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  1. subo says:

    och, it’s ages since I saw some pegdolls

    the thing is, is it the people, or is it the system?

  2. nomieenerd says:

    aww… this is very true, im liking it!

  3. Forrest says:

    Well, different in some ways, same in some others.

  4. Rich H says:


    This is one of your more ambiguous comics.

  5. AnneDroid says:

    Fab. A very Christian way to look at this situation, if I may say so, Mr B. Politicians are not all the same.

    I hate generalisations, generally. Generalisations are all bad. Lol. Spot my wee ironic joke? Did you? Did you?

    I think a lot of our reactions to various situations such as this current furore over expenses incorporates judgemental generalisations such as “they’re corrupt – the whole lot of them…” I am guilty of this too. But in my better moments I am ashamed of my judgemental attitudes.

    Also, in my better moments I would be very vocal on the subject of the need for us not to be like that but to treat everyone as individuals.

    My working life is within the criminal justice system and I’m often struck by how imposing a one-size-fits-all, you’re-just-a-number approach just doesn’t work and isn’t fair. Yet that doesn’t always feed into my daily life on the outside and I have been guilty of making snidey remarks about all politicians which I now regret as judgemental and self-righteous. I think some MPs are really dedicated hard working committed folk. Others no doubt aren’t. And some are, but have seen the chance to line their poskets and have given in to the temptation.

    “Everybody’s doing it” is a justification for sin which isn’t used only by MPs. I’ve used it myself..

  6. Forrest says:

    It is funny how those who bristle at “All Christians are the same!” so easily declare that all politicians are the same.

  7. Forrest says:

    Will say that right now I’m quite guilty of that all politicians are the same thing, especially our Congressmen, Representatives and Senators both, as they all seem bent on spending billions and trillions of dollars that do not actually exist.

    Now, I am very happy that it looks like President Obama may well turn NASA around from stuck-in-the-mud and into something creating excitement, discovery, jobs, and new technologies. Government can not create more true economic wealth, but this one quasi-government outfit can do that through creation of spinoff technologies – which will also create jobs – which are desperately needed!

    Contrary to popular belief, NASA did not create Velcro (think it came from Sweden) but they have added a lot to advancement medical technology. And that helps everyone.

    Okay, time to stop running my mouth here and go fix supper!

  8. Forrest says:

    Something else just came to mind, one more rant if this thing will let me:
    Someone is bound to mention that the government should cut defense spending.
    Problem there is amount of jobs it creates. For example, F-22 Raptor fighter jet construction, between contractors and subcontractors is spread out through 44 of our 50 states. Do ya expect 88 Senators and a couple hundred Representatives to tell their voters, “Hey, guess what, I just voted you out of your jobs!”

    Here’s a quote from one of them:
    “Over 25,000 Americans work for the 1,000+ suppliers in 44 states that manufacture the F-22. Moreover, it is estimated that another 70,000 additional Americans indirectly owe their jobs to this program. As we face one of the most trying economic times in recent history it is critical to preserve existing high paying, specialized jobs that are critical to our nation’s defense.”

    From: http://isakson.senate.gov/press/2009/011609raptor.htm

    Interestingly it has been reported several times that the Air Force does not want any more F-22 jets. But, the politicians who dearly want to get reelected . . .

  9. KathyJ says:

    Like the leaves on autumn trees…they always change colors before they fall!

  10. Miriworm says:

    Well I agree that they differ in the amount they have or havn’t screwed out of the public purse! :-)

  11. Carole says:

    They’re ‘armless enough! ;)

    Seriously, yes, generalisation is not such a good thing. But generalisations start when people detect ‘a growing tendency’ in anything. Sadly, reports of politicians lining their pockets at the public’s expense will destroy my confidence in politicians. As a dyed in the wool English person…OK technically as a 4th generation Irish immigrant…I have always had a kind of a faith in the honour of the post of politician as someone who responded to a higher calling to work for the greater good…or was that priests? Maybe I just have my head firmly wedged up my chivalric but where is that ideal of honour, in any walk of life? Anyway, the cumulative shenanigans of the Thatcher years via grey man Major (the only politician who was so dull nobody believed he was capable of having an affair!), through the Blair years and to the present day have led me to tar ‘em all with the same brush. I await Barack Obama’s fall from grace as an inevitability. :(

    I need my faith restoring…

  12. Laura says:

    KathyJ @ 9

  13. Robb says:

    Don’t vote for politicians – it just encourages them.

