fun with steve lawson @ greenbelt

bumped into a great mate and wonderful musician, steve lawson at greenbelt. he thought it’d be fun to interview me for his blog… he streamed me live… cool! i hope i made sense. You can watch it by clicking here and see the rest of Steve’s videos from Greenbelt here. so… now you’ll know what i look like, which gives you an advantage over me. back soon. :-)

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About jonbirch

animator, illustrator, character designer, graphic designer. music producer/recording musician. co-owner of PROOST.
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22 Responses to fun with steve lawson @ greenbelt

  1. I had it fixed in my head that you were about 24 years old. Ha! That just got blown away :).

  2. Anna says:

    I didn’t know you looked like that! :D My brothers just gone to greenbelt. I sent him away with my Electralyte albums and ordered him to get them signed. But Ive never been. Nice weather you had, hahaha.

  3. Mike_maple says:

    That was great – good to see your face Jon, and to confirm you’re as nice in person as you seem on the blog!

    Also brilliant to see you getting some more recognition for your work, and on a personal note, cheers for sticking up for LGBT Christians.

  4. subo says:

    great to get the vid, and see your smily mug Jon.

    it’s amazing when you stop and think, the freedom asbojesus has had to explore ideas other parts of the church don’t offer opportunities to talk about

    I know for me, I’ve been able to think, and reconsider stuff, from looking at this blog, I also love that feeling of solidarity against injustice, and realising how much people do care about stuff that we don’t look at very much

  5. sarah says:

    Hey Sweetie.

    Great to see you on the vid. Have a lovely time at Greenbelt.

    Su – absolutely.

    Sas x

  6. robb says:

    I’ll have to watch it when I’m not sat in the proost event with carole, phil and dr ruth ;)

  7. john q says:

    nice to put a face to the asbo.

    subo- agree completely. one thing i like about it is that we can freely share viewpoints whether we agree or disagree and all still be friends. even from over here across the pond in the us :)

  8. Tom Allen says:

    Steve’s posting raises an interesting musicians etiquette – is it cool to sit in another musos concert (Ian Archer in the Centaur) with a Apple lap-top on your knee checking your emails and writing posts?.

  9. Steve Lawson says:

    Hi Tom – I positively encourage it at my gigs, especially if you’re web-streaming the gig, like I was with part of Iain’s show… :)


  10. Will says:

    Really good to see you – i think next year will herald our triumphant return to GB! don’t know if i could handle just being a punter and having to relax and enjoy myself!

  11. Ros says:

    Funny. I imagined you with grey-ish hair.

  12. Catriona says:

    Hope Greenbelt was great. I have now nominated you as a “brillante weblog 2008″ – no idea why it is spelled that way, but hey, it’s a bit of fun! And ASBO Jesus is brilliant anyway

  13. Stumpy says:

    Nice to see you at GB Birchy- Remember to use the glitter sparingly as an accessory!

  14. Stumpy says:

    and Asbo Jesus is inspired BTW….

  15. Hi Jon, great to meet you at Greenbelt, and hang out at Binkys. I didn’t believe my friend when he said you were ASBO Jesus but now I know. Keep up the good work.

    Jon (with the pipe)

  16. Carole says:

    1072 views at this point? That must be very nearly rock star level. Can I have your autograph?

  17. jody says:

    that was fab, i love seeing people’s faces – and i never look like me in photos for some reason, i reckon most people look different in ‘real life’ to those tinsy icon pictures.

    anyway, good to see you, so to speak.


  18. janetp says:

    Hi Jon, you looked really cool in the video. Can I be one of your groupies? :)

    J x

  19. Jen says:

    Come on Birchy. You’ve been back for two days. Where are the cartoons?

  20. artbizness says:

    Hey, Jon!

    We met in Contributors – I’m the guy who was the art student up at Sion Hill, back in the early 90s, and remembered you playing keys with Jonny Baker.

    Nice to meet you in person properly! Video looks fab, too.

  21. Forrest says:

    Describe ASBO Jesus in one sentence?
    And while you’re at it, define what makes poetry be poetry in one word!

  22. I hope you see this belated idea. How about a self portrait of this Christian who roles his own and openly laughs about getting people drunk – better than some Christians I can think of who swear people to secrecy about their drink problem and affair.

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