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animator, illustrator, character designer, graphic designer. music producer/recording musician. co-owner of PROOST. proost.co.uk
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  1. Jane says:

    Here in the Francophone world it’s the Fete de la Musique – don’t get in the car go and hear some live music near you this weekend

  2. Carole says:

    What is the weekend if not merely a preparation for the week ahead. :-(

  3. rachel says:

    I am so there…

  4. why you should live in Scotland (the non Glasgow part)…we don’t get so much of that there.

    It’s the plus point of our pants weather, is that not so many people live in this gorgeous (but cold) country!

  5. Forrest says:

    This weekend is special to me – today is my birthday and Mom and Dad are here from out of town :-)

    More in line with this cartoon – dad started his Navy career flying and Granddad flew civil aircraft and I grew up going to airshows and really loving them but these days just don’t want to mess with crowds and traffic. Same true for concerts, ballgames, and county and state fairs.

  6. Justin says:

    Jon, this made me laugh… that is how I truly feel about weekends…it always feels like a facade of rest relaxation, and free time, but I spent 4 hrs. yesterday in traffic on the way to do a wedding for my cousin. I am now running around a lot and not taking time to relax and visit with anyone…
    Usually the weekend is more about getting all the crap done that you can’t get done during the week because of work! Thanks for making reality amusing though!

  7. soniamain says:

    looks to me like your dislike of being in a car is getting worse :)

  8. subo says:

    I recently lost it with the ‘hot line to god’ claims from the leader at my now ex-church, and am finding staying at home such a blessing

    it’s scary just how little time we get to chill, pray, mellow or listen to a song or two

  9. Carole says:

    Happy Birthday, Forrest! Have a fantastic weekend! :)

  10. Gfeef says:

    this is so amazingly odd. I’m in Novi Sad Serbia at the moment and for the last 3 days the roads have been completely empty, wandering policemen hunting for shade have been seen in the middle of the main road. Some political thing combined with a population they seem to trust only as far as they can spit. finally today the buses restarted and the town center was repopulated and it felt so freeing… i’d actually missed the sound of traffic, how pathetic is that.

  11. Miriworm says:

    Happen’s most weekdays as well where I live! :-(

  12. Bo says:

    Bicycle for the win!

    But I had the same feeling anyway this Saturday – decided to finish an assignment with deadline Monday noon, and on top of that the people I live with were all out of the house, at least here in the evening where I have time to spend with them.

  13. jonbirch says:

    bk… i like glasgow. :-)

    forrest… MANY HAPPY RETURNS!!! have a great weekend! :-D

  14. jonbirch says:

    weekends are farcical really, aren’t they? come to think of it, so is the working week! welcome to the modern world, where the dollar/yen/pound/euro is king!!! the whole thing is like one big sick joke. everyone’s tired… everyone has a busy week and we end up cramming the rest of the things we want to do in to two short days. that’s unless you go to church and then there’s even more stuff you have to do. it really is ridiculous.
    rant over.

  15. Tiggy says:

    I don’t do this. I can’t cope with the treadmill so I don’t. I do some tuition work because I enjoy it and I love proofreading, but I couldn’t work 9-5 all week. It would kill my soul. And I would feel a great need to withdraw and be alone and attend to my emotions and creativity. I make an effort to spend time with a local woman with mental health problems whom no one else bothers with and I like to show care for people wherever I am so that I’m not useless. I’d love to be an Enneagram therapist or counsellor, but can’t afford the training. Everyone says I’d be very good at it and it’s something I could do because it’s so personal. I can’t bear impersonal environments like offices. I have done nannying work, but getting a crb check is so expensive and they seem to expect you to be a trained and qualified nanny in Bath, whereas I never had a problem getting childcare work before. I’m really good with kids of any age and I love babies – I find it so peaceful to hold them, better than meditation.

  16. bubbybird says:

    Having no car there are some days I would truly love to have this problem. This always having to find someone for a ride can really deflate the ego!

  17. James says:

    Maybe we just don’t know how to handle freedom? And end up using and abusing it? Doing what we are not perhaps best spending out time at (like being in a traffic queue…)

  18. James says:

    And, I (although on summer break now) spend all week at college and then go to work at the weekend and Church Sunday evening. So I definitely abuse my weekend! But I wouldn’t be at college if I didn’t have a weekend job.

  19. dennis says:

    where we live we dont get so much of that, its onlt the city folk who come to pass through to get to the beach so its ok as long as its not a bank holiday! I love my car tho.

  20. soniamain says:

    I would like to put in an alternative view to this, it doesn’t have to be like this!. It is a beautiful, sunny weekend here for us in Bath. I have spent time with friends having a bbq, I have done a little bit of gardening, enjoyed the multitude of birds in my garden. I have made some elderflower cordial and plum jam because I wanted to and I enjoy it and today I am spending quality time with my family- I say hooray for weekends and hot days :).

  21. Caroline Too says:

    I’m one of the fortunate ones who love my working week… but weekends can be great too… this weekend… visit from son and daughter in law (travelling by train), and now off to sail with and against friends… only ‘traffic’ jam will be for the bacon butties at lunch time :-)

  22. subo says:

    all the best with your work and plans Tiggy, highly recomend the City of Bristol College Counselling course – which now leads to a degree

  23. Kim says:

    Happy birthday Forrest, wishing you a year of peace ahead.

    Jon – so, you made it out of bed then :lol:

  24. kls says:

    that is why bikes are better :)

  25. jonbirch says:

    well done everyone for restoring balance after my rant.
    oh, and just so everyone knows… sonia works too hard! :lol:

  26. jonbirch says:

    kim… yes i did. there’s a british grand prix to watch. :-)

  27. Forrest says:

    #23, Kim, and, oh is peace ever needed. And joy. Not much in the way of peace to be found here currently.

    Peace can be had in sad things, but peace in joyful things is deeply needed here at this time. Will take it for time to come too.

  28. soniamain says:

    thanks Jon! i haven’t worked today, had a lovely time and for your information I am taking more rest, more sabbath and more relaxation in general! You and me need a coffee date i think:)

  29. @AsboJon – I suppose you are ASBOJon, and well…Glasgow is a place rife with antisocial behaviour….. ;)

  30. jonbirch says:

    sonia… quality time with my great mate would be most welcome! ;-)

    bk… and culture. spent time at easterhouse years ago. loved it. :-)

  31. jonbirch says:

    bless you forrest… peace and joy in the coming days, weeks, months… much love mate,

  32. duttyo says:

    just one of the reasons i love my motorbike!

  33. rebecca says:

    This weekend I went to the health club twice, to church once (some weekends I go twice or even three times) and went on a demo. I wouldn’t have time to do all these things on working days. A change is as good as a rest.

    BTW, if you’re really observant you may have noticed I never post on this blog at weekends — the reason being that I don’t actually have a computer at home. It results in a particularly clear distinction between weekdays and weekends, which extends beyond the question of whether I’m working or not. I don’t have a car either, just in case anyone was wondering.

  34. Robb says:

    I’m with duttyo ;)

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