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animator, illustrator, character designer, graphic designer. music producer/recording musician. co-owner of PROOST. proost.co.uk
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  1. Laura says:

    “i am a hippo” sounds like a statement people make at HA (hippos anonymous)meetings.

    Hi, I’m Laura, and I’m a hippo….

  2. Miriworm says:

    Watchout for the hippo pats!

  3. Drea says:

    Ooo I needed this one today. Thanks.

  4. Rob says:

    I daresay, this is the most positive cartoon I’ve seen here in a long, long time! :-)

    I just wanted to let you know, if you were to put just the hippo flying a hangglider and associated caption on a T-shirt, I would buy it.

    Carol Stream, IL

  5. Carole says:

    Big killers, hippos…they’d be even bigger killers if there was a risk of them falling from the sky. :)

  6. Stumpy says:

    The world would be a far better place if we had flying hippos……
    Bring the wonder back now! (and I dont just mean Woolies!)

  7. Rick says:

    I second that t-shirt idea! :-)

  8. Saint Jonny says:

    Oh what, and I don’t get a credit?!! (meant in a sarcastic tone before I get double-yew-dottedly attacked!)

  9. Hayles says:

    Love this! Think I am the hippo on the left wanting to be the hippo on the right!


  10. Stumpy says:

    Birchy’s just started the Flying Hippo Club!

  11. janetp says:

    Hanggliding hippo! Genius!! :lol:

  12. JeffS says:

    Can you make a little slider bar to make the gap in between them wider or narrower? Sometimes crossing it is a daily journey…

  13. Timbo says:

    Isn’t wallowing one of the main things hippos were created for?

    Wallow, wallow, splosh!

  14. dennis says:

    Yeah I agree with jeffS. Sometimes its hard to get out of the s**t and fly.

  15. becky says:

    There’s wallowing in the mud (Yuck) versus frolicking in the mud (the Dead Sea mud is fun as hell to play with that’s for sure). Thanks Jon – I don’t like telling people chunks of my story (though I have to for this book) because I don’t like being defined as an orphan, adult child of an alcoholic, etc. People feel compelled to throw me a pity party and it creeps me out. I can only imagine how horrible this could be for people with physical and mental illnesses that aren’t as easily concealed as my defects.

  16. darrin says:

    i name that hippo….augustine

  17. Émie says:

    beware the deadly hippo falling slowley from the sky
    you can choose the way you live, my friend, but not the way you die.

    lol sorry it just reminded me of that.

    but i second, no, wait, THIRD rob! i would so buy a t-shirt of it!

  18. Joe says:

    I must add my agree-ance. t-shirt would be awesome.

    and augustine is a wonderful hippo name.

  19. TyTe says:

    The caption for the T-Shirt should just be…

    “I will not let wallowing define me.”

    Can anyone get it shorter?

  20. theseoldshades says:

    I used to be the hippo on the left and I still am some of the time. Mostly though I feel like I am running along trying to take off and I keep almost making it and and realising how good it would be but the mud is warm and safe and I am scared. That is one extended metaphor!

    I have to go to the dentist tomorrow, that makes me want to wallow :(.

  21. JF says:

    TyTe (19): “Don’t wallow! Hang-glide!”

  22. Laura says:

    20 – re: the dentist-
    it’s ok to wallow, just dont swallow

  23. Forrest says:

    One word from a Southerner:
    (or is that 2 words?) :-D

    Name him Otto

    (google Otto Lilienthal)

  24. becky says:

    16. I love the Augustine of Hippo reference though “mellow” isn’t a word I’d use to describe St. Augustine.

  25. ED... says:

    I can only assume that you were drinking?

  26. Mike says:

    16. Darin,

    I love the Augustine comment. I feel the need to create a t-shirt with that on it.

  27. The People’s Bible….have your say in the Kingdom of God.

  28. David Ker says:

    From a hippophile, I say thank you.

  29. TyTe says:

    (Just a little critique Jon – this cartoon was a bit overworked. You only needed the second panel with the short caption. The hippo’s face says it all.)

  30. TyTe says:

    As a bit of a hippo fan, could the hippo be to Birch what the cow is to Larson? P.S. Heard you are still feeling poorly. Hope you get well soon!

  31. Kim says:

    I love the defiant tone. Is my slogan for 2009 – and will remind me to lose some weight too!Thanks Jon.

  32. Robb says:

    Becky – I can relate to that. As soon as I talk about growing up with parents who were both living with cancer people stop talking to me like a normal human being. They both still have to live with it and they’re both still here inspite of the face that they should have joind the choir invisible many years ago… pulling faces at me doesn’t make my life easier!

  33. subo says:

    God made me ‘glider ready’, I just like it that way

  34. Robb says:

    BTW – I love the hangliding hippo. It is very Monty Python!

