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animator, illustrator, character designer, graphic designer. music producer/recording musician. co-owner of PROOST. proost.co.uk
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  1. Laura says:

    awww poor guy

  2. Mike says:

    Funny how we Christians use those silly little sayings. I wonder how many people are heart by them.

    From a biblical point of view Jesus never discribes himself as a best friend.

  3. Robb says:

    Odly, he does say “I am” quite a lot in Johns Gospel. “I am your best friend” is not one of those statements though…

  4. Robb says:

    On further reflection, people who abandon their friends upon following Jesus are missing the point.

  5. miriworm says:

    Perhaps it’s a different take on the habit I’ve noticed in the youngsters of today of having a variety of ‘best friend’ normally to suit a particular occassion!

  6. beatthedrum says:

    IS the “Best Friend” bit anywhere in the bible,

    Lord I see
    Master I see
    Saviour I see
    Redeamer I see
    Sacrifice I see
    Rabbi I see
    King I see

    Friend… I dont see. (not that He isnt our friend its just that He is SOOOO much more than that)

    We want a big sky fairy buddy but he is also our Lord and King.


  7. kls says:

    He does say “I’m no longer calling you servants because servants don’t understand what their master is thinking and planning. No, I’ve named you friends because I’ve let you in on everything I’ve heard from the Father. ” (Jonh 15:15)

    but probably that’s the only scripture.

    I never could say Jesus was my friend, as sad as it is, I don’t know him that much. I’m trying to get to know him, because I do love him, and I mean that. But he’s not like a buddy to me, as some refer to him. I wish I could understand him as my MASTER. Not my “buddy”.

  8. beatthedrum says:

    Yeah its difficult kls but it is possible to know Him, as He wants to be known. Read the word, think about it and talk to him.


  9. A facet of Jesus that I find really helpful is that of him as some sort of peer who is with me in the now and present. For that I would use words like friend, companion, helper. But that is only one part, Master, King and Lord are incredible and bring awe and reverence with them that you just ain’t gonna get with a best friend.

  10. Sophie says:

    The other day I watched a film that really shocked and upset me, and my lovely boyfriend offered to stay, so that if I had a nightmare he’d be there to calm me down. It was very kind of him, but for once I said no as he was really tired and I wanted to make sure that he got some sleep too. I said I would pray before I slept and I’d be fine. The thing is I find, that often, I want to make things better for people when they’re feeling down, or when things are bad, but I can’t fix things like that I can’t make it better. Jesus on the other hand really can. I think that’s one of the wonderful things – that Jesus knew what suffering was and he overcame it. He can be our peer, and also King of all. Pretty amazing!

    Sorry that was a bit of a ramble.

  11. darrin says:

    If Jesus only had a facebook or twitter account…then I could add him as a friend or decide to follow him…it would make things so much easier…until then he’ll just have to fit in when i can find some time away from social media commitments

  12. zefi says:

    From a biblical point of view Jesus never discribes himself as a best friend.

    Just cos I think you’re my best friend, doesn’t mean that you [have to/would/should] think of me the same.

    Since when love has to be reciprocated to qualify as love?

  13. Sophie says:

    Zefi – I’m not sure that Jesus’ love for us is the question though?! More often than not it’s my love for Jesus that is questionable!

  14. kls says:

    @darrin, you CAN choose to follow him without him having a twitter account. :)

  15. subo says:

    curiously I have found Jesus’ support a massive source of hope.

    some of my friends, at times, dive in with what feels like damming judgment, leaving me flattened, and i wish they knew the all facts, and then wish they’d mind their own business!

    so would recommend anyone to put themselves in the nurturing care of Jesus, and to enjoy creating a prayer space with texts – ie, just picture yourself in the contest of the text

  16. Kim says:

    Its the old ‘God Almighty’ vs ‘god-all-matey’ debate. I think that like many things in living this life, its an issue we hold in tension. Yes we should revere God in his awesomeness and majesty. AND yes, Jesus did come and live down here like us and become fully human. One of the consequences of that is that we can access him, know we are understood by him, natter to him, and generally become more intimate with him.

    I think this isn’t an either/or, its a both/and. The point for me is that its through Jesus that I can glimpse God and know him.

  17. Christian says:

    “…uh, sorry, I meant that Jesus in _you_ is my best friend.”

