to mark easter week, here on asbo i’ll be looking at the theme of weakness. i hope it prompts some interesting discussion and thought. love to all…

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17 Responses to 867… A CELEBRATION OF WEAKNESS

  1. Graham says:


    But the preacher guy (me?!)is stuck there, 6ft above contradiction in his clerical suit asking people to do something he ain’t modelling.

    …although that is perhaps your point: I’m slow today.

  2. jonbirch says:

    hi graham. yeh, i think it’s really hard for leaders to model weakness, to show vulnerability. sadly, we’re often so bad at being community, that rather than be a team who are compassionate towards one another, we are proud. there are those who will jump on the weakness of a leader. i just wonder whether church institutions have the model all topsy-turvy anyway. that one person who has to be strong for everyone else is very different from what the kingdom of god is supposed to be like.

  3. Forrest says:

    Funny that how often that sermon is not heard, the one about Jesus meeting us in our weakness and bringing us eternal joy is.

    Same-same, so why not?

  4. jonbirch says:

    indeed, forrest.

  5. You mean, weakness and struggles aren’t a sign that we need to repent of some ‘unredeemed sin’ we’re hiding away in defiance of God in our miserable, sinful souls?

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  7. Great stuff!

    Here’s a great video/example from Rick McKinley on leaders modeling weakness:

  8. Paul Dawson says:

    Our Holy Week theme is ‘A search for the God who loses’…inspired by a quote from Sally Brompton’s book ‘Shoot the damn dog – a memoir of depression’.

    “The Buddhists tell us that in order to find yourself, you first have to lose your mind” Which, she writes, “It is one of the most consoling things anybody has ever said to me.

  9. byrde says:

    We keep thinking that, by acknowledging our weaknesses, God will take them away, fix them. Instead, I tend to find, God will provide someone else who has a strength where I am weak. And, often, someone I find frustrating to work with. Divine Humor.

  10. Forrest says:

    Byrde, he does at that, yes, he does.
    A divinely twisted sense of humor.
    Ahh, but what would we do without him.

    Speaking of God’s twisted sense of humor: decades ago while speaking to someone about my great frustration in finding a mate, after the comment was made that just wait, God has someone he will send you, hold on, it’ll happen, I made the sarcastic remark, Yeah, watch it be someone fat, 50, with grandkids.

    Well… guess what . . .

    And I love her dearly! She had the gastric bypass surgery and lost 100+ pounds. The grandkids are cute and funny. And my Kathy is a train nut!!!!!!! I got her her own trains, gave her some of mine too, she’d never had any.

    Today is her birthday and we’re going to new friends’ to help fix up their outdoor garden railway after the hard winter.
    First time Kathy has ever done that, she’s just as tickled as can be. Think I’ll make her a mud pie with candles.

  11. subo says:

    great discussion folks, and like the clip – Rick McKinley

    hope the birthday was tops Forrest

  12. dgsinclair says:

    we can start by lowering that damned pulpit!

  13. jonbirch says:

    jonathan blundell… love that video.

  14. Rockingrev says:

    I know that many of you dislike Rick Warren and the whole purpose driven scene, but in a seminar he teaches on preaching one of his first points on preaching is to honestly share your weaknesses and struggles and then secondly to admit that you are not there yet, but you are trying to make progress.

  15. jonbirch says:

    rockingrev… i know nothing of rick warren. infact i’m useless when it comes to famous christian names and why they’re famous… but the honest recognition of weakness is something i’ll always respect.

  16. Cooper says:

    Good hub, Sweetie. I love good duets.

  17. Tiggy says:

    Why do we always assume that weakness is a bad thing?

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