    I can imagine John Cleese saying “and now for something completely different”…

  35. Not quite a hippo, more like a narked off writer trying hard not to wallow. In any case, thanks for this. It did bring a faint smile to my wallowing face.

  36. beatthedrum says:

    I think this is one of your best so far!

    I hate to wallow and tell my friends if they find me wallowing they are to tell me about all the good things Jesus has done for me.

    I would rather fly!


  37. marcus says:

    love the randomness of a hippo cartoon :-)

    But it did get me wondering; isn’t there a big difference between broken and hurt?

    If I am hurt I can choose not to wallow in my hurt, but if I’m broken I’m in a place where only God can bring me out – when we are broken it is a time for God to re-mould us…if we allow Him to…

  38. Carole says:

    Darrin (16) love it! Augustine the Hippo. It’s like Babar the Elephant…I can see it now…animation series for TV, possibility of a feature length episode for international distribution…range of children’s books, cuddly toys…whole range of Augustine merchandise…stationery, ceramics, home furnishings…..

  39. becky says:

    32. Robb – glad your parents are still around. The Worst comment I get is – I can’t believe how well adjusted you are as though they somehow expect me to be an addict with a prison record. I find I have a high number of friends who have rather screwed up childhoods but I learned that after we became friends.

  40. Laura says:

    i’ve been thinking about this image now for 2 days. i think hippo #2 needs a little plaster on it’s arm.

  41. I’m a hippo with an identity crisis. Some days I wallow in mud (of the chocolate brownie cheesecake variety). Other days I’m handgliding (in the buzzing about living life to the max pepsi style)

  42. Kim says:

    Made me remember a funny incident recently – I was 40 this year (said it quickly, ouch) and I decided to try some new things, revise my identity a little. Lots of fun. Was then offered the chance to do wing walking. Oops, was unable to stretch my imagination that far. Wonder what the hippo would’ve advised?

  43. jonbirch says:

    kim… the hippo’d say ‘go for it!’… me though, i’d advise caution. :-)

    so… darrin’s ‘augustine’ or forrest’s ‘otto’. i swing towards otto having had fun on wiki reading up on him. st. augustine, to me, is both wonderful and objectionable in the things he says (is that fair?)… i’d hate my hippo to be anything other than thoroughly positive. :-)

    hey gavs… doing better now thanks. heating is getting fixed tonight. hoorah!!!… it’s c c cold. :-)

  44. Caroline Too says:

    I’m a hippo

    I’m not in the mud though


    I’m not hangliding

    I’m in the kitchen, eating…

    which is why I’m a hippo-like shape

    by the way, a story that jon liked about a hippo and friends


  45. subo says:

    wow – good to hear yr heatings gettin’ fixed Jon!, take it easy – we’re allowed the down spaces, and, oh yea – I swear by a good wallow, it does the trick for me

  46. Joe says:

    i’m sensing a spin-off in the making…

    “the ongoing adventures of Otto Augustine Hippo!”

    (The exclamation point seemed trivial and absolutely necessary)

  47. jonbirch says:

    clare says i use too many exclamation marks… she says i don’t need them… she says they’re unsubtle.
    i think she’s wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

  48. jonbirch says:

    oh yeh caroline too… that story is just brilliant! everyone should go and read it now. excellent. :-)

  49. dadube says:

    Jon – I am loving this one so much! I LOVE Hippos.
    By the way, good luck tomorrow/saturday if I don’t get on here again later. I’ve got 25 squid for you for your efforts – I’ll get mum to post you a cheque!

  50. Carole says:

    “st. augustine, to me, is both wonderful and objectionable in the things he says” – funny – that’s what I’ve always felt about St Paul.

  51. TyTe says:

    But seriously Jon – will anyone syndicate your cartoons for T-Shirts? I would SO buy one of the right hand panel with the caption – “I will not let wallowing define me” and I’d probably buy one for my mum, sisters, dog, vet, window cleaner!! Now THAT would help raise some money for The Rec!

  52. Sophie says:

    I’d also get a hippo t shirt!

  53. amywatson says:

    how about
    ‘Mud Happens’?

  54. Caroline Too says:

    Amy (#53) :lol: :D :lol:

    drifts off with a :)

  55. Caroline Too says:

    If you enjoyed the story about Poly (#44) you might be interested to read a new story about Harry Hippo, in which he meets Augustine Hippo and learns to fly.


  56. subo says:

    like it, Mud Happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

  57. beckyw says:

    Great cartoon Jon after the one before.

    #5 Carole hahahahahahahahaha :-)

  58. smudge says:

    if you live in the U.K. and watch TV ads, you will notice that hippos are very at home wallowing in coco pops chocolate milk singing ‘Seal’ songs?

    [weirdest ad I’ve seen this year]

  59. Carole says:

    Smudge – even weirder than gorillas playing drums on a Phil Collins song – advertising chocolate?!!

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