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animator, illustrator, character designer, graphic designer. music producer/recording musician. co-owner of PROOST. proost.co.uk
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  1. Graham says:

    Woohoo ….will I be the first to comment?

    Reminds me of an old Tartar curse I heard last week. They could have asked for death, desolation or endless delivery of the Daily Mail. Instead their worst curse was \’May you stay in the same place forever\’.

  2. jonbirch says:

    as an anxious traveller, that sounds more like a blessing than a curse to me, graham. :-)

  3. Reminds me of a story Roy Castle told, about something his day used to say… \”If God made a better place than bed, he kept it for himself\”

  4. Miriworm says:

    My name is Naomi I don\’t get out of mine for less than £10,000! :-D

  5. Miriworm says:

    Why are quotes coming out with slashes?


  6. James says:

    Looks good to me!

  7. Timbo says:

    All of which is all right if you have a six foot pencil for drawing on the ceiling.

  8. Caroline Too says:

    I’m ok actually getting out of bed, but I dawdle terribly as I get going

    … but, finally when I get going, I’m fortunate enough to be glad to be on my way, blessed with ideas
    and hopes that make ‘travelling’ exciting and something that I want to get on with…

    I have much to be grateful for! :-)

  9. Robb says:

    I’ve justgot back from Egypt.

    I agree wholeheartedly!

  10. JF says:

    Ah, the duvet of faith!

  11. rebecca says:

    Forever is a long time. Does anyone really want to stay in bed FOREVER? Even if at 6am getting out of bed doesn’t look very attractive, the prospect of never getting out of bed looks even less attractive once you think about it. (Ask anyone who can’t get out of bed, perhaps because of a serious illness. There is another issue here — the freedom to do something, such as stay in bed, isn’t really freedom unless you have the freedom not to do it.)

    Perhaps I’m being too negative, but this is not an image I can identify with. Several years ago I had to go into hospital for a few days, and whereas some people might have appreciated this as a rest, I just wanted to get out as soon as possible. And on an ongoing basis, it annoys me that I have to allow so much time for sleeping (I generally don’t quite get enough sleep on working days, so I have to make it up at the weekend!)

    JF (#10) — I was also thinking about something similar — a quotation: “Do not let God be your pillow, or prayer your eiderdown”. But I’m not quite sure what it is referring to.

  12. Emily says:

    Reminds of that Beatles song… What’s the one?

  13. I believe I may have been that cartoon a few times!

  14. Kim says:

    Well, its safe and warm there hopefully, and a holding zone until we can face whatever made us feel that way in the first place I guess?

  15. Forrest says:

    There are days . . .

  16. What you’ve missed is the person hiding under the duvet thinking – if I stay here, they’ll never be able to find me.

    If I can’t see them, they can’t see me!

  17. Eric says:

    Funny about the backslashes! I’m a programmer (in fact I’m so much of a programmer that since I’m sick today, I stay home from my software job and work on my personal software project).

    Programming languages use quotes to mark strings of text. If you want to have a quote character in the string, you’ll often have to put a backslash before it (depending which language) to indicate “this is a quote character in the string, not the quote marking the end of the string”.

    Web pages that accept text from a user (like this one) might have to put slashes in so that any special characters (quotes or html tags – ever seen a thread where half the coments end up in bold?) don’t mess anything up.

    Trouble comes when you don’t know if you need it or not. In this case, it think it’s a PHP setting.

  18. jonbirch says:

    hey eric… i love programmers… i have no idea what you said meant… but i believed every word of it! :-D

  19. dadube says:

    Oh I yearn to get in my bed and never get out of it.
    Life is incredibly horrible at the moment and I want to regress to my university days when I did literally stay in my bed for days on end and could do so without a thought for anyone else.

  20. Miriworm says:

    Zzzzzzzzzzzz …. :-D

  21. Forrest says:

    Oh no, dadube. Sorry.

