Linear conversation resumed…

with robb’s expert help, i am pleased to say that the ‘reply’ buttons no longer exist. in getting rid of the buttons i have messed up the flow of the last couple of conversations a bit… i hope people aren’t too bothered about this. anyhow, normal service is now resumed and asbo conversation will be uncomplicatedly linear again from here on in. thanks robb, you’re a star. :-)

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About jonbirch

animator, illustrator, character designer, graphic designer. music producer/recording musician. co-owner of PROOST.
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17 Responses to Linear conversation resumed…

  1. Forrest says:

    Good man jon, good man :-D

  2. jonbirch says:

    yeh… phew! :-D

  3. herbeey says:

    Maybe there is a God…

  4. miriworm says:

    No comment! :-)

  5. jonbirch says:

    may i remind you, caroline too, that this is MY blog and YOU WILL be happy for me!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

  6. Caroline Too says:


    I’m happy for you JB just not for the loss of reply

    and anyway, we could say that you are our cartoonist… and it’s our

    that’s the wonder of this space you’ve created.

    I just think that if you’d given us all a little time to get used
    to it you would have got to like the way that different threads of
    conversation became easier to see? but, there we are

    you are, after all, the online gnu (or guru)

  7. jonbirch says:

    well, i’m a gnu… so, how do you do? :-)
    i’m so sorry i could not get on with ‘reply’… i go a bit blind when faced with extra things… i’m bad enough at following a simple list of instructions. i never use recipes even though they’re simple and linear, that’s how bad i am. :-)

  8. Lewis says:

    I liked reply… :( :P

  9. ED... says:

    Oh – It’s all good.

  10. Robb says:

    yay me!!

  11. jonbirch says:

    yup, robb… yay you!!! :lol:

  12. Pat says:

    I was away when they first appeared so never really had time to get either seriously riled by them or to explore their potential benefits.

    I can appreciate what you were getting at in your various comments Caroline Too – sometimes little threads of conversation develope within the conversation and a specific reply facility certainly makes those easier to follow through. On the other hand, one of things I really like about ASBO conversations is the way all sorts of very different thoughts and ideas jostle along side-by-side: I’m not a very orderly, linear thinker so for me, that’s always a potentially fruitful environment for making new, interesting and illuminating connections of various kinds.

    At the end of the day though, I prefer the original set up for strictly pragmatic reasons – you only have to go to the end of the page to see all the new additions to the thread, not scroll through the whole lot looking for additions to sub-threads and me…I’m lazy :lol:

  13. theseoldshades says:

    Pat- very disappointed you didn’t get the word ‘liminal’ in there! :lol:

  14. Pat says:

    No, or indeed the word ‘kairos’ – I’m slipping badly TOS! :lol:

  15. Robb says:

    Culpa, culpa, culpa :lol:

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