this weekend i was privileged to be a witness to the marriage of two lovely people.

so it is, with no jokes, no irony, but simple thoughts of health, longevity and love that i present a little asbo blessing.

so, mr and mrs jf… may your marriage bear as much joyful fruit as the most generous autumn. god bless you. :-)

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animator, illustrator, character designer, graphic designer. music producer/recording musician. co-owner of PROOST. proost.co.uk
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  1. Timbo says:

    Congratulations, Mr and Mrs JF!
    I can’t say it better myself, so I’ll raise my (metaphorical) glass to Jon’s toast.

  2. subo says:

    How wild, I went to a wedding party for a friend of my husbands, it’s one of those rare experiences of being at a party where I didn’t know a soul, yet everyone was such good fun

  3. maggi says:

    bare joyful fruit? ;)or bear it? (or maybe both?) in any case, may they be very happy

  4. Carole says:

    Many congratulations to you, JF, and to your beautiful bride. May you enjoy a long and happy life together!

  5. sarah says:

    That’s lovely.

    Well done, Jon.

  6. shelly says:

    Cheers to the happy couple! :D

  7. maggi dawn says:

    so now you fixed the typo, my comment looks slightly weird! :)

  8. subo says:

    cheers for this, I think it’s prophetic sometimes, to look for good things to wish for

  9. Robb says:

    Congratulations Mr JF and Mrs JF!

  10. Linus says:


    What’s so good about Jon’s toast Timbo? has it got Marmalade on it? And i don’t believe for a second that your glass was metaphorical. I wish mine wasn’t. Cheers – to the happy couple!

    It’s a really nice touch Jon – I really like weddings, they always seem full of joy and hope, so thanks for this.

    Subo that’s awesome. Gives me hope to hear that – i hate it when people feel left out and its so easy to find that happening at these things so its cool to hear about a welcoming party.

  11. janetp says:

    And I’ll add my congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs JF, and simply say a loud ‘Amen’ to Jon’s sentiments for you both.


  12. AnneDroid says:

    In Scotland we say “Orra best”, unless we’re Christians, in which case we say “Orra blest”.

    Congratulations. A good marriage is a wonderful thing.


  13. KHS says:

    JF – with the exception of my own wedding yours is the best wedding day I have been at…. very.. very happy for you both.


  14. JF says:

    Hi All
    Sorry to add my own comment so late… but there was thankfully no Internet (or even phone reception) on our honeymoon on Dartmoor. I really enjoyed the wedding and glad that everyone else also seems to have had a good time. I have been humbled and overwhelmed by everyone’s words and acts of kindness. I am so grateful to everyone. And massive, specific thanks to the ring maker, artistic designer and leader of prayers…!

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