  22. subo says:

    take care Dadube

  23. subo says:

    hiya folks, just encase anyone wants tons of info on mental distress, there must be something hidden away for everyone on this site


  24. Forrest says:

    Thanks, but I currently have waaaaaaaayyyyyy too much (and first hand even, none of that cheap second-hand distress here!) mental distress, thank you. Substantially less distress is what I’m after.
    Oh, that’s _info_ on mental distress, I see now. ;-)

  25. JAEL says:

    I love this one! I wish my printer worked so I could print it off and attach to my bedroom door! :-)
    And the timing is perfect, I just switched from a job that started at 6AM to one that starts at noon. My sense of time is completely shot, but I do enjoy looking at the alarm clock and resetting it to 10 when I don’t have any pressing matters. :)

  26. Simone says:

    I totally agree – I aint going anywhere else

  27. AnneDroid says:

    My mum says you know you’re getting old when you wake up and realise the best bit of the day is over.

  28. Jane says:

    reminds me of oblomov – and also of myself on bad day

  29. subo says:

    I just love that sense of quiet early in the morning, I love the intensity of the sun low in the sky, I love the cleanness of the air the morning after the rain, I love extended moments of reflection, I love coffee, I love not going to work too early. here’s to sitting in the kitchen in your undies, and slowly being

  30. Kim says:

    subo, I’m with you! well, not literally. on saturdays my goal is often to stay in my pj’s all day. aahh, bliss.

  31. rebecca says:

    Dadube, am I right in thinking that you have recently had a baby? I can remember somebody writing about eight months ago about the birth of Poppy Isabella, but from memory I am not quite 100% sure that it was you — and there is no way I could ever find the comments again! (Shame there’s no search function).

    Assuming that it was you, is the responsibility and grind of looking after the baby getting to you? If that is what is troubling you, then some support from other parents who can relate to what you’re going through might help. I can’t help at all because I’m not a parent, but maybe there are other people reading this blog who could help you?

  32. jonbirch says:

    dadube… :-( x

  33. subo says:

    yep, Forrest. toooo much info, sorry.

  34. dadube says:

    wow rebecca you have an amazing memory!
    being a parent is a huge thing but actually that responsibilty is fine! more to do with houses – our one here in bahrain is infested with flying ants and my one in uk has rising damp. urgh. serves me right for owning property I guess…

  35. Louise says:

    thank you Subo, Ruby’s room is a wealth of info and good vids. May well use some of these with the kids I teach.

  36. rebecca says:

    Dadube: I know I’ve got a good memory, but the particular reason why the name Poppy Isabella stuck in my mind is because it’s such a pretty name. :-)

  37. jonbirch says:

    poppy isabella is a very pretty name, isn’t it. :-)

  38. Forrest says:

    #33 subo, sorry for what? you didn’t do anything to need to be.

  39. Carole says:

    Dadube – sorry to hear you have property problems. I remember having flying ant problems with my kitchen. If I fear anything, it is swarms of things. My daughter was playing in the garden with her friend and they came running in to tell me the kitchen was full of them. Oh! It was horrible. I don’t know much about flying ants – I assume they are the newly hatched queens who only need their wings long enough to get to a new nest location – so they are crap at flying. I’m sure the David Attenboroughs out there will correct me. The ants were coming from underneath a broken ceramic tile by the door, crawling up my cupboards, the fridge freezer, evrywhere…it sent me into a panic. Because they were still ‘finding their wings’ the only way to get rid was to sweep them up using a dustpan and brush and shove them out of the back door. Awful! Thank God for adrenalin! It has happened a couple of times since but I think we’ve finally sorted out the source of the problem…it never seems to happen when there is a man about the house, though! I hope your flying ants find a new place to go soon. Get a specialist in to sort your damp problem before the winter. Expensive but worth it…water is one of the things that cause most damage to property. I’ve been asking Phil to fix some guttering for about 18 months now – I can see the water damage getting worse by the day…drip, drip, drip. He won’t let me get a handyman in because he can do it himself…sometime this millenium, perhaps? Chin up, nearly summer break xx

  40. subo says:

    ah, Forrest. (38) good to hear it, all the best

  41. jonbirch says:

    carole… my wife has a husband like that. actually i’m worse… i have no confidence whatsoever that i simply won’t make things worse. how i got to this stage of life with so few basic life skills i have no clue. :-?

