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  1. ED... says:

    He’s wrong. He needs a haircut too.

  2. stokecoglife says:

    I think this is a great definition of Christianity

  3. Caroline Too says:

    Is that shade of red

    a) scriptural?
    b) liturgical?
    c) rational?
    d) evolved?

    if not, then I’m not sure that
    (s)he is appropriate to hug.

  4. Caroline Too says:

    given how ‘spikey’ I am, I guess that some folk would be concerned about our being in a same-shape relationship if I hugged ol’ spikey!

  5. miriworm says:

    He looks a bit prickly to me but a hug might smooth down those ruffled spikes! :-)

  6. Angela says:

    depends on how brave I am the day we meet and how desperate he is to get a hug…
    The spikes are made of-what???

  7. émie says:

    i would hug it

  8. Polly says:

    How could you not hug him? Look at his sad little face! I must be honest – I can do prickly, but I’d struggle more with dirty and smelly.

  9. Welshdisastergirl says:

    if you double dare me!

  10. soniamain says:

    I’m sure that’s how most people see me!. I am not really like that though( well not all the time :)

  11. dennis says:

    defo I would but we would be a bit like stickle bricks, hard to separate.

  12. Kim says:

    thats really interesting. I think a lot of prickly people are just needing a hug…well, I am anyway.

  13. the sideways “Safe” arm around the shoulder hug wouldnt be any good but look him in the eyes full on hug no spikes there

  14. Karita says:

    I think that’s how people see me a lot of the time and don’t realise that a hug is sometimes the best cure for spikes like that.

  15. Absolutely. But I wouldn’t want to damage the spikey bits.

  16. jody says:

    i’ve heard recently that some people are ‘hedgehogs’, in that their defence mechanism against getting hurt, or having been hurt their way of healing, is to roll up in a ball and stick the spikes out – a little kindness, gentleness and possibly food ;-) will be the best thing

    but i guess the kind of ‘prickliness’ that we’re talking about here is a bit more difficult to get past – it depends whether it’s a chronic or acute condition.

    hmm i find i can get myself into a slight problem discussing prickly people, sometimes being prickly is just too close to being a p***k, ahem, sorry….

  17. Sophie says:

    I’m pretty prickly at the moment, uber stressed out. I’m aware that I’m not easy to be with at the moment. My poor boyfirend is suffering most of it! But yep all I want is a hug, not advice – although actually I need some if that too, I just find it hard to take!

    On the other hand I find prickly people tricky too. I was thinking this morning, and was reminded of a bit in Landmarks by Margaret Silf, saying that an aim is to take responsibility for being ‘an event that happens to other people’. To be aware that smiling at someone is likely to produce a smile back, being grumpy at someone is likely to make them grumpy too.

  18. chaino says:

    wow…isnt that the challenge hey. do you help out/befriend the socially awkward person even if you know it will be painful…thats the kind of think i got from it.

  19. subo says:

    i used to have that spring thing Zebedee has in the magic roundabout, so i could get out the way, so nothing could get me, – have managed to shorten the spring a little, am now more like a wobbly troll

  20. ahhhh… but maybe i’ve been prickled, punctured, pierced too much. maybe i can’t hug you right now…

  21. Will says:

    if someone is actually asking for a hug i don’t give a monkeys what they are like. Problem can be that someone who is that spikey could have created their own spikes and now in a position that they feel that by asking for a hug they are letting the front down.

    Annoying is when you are intentionally spikey so no one comes near you and yet they insist on seeing someone who “needs” a hug and give you one regardless of your actual need.

    I.e. I need you to sod off right now. Hang on why are you so close that i can smell your body odour?

  22. beckyG says:

    It depends – right now I’m editing a book where my editor is making me go to some very deep places and mine up some spiritual sh*t when I’d rather grow daisies. It’s like a lobster molting – I’m very vulnerable right now (as I should be in order to do this kind of work).

    And the count of writer friends I lost who drank the cool Christian Kool-aid instead of letting their unique voice sing has risen to 4.

    So, right now I’m in a place where if I got pricked, it would hurt a helluva lot more than usual. So, I’m retreating until I turn in the edits and the shell grows back a bit.

  23. Angela says:

    No one should hurt you, no one is allowed to!
    You are God’s sweetheart!:)and he’ll stick to you. Love Angela

  24. émie says:

    *gets over excited*
    just thought of some song lyrics
    “my skin is covered with sharp spikes that’ll stab you like a thousand knives, a hug would be nice but hug my flower with your eyes”
    (is about a cactus with a flower on it. is most awesome song ever. well, one of them and…okay never mind…moving on…)

  25. dennis says:

    sounds cool emie

  26. Pat says:

    What this pic immediately reminded me of (apart from being the wrong colour of course :lol: ) was ‘Jack Frost’ in ‘Rupert Bear’ cartoons. But I guess not too many folk will admit to remembering (or reading) Rupert Annuals :-)

  27. Paul says:

    I suspect he has other needs than just a hug. Could I address those too?

  28. Robb says:

    I usually do. I tend to befriend the prikly peeps even though I get spiked myself…

  29. Linus says:

    Of course i can give you a hug, mr spikey pants – i am wearing my special suit made of oven gloves especially for the occasion.

    emie – its a great song by Kimya Dawson from the Moldy Peaches. We are big fans of the Juno soundtrack in our household – its great and it makes us smile =D

  30. Sue says:

    I wonder if Polly (no. 8) would like to team up with me? I can handle dirty and smelly but have trouble with prickly. Together, we could deal with anyone :)

  31. Sue says:

    (sorry, that reference was to Polly (comment number eight). Makes much more sense than, “Polly, no cool”, which is actually very insulting and how the hell would I know? I’ve never met Polly in my life ;)

  32. Freya says:

    I wouldn’t just hug him or kiss him i’d snog bhim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Carole says:

    Aww! He looks like a kind of vulnerable flu virus…bless! So definitely wouldn’t advise hugging him – he’d just take it all wrong and be all over you like a rash! ;)

  34. subo says:

    just got some bodyshop add, telling me one person in the UK is infected with HIV every hour. I suppose getting ill might make one extra prickly, and feel unhuggable.

  35. Cheryl says:

    How could you ignore such a sad little face?

  36. beatthedrum says:

    Thats a picture of me about 19 years ago, whre did you get it from Jon?

  37. beckyG says:

    35. I definitely have wounded bird syndrome – want to take care of the poor critters … until I find myself covered in bird sh*t. I wish I could be like Mother Teresa but I’m not.

  38. gavD says:

    Aww, that’s so sad, poor little fellow. I know just how he feels too.

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