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animator, illustrator, character designer, graphic designer. music producer/recording musician. co-owner of PROOST. proost.co.uk
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  1. Carole says:

    He’s got it bad! ;)

  2. Caroline Too says:

    …and he ought to go to bed…

    mind you I’m jealous of his smile, when I ran a blog the visiting stats always depressed me ;-(

  3. Ha ha! Great, Jon.

    (Is a consumer of stats a statsumer?)

  4. ridata says:

    I was going to correct your spelling but it looks like you revised it since I saw it in my Google Reader. :)

  5. dennis says:

    Im happy with my stats 48-34-40!

  6. Robb says:

    Amen brother!!

    A steady “some” for me. And that’ll do.

    However, Dr Ruth says I spend too long bowing to the altar of the “facebook status update”….

  7. kaybee says:

    I’ve often wondered — could that be considered ‘pride’? If so, I’m guilty too!

    As you will see by your stats, I am a ‘lurker’ and don’t often comment — but I’m watching you!

  8. JF says:

    We all crave recognition for what we do, I guess, in whatever form. I just got my assessment back from a refereeing appointment at the weekend. The game went well, everyone happy, no cards, no injuries. Got a crap mark from the assessor. Makes me want to pack it all in. Hope your stats are more encouraging! x

  9. jonbirch says:

    hey jf… assessors, eh?! maybe he’s one of those pedantic sorts! boo! i’ve seen you ref… you’re good… and brave enough to give a penalty in the dying seconds of a big local final in a stadium. that in itself impressed me! :-) x

  10. jonbirch says:

    hey kaybee… lurkers welcome! :-)

    robb’s just reminded me i need to update my facebook status… it’s said the same thing for the last three weeks!!! :lol:

  11. anita says:

    From one stat addict to another, I amen that Brother!

  12. becky says:

    10. Jon – your status update clears after a week on Facebook. Just don’t get to the point where you update your status and photo every time your turn around and pee.

    I took can get a bit number savvy – I try to tell myself it’s to determine if what I’m saying is on target or not (which is partly true) but there is an ego bit to this that I have to be very careful here to remember who I serve in the end …

  13. dennis says:

    I have been unable to admit to my facebook status until now, phew!! I am an addict.

    I had a stat counter on my blog that was giving me such pleasing information until i did some research and found it was lying to me (how rude) I deleted and installed a new one and its giving me low numbers but at least its telling me the truth now.

    I think we generally like to exaggerate, I am a fisherman and honestly fishermen DO exaggerate!

    When I went to bibleland i thought I could get away with how many words I did until my wife told me that they do count how many words you do, NUMBERS scare me.

  14. soniamain says:

    Jon that is sooo sad:)

  15. I have nothing original or creative to say but maybe if I comment it will lead to a tiny, but certainly noted, increase in my own stats!

  16. miriworm says:

    It seems you have no eyes!

    Don’t forget if you put your pics/cartoons on FB they may or may not become FB intellectual property (once they make up there minds as to if they can get away with it). :-)

  17. jonbirch says:

    i’ve upped your stats by one nathan. even left a comment. :-)

  18. jonbirch says:

    i’m off to help clare now in the community cafe she runs, as she’s understaffed. sounds too much like real work to me. i only hope i survive the onslaught of toasty orders!!! :lol:

  19. jonbirch says:

    i think people would drop facebook in an instant if they did that miriworm. i’d hope so anyway. there’ll be some other international bright young thing creating something to take it’s place i’m sure… i hope. :-?

  20. jonbirch says:

    right… off to wrestle the baked potatoes! :lol:

  21. Robb says:

    I want a cartoon of you wrestling baked potatoes!

  22. Carole says:

    I’ve done stats watching – which in my case wasn’t very satisfying – nothing quite so humbling as the realisation that nobody is interested in what you have to say :lol:

    I’ve done the FB status update – until I ran out of humorous ways to say, “not doing much at the moment.” I try to think of witty comments for Robb’s status, instead.

    Now I play back to back Scramble and Lexulous – ‘cept my two Lexulous partners know far more impressive words than me (not sure half of them exist – words that is!). My calling is to be so average at everything that I make everybody else feel better by comparison. ;)

  23. Carole says:

    Robb (21), there must be something for a satirical cartoonist wrestling with another hot potato in the church, surely?

  24. JF says:

    Jon, there’s nothing like a bit of Clare in the Community.

  25. Robb says:

    Ha ha!!

    You guys are all too funny!

  26. beatthedrum says:

    Been there done that…. Got the T-shirt

    I even have a little do’hicky that tells me where in the world my visitors come from…. but at least it is only updated once a day!

    If anyone wants to increase my stat’s then visit


  27. jonbirch says:

    ‘a bit of clare in the community’… haha! brilliant, jf! better than my usual line which is, ‘oh dear, it all seems to have gone clare shaped!’ :lol:

    if you could all email these jokes privately then i could do cartoons with them and pass them off as my idea! :-)

  28. becky says:

    13. As a flyfisherman, I tend to go more for size than numbers – yes, boys, when it comes to fishing, size matters.

    27. Jon – a world that’s clare shaped would be a much better place.

    The problem occurs (which I’ve been TRYING to tell a young hot shot postmodern punk) is when you begin to adjust your blog postings (and even your books) in the hopes of increasing sales. That’s when you go from being prophetic to pathetic. That’s why you need a community around you to keep you grounded so we don’t forget why we do this.

  29. JF says:

    I can’t even pass off “Clare in the Community” as my own idea, so would hate for you to use it 3rd hand. It’s a regular comic strip in the Guardian!

  30. Robb says:

    And Clare Bear is in Heroes..

  31. Robb says:

    [Please tell me you have heard of the care bears…]

  32. Robb says:

    oooo oooo – a slight spike today!!

  33. Caroline Too says:

    clarely a fun conversation…

    then there’s the old Ralf McTell song “from Clare to here”

    Johnny Nash! “I can see Clarely now, the pain has gone”

    … more if you’re very unlucky if I feel better soon… think I’m going down with the flu… it’s not Clare to me yet, but I fear so. Don’t get too near to your computers… don’t whatever you do, touch the screen.. it won’t be healing I offer…

  34. Forrest says:

    Maybe in some way it is an affirmation that we matter in some way to someone somewhere.
    I think there is an innate need in humans to see that someone notices, cares, that they exist.

  35. jonbirch says:

    care bears, robb… what are they? ;-)

  36. becky says:

    That’s it – Clare bears … and then the companion bear Birch Bear (has man boobs of course). ‘-) ‘-) ‘-) ‘-) ‘-) ‘-)

  37. Linus says:

    beats ken and barbie.

    Well, if its good enough for Rowan

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