  42. Tiggy says:

    Jon if you have a wife, why does it say on your MySpace site that you’re single??

    We regularly had flying ants where I lived before and there’s a powder you can put down. There’s also a spray. Then the best thing is to hoover them up.

    Even I don’t want to stay in bed ALL the time. Once I wake up I like to get on my balcony because it’s in the sun and has a fantastic view over Bath to the hills beyond. I feel very spiritual there and write songs and listen to music and praise God. I feel an urge to do that naked, but I think the students from the foreign language school can see me – so annoying! I think naked worship is a great idea.

  43. jonbirch says:

    hi tiggy… i haven’t visited myspace for a year. i don’t think that option used to be there. i shall have to go and change it. i wouldn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up. :-)

  44. Tiggy says:

    Ha ha – it’s okay Jon, I’m not into beards. I thought it was funny when you said in another thread that you wouldn’t want to kiss a man with a beard – now you know how a lot of women feel!

    And that’s another good thing about women…

  45. Tiggy says:

    Oh PS. I sent you a message on MySpace recently, before I realised that nobody ever goes there any more. Shame, I prefer it to Facebook and I thought it was where the musicians hung out.

  46. beckyG says:

    Depends on the bed and what awaits me that day.

  47. Tiggy says:

    Thank you Robb, but what is ‘Cock Rock’??

    Jon, you haven’t replied to my MySpace message yet. I am hurt :-(

    Hey, where did the Smilies go or is that on a different forum? I want Smilies etc.

  48. Robb says:

    Ha ha – Cock Rock is … Bon Jovi, Poison…. erm… 80’s Rock!

  49. Tiggy says:

    Oh…you mean tossers.

  50. jonbirch says:

    hi tiggy… didn’t realise… just went to find it and couldn’t… sorry. :-(

  51. Tiggy says:

    Weirdness! It was on your page rather than the ‘Two Johnnys’ page.

  52. Robb says:

    Tiggy – if you want to call me a tosser then that is your prerogative.

  53. Tiggy says:

    Sorry Robb, twas only a play on words! I actually quite like that sort of music, but they ARE known for their posing and posturing.

    It’s the ‘Cock’ bit I’m not keen on. Is there such a thing as Clitrock?

  54. Tiggy says:

    It was on this page


    and it’s in my ‘Sent’ box so it should be in your ‘In’ box.

  55. Robb says:

    You have noticed that Dr Ruth is the lead singer?

  56. jonbirch says:

    i believe it is cock as in cockerel tiggy. :-)

    haha, robb… can we all join in? :lol:

  57. Robb says:

    Jon – calling me a tosser? You wouldn’t be the first…….. that would be me ;)

    You’d be suprised how many ASBOers have been at Silverthorn gigs ;)

  58. Tiggy says:

    It’s so frustrating, something has gone wrong with my integral speakers and i can’t get any sound on my computers so I haven’t been able to listen to the music Robb. I wasn’t suggesting you or your band were tossers. It was just a joke. I like women fronting rock bands – they’re hot! Will investigate as soon as I can get someone to sort out the tech prob.

  59. Robb says:

    Tiggy – I’m only messing. Don’t take much notice of the sounds… they are from about 3 months after we got together recorded live from the desk! None of it is original material! We are going into the studio in the next few months to do something proper!

  60. Tiggy says:

    I’m sposed to be going into a studio as well soon to record the songs I’ve written, but I think it’s a bad idea. I’ll need lots of singing lessons and lots of gin and tonic.

  61. jonbirch says:

    aaaaah… myspace has messaging!!! hahaha! catch up jon! :-)

    make sure you link your ‘something proper’ from here robb. :-)

  62. Robb says:

    You sure you want to hear our brand of cock rock?

    As an asside, have you heard Chickenfoots album. Satriani, Chad Smith (Chilli’s) and the other half of Van Halen – Hagar and Michael Anthony. Phenomenal album. Proper supergroup. Sounds nothing like the Peppers or Surfing with Van Halien. It is a truly great album!

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