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animator, illustrator, character designer, graphic designer. music producer/recording musician. co-owner of PROOST. proost.co.uk
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  1. Robb says:

    THIS defines me as a Christian!

    That is what I said originally…

    THIS is what defines me as a person!!

    THIS is what attracts me to follow Jesus!!

    Jesus ROCKS!!

  2. Robb says:

    *does the little dance*

    “I got first”

  3. Tyler Dawn says:

    Yeah, now if we could just get the liberals and conservatives to stop claiming He is on “their side” then maybe they could get on His side instead!

    I hate election years worse than I hate mondays….

  4. jonbirch says:

    funnily enough tyler… next cartoon follows that theme. :-)

    think it defines me too robb.

  5. JF says:

    And you can vote for him every day if you want!

    (…or squabble over the detail of the manifesto…)

  6. jonbirch says:

    jf… hahahaha! :-)

  7. Chris F says:

    Jesus “broke the law” (in the eyes of the legalists) SO THAT he could be truly righteous

    All those who want to define and proscribe how we live today – watch and learn!

  8. jonbirch says:

    indeed chris f.

  9. subo says:

    sometimes when i read the way Jesus found people getting wound up by the things he said, he must have felt overwhelmed with rejection.

    and at times i think he looked for company among ‘the rejected’, as a way of meeting a human longing to find understanding – take the Woman at the well, prior to getting down and chatting with her people he’d grown up with had tried to kill him.

    it was as though everything about him drove folks mad, as though he looked at things from a different view point, making people question their assumed authority

    – if you see the wonder ……

  10. jonbirch says:

    interesting subo.

  11. Linus says:

    yes, and yes, and YES and amen! =]

  12. Rich says:

    Jesus was political – yes I agree… but it’s not quite as simple as that for his politics was not the normal kind left/right, rich/poor kind that we often get involved in…

    Have any of you read or listened to Greg Boyd on this… you can hear him and Jim Wallis on this – excellent stuff… (I’m on Boyd’s side if you’re interested)


    or you can watch him talk with Church Colson and Shane Claiborne here


    or read about it here


    Love to know what everyone thinks

  13. Rich says:

    meant to say Chuck Colson (not Church!)

  14. Laura says:

    hey subo….thanks for your comment.

  15. will says:

    do we live in a time now where such simple words could be heard and have the same response?

  16. subo says:

    thats a fascinating question Will, it’s intriguing to ponder how our culture
    would respond to Jesus, probably just endlessly debate everything he said,
    using a host of cleaver, politically correct and eloquently liberal put downs to dismiss
    him, and point out the weaknesses in his theories
    – blessed are the cheese makers – for goodness sake!

  17. sarah says:

    Not everyone would.

  18. subo says:

    good point Sarah,

    though have to say on behalf of myself, my first reading of Johns Gospel, i did get very hot and bothered (maybe thats when it started)

  19. wayne says:

    yes, the man broke the law, but only to do good. not the case with all political leaders ;’)

  20. Forrest says:

    Wonder if it may be said that Jesus Christ is arguably the most arguable figure ever?

    As a takeoff on subo’s “- if you see the wonder ……”, when you see, then you wonder . . .

    “Blessed are the meek” sure has a lot of argument spring up over it.

    Is there Anything about Jesus which is NOT argued about?

    I once got into a heated exchange with our Sunday School teacher’s retired pastor father when he started going on about how long Jesus hair was or was not – and then somewhere in the middle of it he dissed my wife. Wrong Move Dude!
    (I was probably the first person who ever called this esteemed gentleman {yeah, right} ” hey dude” to his face and I’m proud of it!)

    Who Blankety-Blank CARES how long Jesus hair was or was not! WHAT does that have to do with MY Salvation?

    Does it really matter whether Jesus inhaled while looking 032 degrees NNE at 12:03:46 on the fourth Tuesday after Passover?
    Who Blankety-Blank CARES!?
    (maybe someone who wrote their doctoral of divinity thesis on that?)
    (if that’s the case, then I have serious issues with their divinity)

    Say, wasn’t there something about little red oily fish in here a bit back?

    (daaang I’m mouthy this afternoon!)

  21. Ros says:

    Where’s the bit “blessed are the cheesemakers”, and “blessed are the greek”? ;)

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