so… who’s at greenbelt this year?

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41 Responses to greenbelt

  1. Ben says:


    and Jesus.

  2. Tiggy says:

    I will be if I can scrounge a lift off someone, which is difficult because I only moved here three months ago and don’t know anyone who goes.

  3. soniamain says:

    yes!, Tiggy are you in Bath?, there are loads of people who go from Bath, I’m sure we can find someone to give you a lift, sorry we have a car/van full of toys/ equipment for a venue we are running, so we have no space, but I’m sure others will.

  4. soniamain says:

    are you going Jon? !

  5. dennis says:

    Moi! Ill shall be there.

  6. dadube says:

    Sonia – jon won’t be able to resist as all his favourite people will be there!
    Wish I could be there but we start back too early again – BUT next year I WILL be there with Poppy is tow (as I will be giving up my job in a year and two weeks – woohoo!!!!!!!!!!)

  7. Miriworm says:

    I live near Greenbelt so i think I’m going to Bath! :-D

  8. Kim says:

    I’m planning to go on the bank hol Monday.

  9. Polly says:

    I’ll be there. Wild horses and all that…

  10. Sophie says:

    I will also be there, hoorah!

  11. Kathryn says:

    And me…I was about to describe it as a holiday of obligation, in that not being there is unthinkble, but it’s pure joy so obligation doesn’t really come into it.

  12. beckyG says:

    I can’t go as I was asked to participate at Slot in Poland in July – hope to be there in 2010. But as I noted in an earlier email, I’ll be in Oxford July 2-6 (except the 3rd when I’ll be in London and then London the 12th (afternoon arriving) and the 13th (leaving the 14th). If you’re around, holler – If not, no biggie.

    I am bummed re Greenbelt but I can’t afford it.

  13. Carole says:

    I knew there was something…note to self, “sort out Greenbelt tickets.”

  14. rockingrev says:

    Unfortunately it is held on an English bank holiday once the schools are back in Scotland so not for us.

  15. rebecca says:

    I have a delightful task this year — measuring Greenbelt’s carbon footprint! It’s in the interests of everybody to ensure that Greenbelt is sustainable into the future.

    I am also assisting with a marathon worship session, and if I have time after all that I will also sing in the choir — the Greenbelt choir was one of my highlights of 2008.

    And of course I also want to intercept with Jon. Where/when am I likely to find you? (Please don’t say “in the beer tent” — you know how huge it is, and there’s no way I’d ever find you, particularly since I don’t know what you look like!) If possible I will ask Jonny to introduce you.

  16. soniamain says:

    i wish you were there Dadube, it’s not been right the last few years with you missing!

  17. Kim says:

    I tried to search on the GB website today to see if Jon/Jonny booked to do anything but the details are not up yet. What’s the news Jon??

  18. Sarah B says:

    I will be there but still not sure whether I’m on duty – youthworkers… we are THAT disorganised sometimes!!

  19. émie says:

    not me :(

  20. Phil says:

    Meee :)! Is my first Greenbelt, everyone tell me where to go and what to do please!!

    *is overexcited*

  21. Carole says:

    Well, Phil, I suggest you spend the first 48 hours trying to figure out the programme…then realise you’ve missed half the things you wanted to see. That’s what I usually do.

  22. Tiggy says:

    I used to go every year and help out in the Hothouse. I stopped going because I had to go by myself and then the Hothouse wasn’t there so I really WAS by myself. Plus that meant I couldn’t even go in the hospitality tent as no backstage pass.

    My friend Jonathan refused to go any more, allegedly on religious grounds, but I think it was because I couldn’t get him a free ticket. He’s such a tight-wad.

    Is it VERY different at Cheltenham? I’ve always felt guilty about Greenbelt because it was me who suggested they invite a ‘witch’ and I think that led to a fall in ticket sales and subsequent changes.

  23. beatthedrum says:

    Never been never plan to go……

  24. Will says:

    We will not be there this year but are thinking that next year…..10th anniversary (At least i think it is? I really should know these things!)of me and Es meeting at GB. Our Girls are old enough and we now own a caravan. (Can we take those?)

  25. robin says:

    I am – plus i’m really excited to get listed on not only the first page of the worship lineup but also near the top! I’m only a step or two down from the honourable Tim Hughes – wow maybe i’ve made it :)

  26. rebecca says:

    I can see why a few people are asking questions they shouldn’t have to ask. The Greenbelt website isn’t always as informative as it could be.

    Will (#24) — caravans are allowed — but the Accommodation page ( ) just has a link to the Caravan Club, without much indication of what you should do next. The answer is that you need to search for the Cheltenham Racecourse Caravan Club, which then allows you to book a pitch — this can be found here:
    The first three nights have already been fully booked for this year, so it’s just as well that you’re planning for next year!

    Phil (#20) and Carole (#21) — I’ve been banging on to Greenbelt for years that they need to make the timetable (it’s officially called the daily diary, but I still think of it as the timetable) available before the festival, because they are actually spoiling the festival by denying punters the opportunity to plan in advance. (Perhaps it doesn’t take 48 hours to plan, but it certainly takes a whole evening at least). Last year it was possible to download the timetable in advance (it wasn’t printable, but it was better than nothing), but as far as I can see they’re not intending to do that this year. I will have to bang on at them some more.

  27. delboy says:

    re: 14 rocking rev.

    there are a bunch of us from near glasgow who go each year. Greenbelt can be deemed part of a childs education because it fits in with the curriculumn for excellence. All it needs id for a letter to be written to the school and the pupil wil be given an authorised absence. If you want more help/info email simon”at”

  28. theseoldshades says:

    I was going and am still hoping to make it for Sunday and Monday. I love Greenbelt but I also love my friends who have chosen that weekend to get married! :)

  29. PeterP says:

    me, taking shifts on the INF stand (

  30. janetp says:

    I’m going,as usual, and looking forward to meeting up with ASBOers old and new :)

    Won’t be there next year, though, as it will be the final summer school of my counselling diploma at the same time :(

  31. Robb says:

    Sorry guys, I will have just been ordained and started work….. next year I hope to make it a field trip ;)

  32. jonbirch says:

    gonna miss you, robb.

  33. Robb says:

    Thanks Jon. We could possibly make it for one night but I doubt it would be a favourable suggestion :(

  34. pat says:

    Definitely hoping to be there :-)

  35. Caroline Too says:

    I think that me and my sis are going… Jon are you doing a session this year?

  36. jonbirch says:

    great to know that so many of you will be there. there is no official asbo thing going on this year. however, it’d be great to all meet up if you’d like to. what could we do?

  37. Robb says:

    Idle speculation? Organic beer tent?

  38. Tiggy says:

    I thought you said you were doing something in a tent Jon? Apart from snoring that is. Did I dream that? I just looked back at the comments and can’t see where you said it. I’m sure you said you were doing animation stuff. Is that not ASBO?

    Lots of people MAY be going from Bath, Sonia, but I don’t know any of them!!

    I think we should all sit around and smoke dope – that’s how Greenbelt started after all.

  39. dennis says:

    Im with Tiggy! Ill bring the papers :)

  40. Tiggy says:

    I think I may have read the Greenbelt 2008 thread by mistake and thought it was a current one. Someone dycalculic like me wouldn’t necessarily notice the whopping big 8 on the end or indeed remember that it’s now 2009!

    I was reliably informed by the founders of Greenbelt that that was how it started in a field in Suffolk so it would be a fine celebration of the festival.

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