thanks bro for getting the juices aflowin’. this is for you! :-)


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  1. Robb says:

    If a red Torino with a white strip comes round the corner I know there is something strange going on!!

  2. John Ferguson says:

    If you’re not a fan of Tatsuya Ishida, you should be!

  3. Becky says:

    Where’s the salvation snake oil?

  4. Robb says:

    Big smiles here!! Snake oil is what all my biker friends call anything…

    …..hell…. just anything really….

    Huge cynicism for anything and everything*.

    *and if you suggest something that will clean your engine as well – run!! They’ll lynch you!!

  5. Mike says:

    Looks a lot like my Christian book store. Trouble is I think I am paying too much for the tricks.

    Didn’t Jesus turn over the maney changers tables? We can never follow his kingdom way when we ealk like the world.

  6. darren says:

    any reason why the jesus pimp spells buy without the u? :)

  7. dennis says:

    At first I thought it was an american version of Joseph and his amazing coat…. but alas it could be Jesus and he is looking mighty fine!

    I don’t really have a problem in marketing and selling stuff but when it is crap then its a problem, that’s a bit unfair of me though because that’s just my personal preference. I mean we all market things that we like don’t we in some way or other and we cant expect to give it away if it costs to manufacture.

    I do have one question though, who holds the copyright on Jesus name and where do you get permission? I remember a story of seven sons who used Jesus name without permission!…

  8. Andrew Sillis says:

    Darren – I’m pretty sure that the guy in question sells everything without a ‘u’, only really interested in a ‘me’!

  9. jody says:

    seven sons of schiva get attacked by demons don’t they?

    but jesus also has stern words for his disciples who want to stop people baptising in jesus’ name because they’re not ‘one of us’.

    i guess it goes back to wisdom really – actually practicing discernment about what and how much you buy. i personally get a bit fed up of the christian paperback factory that seems to churn out some major crap, but then that’s my personal opinion as you say dennis. (btw would love to come to the seaside with you and sha and my kids would love it, but i doubt i have any days in december free, post the date ur going tho…..)

  10. Caroline Too says:

    I know of a guy who was a great worship leader, wrote the leading
    contemporary worship songs of his day. I guess that he was the
    fundie leader of his time. He took his religion into politics,
    backed his country’s wars, used women for sexual kicks…

    I guess he’d qualify as Jesus’ pimp?

    God, however described him has having a heart after his own…

    puzzling all this, I guess that I’m happy that God looks on the
    heart not the surface

    I’d like to think that gives me an outside chance, but then again…

  11. amywatson says:

    oh no!
    Jon, i’m never going to be able to look at the old guy in St Andrews Bookshop in the same way again! I just pray he never starts wearing a cowboy hat.

  12. subo says:

    the proof is in the pudding, or in this case, in the car. “You’ll know them buy their fruits”

  13. anon says:

    Right now the church aint bringing much happiness to our family, someone in the church has a problem with my wife, another has a problem with me, neither of them will so much as look in our direction let alone speak to us – not quite sure what we have done and they are taking their issues to others instead of to us – and I have two services to lead tomorrow. Right now a lottery ticket feels like a good option – God help me.

  14. Caroline Too says:

    Oh dear anon,

    at times like this all that’s available is the Divine Plod:

    when in doubt just plod on,

    sometimes that’s the hight of grace

    …as to your last comment, (s)He will, it just might not feel like it for a while

  15. Carole says:

    …I guess this guy ought to take cover if the Divine Plod are on the prowl… ;)

  16. subo says:

    All the best anon, sometimes building peace in situations like this can take a long time.

    I found staying in the welcome and love of Jesus really made a difference. I need to ‘be’ in that space. a friend pointed out that people often push you away in times when they really need you, so possibly the folk who have ‘found a problem’ with you and your wife, are in a raw, vulnerable place themselves.

    I don’t know any magic spells, I just believe we are called to be human, to feel the full depth of our humanness – with all it’s vulnerability and power, and to meet each other in a place of peace ‘filled with the expectancy of God’s love’.

    all the best with the preachin’

  17. Forrest says:

    Kathy, as I read this to her, comments that it’s a good time to teach the verses about gossip and about going to your brother directly ;-)

    Probably be a bit over the top to point at them while thumping your bible from the pulpit though :-D

  18. Forrest says:

    Anyway, back to the cartoon:
    “Pssst, hey buddy, I can sell ya Heaven cheap”

  19. subo says:

    sharp one Forrest, just about sums it up at times

  20. jonbirch says:

    thanks darren… am off to ammend! :-)

  21. jonbirch says:

    anon… that sort of thing is horrid.
    all the best with it! what caroline too said is right… however, i like the idea of people who behave like this being truncheoned by carole’s suggested ‘god squad’! :-) btw, didn’t mean that to sound nasty, just a wicked thought. :-)

  22. Joe says:

    I wish my “Christian Book Store” sold only books and CD’s. Every time I go in there I have to wade through aisles and aisles of bad art and plastic figurines of little kids doing cutely annoying things that have nothing to do with Jesus! Oh look — a christmas ornament shaped like the Holy Ghost! Gotta go! ….