    Now that you have giggled at the gag can you all go and vote for someone other than the BNP? All politicians aren’t the same. Some of them are fascists and racists!

  14. Caroline Too says:

    Our response to polititians?

    If we campaigned and then voted:
    ”None of the above”.
    If we all – every one,
    every single last one
    just ignored them:
    – would their vanity stand it?
    – could they claim they had planned it?
    – would the pundits demand it:

    that they should stop,
    pay attention
    and listen
    to that vast silent shouting
    of a people who might,

    full poem at http://celtic_difference.typepad.com/a_difference_that_makes_a/2005/04/election_nonexc.html

    I’m not anti politics or politicians, I’m just hugely opposed to a corrupt system that denies people a relevant vote.

    I have no vote

    I live in a farming constituency that would return a donkey if it wore a Conservative (UK) rosette. I have no vote, it is irrelevant.

    and stop spoiling ballots?

  15. beatthedrum says:

    Or are they just a reflection of us…. now that is a scary thought.

  16. beatthedrum says:

    Caoline Too… dont worry I live in a mining community where they would return a pickaxe if it had a labour rosette on it….. hang on they already did.

    So you dont vote conserve in your area and I wont vote Labour in mine.. all square…

    Having said that it looks like the good old fudgers the lib Dems may get in here this time… at which point we will discover that the Devil does infact skate to work in the morning….

  17. Miriworm says:

    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
    Edmund Burke (Philosopher)

  18. Only this morning I walked into our office as someone called for ALL politicians to be sacked, “screw the lot of them they’re all corrupt’ she said.

  19. Sophie says:

    Good point Robb! it’s really a worry that the BNP might win some seats. The perils of proportional representation! I suppose the thing is that when we know votes actually make a difference, maybe voter apathy will decrease. I shall definitely be voting for someone other than the BNP. This time I will try and read something about what the candidates are saying they’ll do and have a proper think before I vote.

  20. beatthedrum says:

    That is the issue with domocracy the other people might vote in some one you dont want.

    If we hap proportional representation we could easily find ourselves with a much wider mix of people in parliment, with greens, ukip, bmp, islamic, hindu and other partys getting into power.

    In truth it would be a fairer representation of the country even with people likw the BNP in parliment.

    But we would also loose the supposidly close links between MP and constituancy.

  21. Tony says:

    I can’t help wondering just how wisdom is (not!).

  22. Tony says:

    That should hve said:

    I can’t help wondering just how popular wisdom is (not!).

  23. rebecca says:

    To everyone who is saying that there is absolutely no point in them voting because they can’t influence the results — that may be the case with a general election (in the 1997 election I voted in Tony Banks’ constituency, and he was expected to get 70% of the votes!), but it isn’t the case with an election that has PR. Voting for any party other than the BNP is preferable to not voting at all.

    (I’m making the possibly unwarranted assumption that nobody reading this actually wants the BNP to be elected).

  24. Robb says:

    Last election I voted for a party I wouldn’t vote for normally. Actually an independent. The reason? I wanted the BNP out of our council and the independent candidate was most likely to succeed.

    When I was a steward at Holocaust Memorial Day in Durham Cathedral (eek, nearly a decade ago now) a survivor from the death camps pointed out that the Nazi party was voted into power.

    I pray that God would give me strength to follow Bonhoeffer with his Lord!

  25. marcus says:

    When I first saw this cartoon I saw unique individuals stood at the front and their generic shadow selves stood behind them – which is really just another way of seeing us all as unique ion the one hand but leveled by sin on the other.

  26. jonbirch says:

    very profound marcus… wish i’d thought of that! :-)

    rebecca… feel free to assume that in my case. :-)

    anything to keep the bmp out. giving in to temptation (as it seems a good few politicians have) is a mile away from belonging to and supporting something evil.

    btw… i’m as pee’d off by politician’s expense claims as everyone else. i just didn’t think a cartoon on being pee’d off would be that helpful. + i do think we have to be careful in our response… yes, send a clear message that this is unacceptable behaviour and we want change… yes, get rid of any fraudsters… but be aware that it isn’t everyone of them.
    i must admit to not being surprised by any of it really. that’s a sad thing to have to admit in itself. :-(

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