thanks to bishop alan wilson for inspiring this one.

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20 Responses to 852

  1. Caroline says:

    “What shall we say, then? Shall we go on sinning so that grace may increase?”

  2. chris says:

    i’m bad
    I’m bad
    you know it,
    you know…

  3. jonbirch says:

    chris… shummon… eeee oooo! :-)

    caroline… no… but, we don’t stop sinning.

  4. Caroline says:

    Absolutely, but we are meant to try.

    And one of the things that God’s grace does is strengthen us in our attempts – but it doesn’t leave us if we attain some degree of success.

  5. youthworkerpete says:

    Caroline I concur.

    I also think there’s a difference in giving into temptation and seeking repentance, to living an unrepentant lifestlye even when the Spirit (NOT the well meaning yet heavy handed Christian) convicts us.

    Although this cartoon actually reminds me more of ‘healthy people don’t need a doctor, I came for the sick’. Of course we are all sick, it’s just some of us know it and want to be cured!

  6. rebecca says:

    Agreed: we are all bad. But I misread John’s comment at #3 as “we don’t stop shining”. I agree with that as well.

  7. becky says:

    1. I had the exact same tune in my head – and then I thought about Jon’s cartoons when MJ died and how God’s grace kicked in so as rebecca said we don’t stop shinning.

    youthworkerpete makes a great comparision – I know I’m an a-hole and I will act like a royal a-hole. The difference is I know when I am alienated from the body of Christ and I seek to be reconciled – compare that to some narcissists that I’m trying to reconcile with who tell me to go *&^%$# myself. And yes, they market themselves as Christian. By telling me off, the are in fact giving Jesus the finger. And then I often respond to them in kind and oops, I just gave Jesus the finger.

  8. marcus says:

    I know I’m sick and sometimes I get too hung up on how sick I am – but someone shared with me thsat at times we can confuse our fallenness for sinfulness – our fallenness being the shadow side of our gifts and our sinfulness being the willful decision to err.

  9. jonbirch says:

    in my head when i did this cartoon was the unwillingness of many (us) to see their (our) own faults.
    on a slight tangent, i do wonder whether lack of grace one to another is the biggest cause of conflict in the world.

  10. jonbirch says:

    caroline at 4. agreed entirely.

  11. Caroline says:

    That’s a really good point Jon (at 9). As He shows grace to us, so we should show grace to others – mindblowing really.

  12. marcolicious says:

    I think this pic is in human point of view. Of course grace is for everybody and only those who doesn’t realize who they actually are does he/she not understand how loving our God is and the role of God’s grace is to the salvation plan.

    “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith – and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God — not by works, so that no one can boast. For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” (Eph 2:8-10)

  13. Forrest says:

    Jesus sarcastic? Naaahhhh, we all know he neeeeeeveeerrr said stuff like that to people like the Pharisies.

  14. cochleate says:

    When reading this stupidly tired and without my glasses on the 1st time I read “Grace is bad for people” :S

  15. Forrest says:

    speeking of needing grace – my stepson, about 30 years old with 3 young kids, is entering a psych ward as I type.
    And he’s been fighting for his life with hepatitis C.

    Need prayer guys, lots of prayers.
    Especially because his sono to be ex-wife is a destructive influence.

    later, Forrest and Kathryn Wood

  16. Lou says:

    Hey Forrest,
    well here’s one little prayer coming your way for your step son… may God’s grace and healing be with him completely

    from a totally random stranger:)
    Take care

  17. jonbirch says:

    same goes for me too, forrest. i echo the above. x

  18. Forrest says:

    Dang, I’m sounding quite the drama queen, eh? ;D

    Hey Lou, thank you. And now you count as an only partially random stranger :)

    Thanks Jon, will take all the echos we can get.

    Rusty is 100 miles away so Kathy’s ex, who is taking care of his own 90 year old father, came and got Kathy late last night. They got into Kansas City around 03:30 am.

    so it’s just me, 3 cats, and the computer for a while.

    and Kathy is having her own healt trouble with serious muscle spasms.I could feel them while holding her during the night.

    Life – blind turns and curve balls.
    And all I can do is hold her while she goes through it.

  19. jonbirch says:

    sometimes that really is all you can do…
    you inspired the next cartoon by bringing a tangential thought to my mind. hope things pick up forrest.

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