cartoon 11 from ‘stories from the edge’…

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About jonbirch

animator, illustrator, character designer, graphic designer. music producer/recording musician. co-owner of PROOST. proost.co.uk
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10 Responses to 885

  1. Stumpy says:

    We all wer a unifomr.Some are less high profile than others and get far less, or no help. Wheres me manual?

  2. subo says:

    I’m too sexy for my shirt – for my shirt

  3. Forrest says:

    That universal human need.
    No matter who you are.

  4. jonbirch says:

    yup… it is.

  5. Tiggy says:

    What do you mean, we all wear a uniform?

  6. sha says:

    What is on the outside looks nothing like the inside

  7. Forrest says:

    Styles, “uniforms” are adopted by groups either by default or conscious decision or environmental necessity.

    Not always, not universally, but common enough to be recognizable.

    “Group” being national, ethnic, occupational, social, whatever.

    Business professionals wear one “uniform” or “costume” suits, lab coats, office casual – that kind of thing.
    Native Medicine Men one at work, welders at work one, rock musicians one, avant garde bohemians one, tribal nomads one, tourists one, yuppies one, anime geeks one, western societies’ teenagers one, eastern cultures one, alternate lifestyle activists one,
    that should illustrate the idea.

  8. Forrest says:

    Re: “What is on the outside looks nothing like the inside”

    I would wager that is a sometimes so, sometimes not so, thing.

    Certain things can give hint to elements of what is inside.

    Not a total pidgeonholed characterization, but various elements of what is inside to varying degrees.

    T-shirts with logos and slogans are usually indicative of some thought or attitude inside.
    Or some interest or occupation.
    Which itself would be indicative of some associated thoughts or attitudes.

  9. Susan says:

    Start Everyday With Jesus – Use The Jesus App for iPhone – http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/thejesusapp/id368512484?mt=8

  10. jonbirch says:

    well susan… if that’s your real name… given your email is “thejesusapp13@yahoo.com”… i think you’ve been a bit cheeky.

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