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  1. Johanna says:

    Yay. I lurk on this site often enough to know the honour of being the first to post a comment. On the other hand it’s 4 in the morning and I am a long way from being able to say anything intelligent.

    I wonder whether, with Jesus in the next room, and with him being under the constant glare of the television lights, the contestants and viewers would be able to agree on anything he had said or done.

    My guess is that he would pretty quickly be removed by the producers for subverting rules limiting the availability of food and wine and communicating with his father..

  2. Kim says:

    Well, I’d certainly start watching it again!!

  3. dennis says:

    I hope you said that in a proper north eastern accent Jon.

  4. TyTe says:

    I suppose that’s ‘reality’ for you…

  5. beatthedrum says:

    Most people think Jesus is cool but only a man. The fact is He is cool and God!


  6. sarah says:

    And they will. and he will die for them.

  7. Graham says:

    I really love this- it made me laugh on a hard day. Are you going to keep this thread up? I would just love to see where Jesus ends up.

    Did you see this on http://annedroid-annedroid.blogspot.com/ a few days back?

    A woman staggered into the lift in a shopping centre to take her to the car park. It was Christmas Eve and she was struggling to carry all the bags of stuff she’d bought. As the lift doors closed behind her, she turned to the other folk in the lift and said, “Show me the man that invented Christmas and I’ll shoot him”. “Too late, madam”, came a voice. “They already crucified him”.

  8. subo says:

    top cartoon, there’s so much in there

  9. subo says:

    sadly true Sarah

  10. darrin says:

    who will the viewers choose to save…him or a fellow housemate…when he’s put up for the public vote

    hopefully whilst he’s there he can heal davina of her duel afflictions of gurning and slurping at the end of sentences (oh..and her need of hair colourants thus saving us from having to endure those adverts and phone calls from her mum)

  11. jody says:

    who was that christian guy who won, was it BB2 – i stopped watching it way back.

    at the beginning you (by that i mean me) thought he was gonna get a kicking, but then he was just thought of as quite cute – and got the public vote too.

    not that i’m saying he was jesus…. ;-)

  12. Sophie says:

    It would be properly interesting to think “what would Jesus do?” in the context of BB. I wonder whether he would choose to go in there, or hang out with people outside of the limelight.

  13. Steve Lancaster says:

    Another corker, Jon! you’ve certainly found your mojo at the moment!!

    Remember an old Joyce Huggett parable, about a discordant monastery whose abbott asked a fellow abbott to pray Jesus come and live with them, to sort them out. His friend prayed, and then said “Yep, Jesus has joined you.”

    At first the monastery looked for Jesus, but couldn’t find him (all those cowls). But they trusted the Abbott’s friend, and (the parable goes) because they couldn’t be sure where exactly Jesus was, they began to pull together.

    Whole variety of motives, of course – a bit simplistic? But it’s stuck with me. Sort of group behavioural therapy, a mutual hauling up by the bootstraps.

    Though from what i’ve just written, the thing that sticks with me is the thought of a Monastic version of the X-Factor, with Simon Cowl as the abbott. Is that bad of me?

  14. Carole says:

    Good point, Sophie. This has got me really confused…I realise I don’t know the person of Christ well enough to figure out what he’d be like. Would some feel he cramped their style a bit? Would he tactfully withdraw when the drunken shenanigans started? Would there be something about him that would make the others rein in their more exuberant and excessive behaviour?

  15. subo says:

    thanks Steve Lancaster, for the reminder to look for Jesus, and not to only look where we think he’ll be

  16. subo says:

    “Would he tactfully withdraw when the drunken shenanigans started?”,

    cheers Carol, that got me thinking, for me this is a complex one, often my experience of ‘shenanigans’, is the ‘fun’ of deriding and scorning someone behind their back. – so the ‘judged’ become the judge and jury and executioner’s. I must be getting old, as this irritates me to death, – maybe I just need a good, full blown, party!

  17. Linus says:

    Carol: I think that when the drunken shenanigins started, Jesus would be supplying the wine

    Subo: For me, parties/alcohol tend to be intensifying factors.

    So if i’m feeling down or cynical, often (not always) drinking and being in a room full of upbeat people will make things worse, unless i can get out of that frame of mind quickly. But if i’m feelin good about the world, that kind of environment will give me a real high (and the trick is not to crash afterwards). It all depends on the people you’re with though, really.

  18. beckyw says:

    #17 ‘Jesus would be supplying the wine’

    Someone did tell me once that when Jesus turned water into wine, people would have had a lot to drink by that point. Interesting, hey? If us Christians had been there, what would have been going through our minds?

  19. Ros says:

    I can imagine Jesus offering to cook the dinner – frying fish and baking bread rolls. Enough to last the entire duration of the show.

  20. subo says:

    don’t see how it happened, but reading your comments just gave me a glimps of a party where Jesus had the bbq going, the wine was sweet, and the warmth he bought filled your heart, how good just to be there

  21. subo says:

    the musics still in my head x

  22. Linus says:

    beckyw: Its not hard for me to “search for the pharisee inside yourself”

    Ros: wouldn’t you get sick of fish? =p

    subo: thats ace =] lookin forward to it. Hope its for real.

    Tonight a few of us had a beer and watched “the proposition”. good film. but apparently not “fluffy” enough. ’twas a good eve. Then i read subo’s comments. and everything felt kind of right. So yay! and thanks subo. Its good to acknowledge the moments of harmony when they do show up.

  23. sarah says:

    Subo 9, but it’s good! because all those who follow him, he will raise to life :-)

  24. I wonder- if Jesus was supplying the wine, what would happen? My guess is that the show would collapse because half the cast are getting drunk but the other half are just sitting about listening to Jesus constantly and not doing anything ‘interesting’

  25. janetp says:

    Steve L (13): “Simon Cowl” :lol:

  26. Robb says:

    beckyw – not only would they have had a lot of wine by that point (drunk the place dry) but he went to to make gallons and gallons and gallons of the stuff!!

  27. jody says:

    cameron! his name was cameron, sorry, only just remembered… ;-)

  28. Mark Bennet says:

    I think this is one of the best ever -stunningly good. Thanks Jon.

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