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animator, illustrator, character designer, graphic designer. music producer/recording musician. co-owner of PROOST. proost.co.uk
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11 Responses to 897

  1. Graham says:

    ‘Please turn the radio up and distract the children- NOW! We are going to pass one and you know how upset they got last time. Look away children at that nice…erm…shop. Phew…managed it’

    Course it works both ways- on one extreme church can damage….on another it can seriously challenge your complacent life. Perhaps I should put up signs on the churches I lead….

  2. Miriworm says:

    Red triangle means warning doesn’t it? ;-)

  3. chris says:

    Keep calm, keep calm, just… try to look innocent!

  4. Louise says:

    So… there’s an obstruction coming up is there?

  5. Kim says:

    hmm that could apply in several ways I guess – a warning to avoid, or a warning that we might be seriously and positively challenged and changed? So much depends on the church itself, and on the attitude that we ourselves take to it. And theres always the possibility of contributing towards making it better…?

    Hmm, I seem to have been taken over by a positive imposter for a second :lol: Normal cynicism will probably resume shortly

  6. Kim says:

    Btw Jon, glad to have you back!

  7. Forrest says:

    Re #1.
    Do it, Graham :)
    you’d learn a lot about people by how they interpret it.

  8. are you sure its not a toy laser gun on its side? you know the kind that shoots sparks.

    otherwise do a ewey quick!!

  9. Hazel says:

    I prefer to interpret it in a cynical way. Like the well told story of the poster outside a church “Don’t let worry kill you, let the church help”.

  10. Roberto says:

    be aware – religious people!

  11. Duttyo says:

    there was a road sign placed outside one of my churches last week it read ‘Long delays possible’

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