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animator, illustrator, character designer, graphic designer. music producer/recording musician. co-owner of PROOST. proost.co.uk
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  1. jonbirch says:

    Happy holiday to all you brits! :-)

  2. dennis says:

    Brill Jon!! happy day to you too.

  3. subo says:

    How about awarding hard work with extra Holls?

  4. jonbirch says:

    cheers dennis! you too mate. :-)

    i don’t know whether i’d trust the people giving out the awards to the give them to the right people, subo. :-)

  5. subo says:

    ach, you have a point jb. how I’d love to work somewhere where trust could be well placed

  6. marcus says:

    let’s stick with “bank holiday” and get the banks to sponsor our bank holiday weekends…just athought?

  7. Miriworm says:

    Thought the banks were supposed to be on a prolonged (money lending) holiday just now! :-D

  8. Laura says:

    It’s a holiday for the Americans too. It’s our Memorial (Rememberance) Day today.

  9. Mimou says:

    no holiday in Finland! But it has been a sunny and nice day though (+23C)

  10. beckyG says:

    Wasn’t our current financial crises caused in part by our global banks being on holiday?

  11. subo says:

    the name ‘bank’ may have lost a little sheen, but how would government holiday sound, with the freeloading crew we’re landed with?

    how about ‘grid lock day’, as a comment on the traffic coming to a stand still?

  12. subo says:

    oh, sorry, that’s just awful, how about ‘jolly revellers day’, to remind us to go and try to have a damned good time?

  13. Greedy Robbing Capitalist Oppressor holiday is a bit of a mouthful.

  14. Eric says:

    In Australia and elsewhere we call them “public holidays”. We have 10 in the year, unevenly spread with 4 in Dec-Jan and 4 in Mar-Apr. The one coming up is called Queen’s Birthday, even though it isn’t her birthday. Different states have a different Labour Day and a different Queen’s Birthday.

    In the US in the Depression, the “bank holiday” was when they closed the banks when things were going bad.

    I had a half day off once which I called a “bank holiday” because I needed to go to the bank, which was only open during hours when I was 15km away at work!

  15. Caroline Too says:

    hmmm, holiday allowance… nah

    what about a

    second holiday allowance!

    which, according to our politicians means that we can take as many as we think we can get away with…

  16. Robb says:

    Tee hee!

    Erm – The Worlds Local Holiday?

    On a different note, what is with the new HSBC advert offering to make moving to a different country easier? How many people are currently sat in the UK thinking “I wonder if there is a bank who will facilitate my move abroad”. Seems that the market for said service is a small one…

  17. Brilliant cartoon, Jon! Worthy of Bird and Fortune.

    Robb (16)- maybe a few bankers and politicians…?

  18. dadube says:

    I haven’t seen the mentioned advert but as an HSBC customer in Bahrain I’d say don’t touch them with a bargepole – they are useless!!!! And as someone who moved abroad I never once considered banks…..

  19. Ros says:

    How about – Rain & Barbecue Day, or Walk in the Woods Day!

  20. Miriworm says:

    The thought Non-Holy holiday occurs! :-;

  21. Caroline Too says:

    chance to catch up day?

  22. Eric says:

    In Australia’s Northern Territory, they have one called Picnic Day!

  23. Laura says:

    Picnic Day?! That’s brilliant!

  24. Carole says:

    Dadube (18) what you say sums up, for me at least, everything that is poor about our society. We are living in the age of the soundbite. Everyone is at it. We say one little phrase as much as we can, until it is absorbed by the mass psyche, to the point that people think the concept is a concrete thing…but it ain’t. They just fail to deliver. For example: Customer Service. This has been the buzzword of business for a number of years and yet my recent experience is, I’m unable to find a shop assistant, when I do, they are so embroiled in conversation they fail to notice me. Then there was the young man who, before serving me, thought I would like to be his accomplice in slagging off the person he’d just served! Or the gaggles of shop assistants and security guards who herd together to discuss their sex lives, acts drunken debauchery or fights…in your own time, please, not when I’m out shopping with my kids. That’s before we even start on things going wrong with products. Customer service used to exist before we discovered the term, but now, it seems, the term alone will suffice. That is one example – anyone think of others? I shall personally resist the temptation to start on education! ;)

  25. Carole says:

    Caroline Too (15) :lol:

  26. jonbirch says:

    carole… how about the politician’s one, “the court of public opinion”… it’s come back to bite them.
    i’m always reminded when i think of soundbites, of tony blair’s beauty. something like “today is not a day for soundbites. i feel the hand of history is on our shoulders.” classic.
    “care in the community” always seemed like a sick joke to me. almost an oxymoron. at the time that buzz phrase was used, we brits along with ‘the iron lady’ had pretty much destroyed the last remnants of community.
    let me do an education one for you carole… “education, education, education”… what a load of rancid bilge. teachers robbed of authority, treated with little or no respect. education reduced to tick boxes. ‘education by the narrowest of definitions’ would have been a more accurate phrase. say the word three times in a row and it sounds caring… or even like a genie’s spell. what a load of tosh!

