey Jon – you say you’ve never seen a C&D notice. Guess what? You can see one now — over at Elizaphanian, complete with Mark Brewer’s flat denial of having anything to do with Dave’s situation. Interesting…

  21. jonbirch says:

    thanks phil… have now been to sam’s page to pay respect. is mr brewer rich enough to keep all these cease and desists alive? i guess he must be.

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