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  1. delboy says:

    We should insist on calling the building a different name….. any suggestions?

    oh and 1st Yaaaaasss

  2. Ben says:

    Yes you are!

    And when the Christ returns he will reamke you perfectly

    Shame people want you to be perfect already

  3. Ben says:

    just missed out on first post!

    reamke = remake!

  4. becky says:

    Then what are you Mr. Steeplehead? :)

  5. Saint Jonny says:

    Interestingly, when the Bible uses the word “church” to translate the Greek word “ekklesia”, it does so wrongly. “Ekklesia” literally means those who regularly gather. “Church” was originally used just for the building not for the people. It means “house of God” which of course isn’t appropriate for a building anyway! I wrote an article on it here: http://theprognosis.org/2009/04/28/the-community-of-grace-1/

  6. Carole says:

    Hallelujah, Hallelujah! etc., ASBO is back!

    To the cartoon – these days, if he’s lucky, he’s the Community Centre…I also know one which is a climbing centre. Well, for most, Church is synonymous with church, because the most recognisable churchy stuff is done in that place. People possibly don’t recognise the ‘works’ done beyond those boundaries as churchy stuff.

  7. Miriworm says:


  8. subo says:

    that reminds be of Brissol Carol, St Werburghs Ch is a climbing centre, and St Pauls Ch is a circus training centre

    they both great places, and am sure Jesus would enjoy both immensely

  9. beatthedrum says:

    We call our building simply the building….

    But here is a question what defines a churstian ekklesia or church?

  10. Mark says:

    Are you the congregation?

  11. andyp says:

    Shouldn’t this cartoon be done in the style of Rene Magritte with the caption “Ceci n’est pas une eglise”?

  12. subo says:

    imagine this was a ‘decorated’ church, instead of a cartoon, at least the public would realise the church hasn’t just completely died, even if it’s sadly still not the friendliest institution to join

  13. Sophie says:

    I used to enjoy climbing at St Werburghs when I was in Bristol. Was a brilliant centre.

  14. RoothieB says:

    Surely that should be ‘Je ne suis pas une église’ AndyP (#12)

  15. Sophie says:

    It’s not ‘THE’ church, that’s for sure.

  16. Tiggy says:

    Where we meet, we know it’s not the church because it’s an art deco cinema – harder to confuse, especially once it becomes an international concert hall with panoramic restaurant and roof garden. :-) Ha, ha, trust me to find such decadence! We just call it ‘The Forum’ as that was the name of the cinema. We are the church and so are other people.

  17. How about we call it the ‘meeting place’.

    I’m a part of THE church! wooo!

  18. Tiggy says:

    Why don’t we keep calling it a church and change what we call ourselves? After all, the rest of the population aren’t going to stop calling the buildings churches. I don’t really think of myself as ‘the church’. I don’t suppose we’d ever agree as to what to call ourselves though and I don’t like being labelled anyway.

  19. Tiggy says:

    I don’t really think I want to be seen as part of this big club that leaves most people outside.

  20. Miriworm says:

    Shame Tiggy because that’s exactly what you are! ;-)

  21. andyp says:

    @15, RoothieB, yes if you want a direct translation. But I was referring to the series of paintings Magritte produced with the sub-titles “Ceci n’est pas une…” (“pipe” is the one that springs to my mind most readily).


  22. Tiggy says:

    ‘Shame Tiggy because that’s exactly what you are!’

    Who says? I might be an impostor. I don’t use labels like Christian or Church (at least not of myself). I’m just a person like anyone else. I’m not in the IN club looking out.

    Magritte – the point he was making was that it wasn’t a pipe but a representation of a pipe. A comment on realism in art. Just in case anyone doesn’t know what Ax was talking about.

  23. AndyP says:

    Yes, thanks Tiggy, perhaps I should have explained that!

    But equally, it could apply to the Church….. this is not a Church, but merely an image, a representation of the true Church on earth.

    N’est-ce pas?

  24. Tiggy says:

    So where’s the true church and what is it?

  25. I passed by a building just today with a big sign out front:

    Gospel Assembly

    How many games of semantics do you want to play?

    Some people do attach more to the physical than the ideal, the icon more than the message, so the cartoon is awesome in its straightforward but still layered message.

    Oie, so many layers, and images, and true churches…

  26. Tiggy says:

    The word ‘synagogue’ means ‘assembly’. I don’t think ‘assembly’ is a good word for people to use to indicate a church building though as it brings up bad memories of school.

  27. AndyP says:

    @Tiggy #25

    No idea!


  28. ourmostonbrook says:

    you missed out the ….Stamp!

    amen and amen

  29. Tiggy says:

    Andy – What??

    Ax – you said, ‘a representation of the true Church on earth.’

    I wasn’t sure what you meant by that. A representation on earth of the true church (some kind of Platonic Ideal?)or a representation of the earthly Church? (as opposed to what?)

  30. Ros says:

    It’s not a church. It’s a building of architectural significance! :D

  31. AndyP says:

    OK, Tiggy, I’ll have a go.

    If “the Church” (whatever “it” is or “we/they” are) is supposed to be the “body of Christ”, then most of the time I feel like “it/we/they” do such a dreadful job of it, that maybe there’s something “more” out “there” that “we/it/they” may eventually become “closer to”/”a part of”.

    Clear now? ;-)


  32. Tiggy says:

    Something more out there? Out where?

    Sorry, I didn’t mean ‘Andy – what? I mean ‘Ormonstonbrook’ – what?? But never mind, something about a stamp…

    Maybe the church isn’t what we think it is. Maybe the ‘body of Christ’ is something else.

  33. AndyP says:

    Same answer as #28, Tiggy!


  34. Carole says:

    A temper tantrum is nothing without a stamp…

  35. Tiggy says:

    I was thinking of a postage stamp or inkstamp…


    I awoke this morning with a song in my heart, but it was a sad one.

    It wasn’t miserable, just sadly romantic – and I love the tune! Is it conceited to love your own songs?

  36. theWeir says:

    hmm, it reminds me of Strongmad: http://www.hrwiki.org/wiki/Strong_Mad

    Just sayin’…

  37. Darcy says:

    granted this isnt “the church” but stop using semantics. all of you who think the church needs to be “perfect” like it was when it first started, then you need to learn your history.

    The church in Corinth was just as messed up (if not more messed up) than any church you’ve been to … ever. The pursuit for the perfect church is a fantastic one, the expectation (and sub-sequescent judgement) is awful

  38. Tiggy says:

    I don’t think any of us has said that the church was perfect when it first started.

    I was reading the other day that in the third century they had to stop rampaging mobs of Christians from physically attacking Pagans.

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