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animator, illustrator, character designer, graphic designer. music producer/recording musician. co-owner of PROOST. proost.co.uk
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16 Responses to 533

  1. becky says:


    Don’t forget “Emergent E-zine”
    “We go fair-trade all the way (EcoMoms rule!) though we admit that our countless conferences do leave quite the carbon footprint. Our bad.”

  2. les says:

    Methodist solution is in song,
    “Give me oil in my lamp…”

  3. Miriworm says:

    crisis, what crisis! :-)

  4. Forrest says:

    How about this approach to a fuel and energy cirsis:
    “And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”

    Now, questions to have some conferences about: ;)
    .did that only apply at that time to the church at Phillipi?
    .or does it apply to us here in modern life?
    .what exactly are “needs”?
    .do we know difference between a “need” and a “desire”?
    .is this for spiritual needs only?
    .is this including material needs?
    .how does “The Lord is my sheperd, I shall not want.” apply here?
    .what “wants” will The Lord provide for?
    .is the world’s cureent level of energy consumption a “need” or a “want”?
    .is the western society’s cureent level of energy consumption a “need” or a “want”?
    .anyone’s head hurting yet?

  5. shelly says:

    LOL, Forrest! :D

  6. Caroline Too says:

    # 4 … stop Forrest, stop! my head’s spinning…

    hey… maybe that’s the answer

    spinning head… dynamo… engergy..

    never did much Physics…

  7. Mimou says:

    haha I especially like the last one!

  8. Forrest says:

    #6, hey Caroline, isn’t that supposed to be “Run, Forrest, run!”

  9. tortoise says:

    1 Kings 17:10-16.

    Can someone please point me towards Zarephath?

  10. Linus says:

    Forrest @8. That’s the answer! all we need now is the treadmill. Problem soleved. Next!

  11. janetp says:

    Great toon, Jon. :)

    Love the ASBO comments :)

    Forrest: Brilliant! :lol:

  12. Forrest says:

    Now, probably getting time to be careful about that old “Pride goeth before a fall” thing, eh?
    Can’t be falling and getting hurt – gotta be in good shape to get Kathy to surgery Friday. And back home Monday.

  13. henry says:

    reminds me of the time when one of the church leaders (a keen cyclist) were doing the announcements one sunday morning, and said, “it’s such a nice day, pity there aren’t more bicycles in the car park today”. which was met with an uncomfortable silence.

  14. subo says:

    yep, thats nailed it ‘foggy thinking and running on fear’

    I should feel smug for walking to work and cycling to the shops, the thing is though – I’m praying for a car

  15. sarah says:

    Yeah but when you get it you’ll still be using it responsibly. That’s the main thing.

    Sas x

  16. subo says:

    ‘when you get it’, i love your faith Sas, r u doin’ GBelt?

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