  18. Carole says:

    I don’t think I have a ‘best friend’ I have a number of people that are very special to me and these are what I call my premier league people. Every now and again I like to have proper, dedicated time with them, without other distractions. I have a larger number of people I really get on well with and whose company I enjoy from time to time but who are not in my inner circle of people. They have the potential to become ‘friends’. The majority of people I function amicably with but would never see them making the status of ‘friend’ – there just isn’t enough mileage in the relationship.

    The thing is, when I love my friends and am loved by them, I get a real sense of Jesus in that relationship. :)

  19. Caroline Too says:

    Ok, so it doesn’t actually say in the bible that Jesus is or wants
    to be my “best friend”

    but as I look through the bible

    I do see that He never changes
    I do see that He’s faithful
    I do see how He wept over Jerusalem
    I notice how He wept over Lazarus
    I can follow how he helped his friends Peter and Thomas over
    their doubts
    I can see how he protected women from some examples of oppression
    I can see how, even when he was tired, he still had compassion on
    a crowd of people who wanted to listen to him
    I notice how as He died in agony on the cross he still found the
    love to organise the care of His earthly mother…
    … oh there’s more isn’t there?

    Now, maybe you guys might have friends who are better to you than
    all of that, but I don’t

    and even if the phrase ‘best friend’ isn’t found in the bible,
    I still think that it’s a pretty good description of Jesus.

    Is it the only description? does it do justice to other aspects of
    our relationship, (eg He’s my Lord)? No


    He does seem to be a pretty terrific friend, I can’t think of
    a better one,

    so, in certain contexts, I think I’d say to someone “Jesus is my
    best friend!”

  20. jonbirch says:

    ‘jesus is my friend’… still really chewing on it. did the cartoon not knowing what i truly thought, so am reading comments with interest.
    am i one of those people who jesus refers to as ‘people who’ve not sen him and still believe.’ ? i don’t know.
    if he were walking next to me physically in the world at this point in history i’d like to think he’d like me. caroline too… you’re right in that never was there such a character in history who was a better friend to not just his peers, but to all people and all creation for all time, through amazing giving and incredible sacrifice. so in that sense… yes he is the best friend of us all, whether we believe or not. indeed, that is why i follow him above anyone or anything else.
    but i’ve never used or been able to say something like ‘jesus is my best friend’ because i need the intimacy of something physical here and now. and yes, as carole says, i see jesus in these people and their acts. i see jesus in all my true friends.
    still thinking, still puzzling… still don’t know that i could use that particular phrase for jesus. he represents so much that even a great title like ‘best friend’ i can’t somehow manage. i’m kind of intrigued by my own response to this.
    i wonder if could ever say ‘i’m jesus’ best friend’… i’m even less sure of that! :-)

  21. becky says:

    I think Jesus extended a love that goes beyond friendship – I say that as someone who has lost several friends this past year but I didn’t lose Jesus.

  22. rebecca says:

    Jon (#20): if you “need the intimacy of something physical here and now”, I suppose that doesn’t include people who post on this site but you have never met in real life. :-(

    All the more reason for me to try and intercept with you at some point. :-)

  23. Bo says:

    The whole God-human relationship is being described in four different ways throughout the bible:

    1. God as lord/master/leader/king
    2. God as lover/spouse
    3. God as father
    4. God as friend

    Number 1 and 2 is used a lot more than 3 and 4, but it reads that Moses (or was it Abraham?) was a friend of God, so there is more than one passage suggesting friendship with God is possible.

    But it would be more biblically correct, and probably a lot more fun, if Christians started saying “Jesus is my husband” or “God is my lover”…

  24. jonbirch says:

    bo… “God is my lover”… why did that have a french accent in my head? :-)

    rebecca… that’s an interesting point you make. i do value the friendship jesus extends as i do with my friends here. the difference is, if jesus fell out with me it would definitely be all my fault. :-)
    i love my friends here and don’t see them as in any way ‘virtual’. they are real friends… yet none of my friends on here who make comment have (as far as i know), died, risen again and now live at the right hand of the father. that’s the difference i feel, and am struggling to express.
    see you at greenbelt perhaps? if not, you are still welcome to be my friend.

  25. josh says:

    doesnt it say somewhere in the bible that he is a friend in time of need…. i think it does at least.

  26. Jonn McLinney says:

    When I think of Jesus I get warm all over and want to be surrounded by his love and feel his love penetrate me and be strong in me. I know the love Jesus has for me is like the love no other man can have for me. I pray for the rapture so on that day I can come with Jesus. I bless and pray for all of you and wish that I could have the same love for you all. Jonn

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