  27. Carole says:

    Exactly, John…OK, I will do an education one. I have always tried to adhere to a professional code of conduct in my work life. When I did my teacher training, I felt a bit patronised when the lecturers went on and on about professionalism. Having spent the last 7 or 8 months working as a supply teacher and attending job interviews, I have regularly been left standing at front doors of schools in the morning, I have been chivvied off to classrooms without basic information, such as where toilets are, staffroom, break and finish times or relevant information about any children with special needs in the class. I have been spoken to like a child in a staffroom, for no good reason. I have attended job interviews where the Head has failed to introduce himself or the other panel members to me, I have had promises of a phonecall to tell me the outcome of an interview (whether successful or otherwise) on two occasions and it has not been forthcoming. How hard is it to pick up a phone? Or delegate the task to a colleague? I guess some people just pay lip service to the term professional.

    Oh, that felt good ;)

  28. dadube says:

    aren’t you glad you got that off your chest Carole???
    Shop assistants are a total different kettle of fish over here in the Middle East. The majority of them are filopino and work like trojans – can’t fault them for politness (especially in the face of lots of rude people who treat them like servants)and efficency, but sometimes I yearn for a bored teenager in River Island in the UK so I can shop without being asked if I need anything all the time. The grass is always greener huh???
    As for education don’t get me started, no really, don’t! The worse was when I went to a private school for a Head of Dept. job (I was the only candidate who didn’t teach in a private school already and hadn’t attended private school either). First they asked me why they hadn’t heard of the school I had attended as a pupil, and then when they said I’d hear that night…..well a letter finally arrived 6 weeks later (dated 6 weeks later not lost in the post)and the job went to someone at the school anyway. No offer of a debreif either which always winds me up…..grrrrrrr

  29. I feel like a good kicking, so here goes:

    Shop assistants, banks, educators, politicians (let’s throw in NHS managers too) – all getting it in the neck. But how many d’you reckon get out of bed in the morning and say to themselves in the mirror, ‘What will really make my day is screwing someone around?’

    Put it like this: anyone who is patronising someone has probably been patronised themselves and is just, I’m sorry, taking it out on the first representative of the rest of society they come across (ie, you).

    Kind of, as if to say: look, here’s a taste of it back at you: stop patronising me and I’ll stop patronising you.

    So my advice to you (unasked for, of course) is to stop worrying your little heads about it.

    Actually, my advice is to turn it around and see the bigger picture: that shop-assistant really is unique, and their sex-life really is the most amazing thing. They had five orgasms last night! Isn’t nature (and God) wonderful – to give them that? Then they leave it all behind to come and slog in a pressured (or soul-destroyingly boring) environment, pitching you the latest DVD player or perfume, just so that you can go on the pull or stick your feet up in the evening.

    Come on, give just a little! The world’s not that bad!

  30. Jane says:

    How about calling it “enrichment” Day? :-)

  31. Laura says:

    Any one going to be around Sheffield, Somerset or W. Midlands want to have a meet up the week of June 5th-15th??

    I’m pretty flexible with where I’ll be when, except for the 6&7 really…

    Would love to meet some fellow ASBOers (ASBOittes?) what do we call ourselves anyway?

  32. subo says:

    Hi Laura

    Brissol’s not far from Somerset so might be able to meet

    also SanctuaryBath are probably holding a 5pm service, in Bath, on 5/6/09

    be cool to meet up

  33. Caroline Too says:

    I wonder if Jon is doing a ‘thing’ at Greenbelt again this year? If he is, then we seemed to have an enjoyable ASBOevent in the bar afterwards last year…

  34. Laura says:

    Subo. sounds good. I’ll be in Burnham-on-the sea for the 8th and 9th with a team from my friends church. Could likely sneak away for a meet up some where. That’d be fab!

    Would LOVE to go to SanctuaryBath but I’m committed that night.
    Just found out I’ll be having a car which opens up loads of possibilties for anyone that might be interested in meeting up with other ASBO folks.

    Caroline, that sounds fun as well. Wish I could be there for Greenbelt!

  35. Laura says:

    Looks like I may very well could do santuarybath on the 6th after all. Is it meeting for sure and where?

  36. :(

    Nobody kicked me back (29)! Was I too rude?

  37. Carole says:

    Dear Steve, Thank you for your comments. ASBO PLC values customer feedback as we are continually seeking to improve our product…BTW – 5 orgasms a night? Surely if the first doesn’t wipe you out (so to speak) you can’t be doing it right… ;)

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