  23. Robb says:

    “little kids doing cutely annoying things that have nothing to do with Jesus!”

    Surely this is an oxymoron!

  24. shelly says:

    Christianity Incorporated. Selling Jesus™ since,…well, a long while now. Sigh.

  25. dadube says:

    “a christmas ornament shaped like the Holy Ghost”
    On the Brick Testament site you can order a lego figurine of the Holy Trinity – ok, I have to admit I’d quite like one of these for the cheese factor :D

  26. subo says:

    like the pic Dadube

  27. dennis says:

    Ha ha “little kids doing cutely annoying things that have nothing to do with Jesus!”

    That’s what my Young People get accused of in church all the time.

    Caroline Too – “Divine Plodding” I have been wondering what the heck I’ve been doing for such a long time, now I know.

  28. dennis says:

    Ha ha “little kids doing cutely annoying things that have nothing to do with Jesus!”

    That’s what my Young People get accused of in church all the time.

    Caroline Too – “Divine Plodding” I have been wondering what the heck I’ve been doing for such a long time, now I know.

  29. beatthedrum says:

    While i think there is nothing wrong in christian products such as books and worship cd’s etc. I do get annoyed with the rich lifestyles that people gain from the profits. This money should be pumped back into the mission Jesus called us to. IE to make disciples of all people. NOT line peoples pockets.

    On the trinity front it IS a sin to carve an image of God, that includes lego. Father is spirit not flesh and does not have a ‘body’


  30. dadube says:

    cheers subo xx

  31. dennis says:

    Hey I didn’t post twice!?

  32. jonbirch says:

    yes you did dennis, the evidence is clear. :lol: :lol: :lol:

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  34. sonia says:

    fab pic Daudbe

  35. Linus says:

    Perhaps ASBO can help counteract consumer christianity by creating an ASBO guide to resources, products, events etc that are available free, or at cost, or just generally have quality and depth and are therefore not a rip off? A lot of good stuff has been variously linked to or recommended in lots of the threads, but it would be nice to collate all this info in a more accessible form. What do you think Jon? i am prepared to organise such a thing, and i have a domain i can host it on if needs be.

  36. Caroline Too says:

    ASBO as community?

  37. Robb says:

    Caroline Too/linus – Dr Ruth and I were discussing this. It links in to how organi ASBO is and relates to what Linus says. Will there be a point where this organic entity grows so big that it needs structure and officers (you know what I mean) and admin and forums and rules and …… oh….

    ….where did it go?

    The problem with community is that it evntually becomes too unwieldy and needs some governance.

    This is the prob I see with the emerging church. Eventually there are enough people to need all that stuff and it becomes justchurch…….

  38. Sparrow says:

    All Star United
    La La Land

    The question isn’t whether it’s true
    The question- “Is it working for you?”
    Marshmellow Skies
    And custardy pies
    And nothing’s too hard to do

    There’re five happy verses or so
    They told me all I needed to know
    Ignore all the rest
    Trials and tests
    And threats to my comfort zone

    Well I’ve got no time to find out what’s real
    I stick with what I happen to feel
    It feels grand
    When you’re livin’ in lala land

    You can name a blessing yourself
    Stake a claim on power and wealth
    And strong healthy teeth
    A spot at the beach
    And romance that’s really swell
    All the saints and martyrs alive
    Well they would have called a national strike
    Demanded less pain
    More personal gain
    If only they’d known their rights

    Well I take it very personally
    Yeah, I got to know what’s in it for me
    Ain’t it grand?
    When you’re livin’ in lala land

    I’ve got my prayer cloth collection in a Jesus jar
    I’ve got the Holy Ghost ridin’ in the back of my car
    Sometimes He gives a little tickle I go “hardee har har”
    Ain’t it grand, when you’re livin’ in lala land

    My Jesus decal does quite a trick
    Right above my dashboard I stick it
    A good luck charm
    It keeps me from harm
    And saves me from speeding tickets

  39. jonbirch says:

    is that your lyric sparrow? it’s very good.

  40. Sparrow says:

    No, I wish! It’s a song by a band called All Star United… it felt appropriate :)

  41. jonbirch says:

    it was indeed. :-)

  42. darren says:

    that’s much better :)

    if this dude was to come to greenbelt he should put a couple of candle powered steamboats in his sleeves to sell…

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