i have been burgled. i have lost all my work, all my back-ups, everything, gone.
all my cartoons, all my animations, all my music. not one thing left. i feel like i have been robbed of my life.
i’ll be back when i can. at a complete loss right now. i am completely devastated.
love to you all… and thanks for the ongoing support and conversation.

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About jonbirch

animator, illustrator, character designer, graphic designer. music producer/recording musician. co-owner of PROOST. proost.co.uk
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112 Responses to BURGLARY

  1. Duttyo says:

    that’s horrible mate…

    I had the same thing happen to me last year although I didn’t lose anything like as much created media as i’m sure you have


  2. bastards.

    Jon I hope some kind of strange weird miracle happens and you get it back.

    I am so so sorry for you.

  3. Cabbage says:

    I’ll be sending a prayer out for you tonight! :( Much sadness! X

    Remember ‘Footprints’ and let the Lord carry you in this difficult time.

  4. DS says:

    shit – so sorry

    can popular supporters get a twitter + f/book campaign going. Any media to cover ‘artist loses all’ – try and make it hard to pass on or a recipient feel bad and give back.

  5. si smith says:

    oh man, so sorry.
    thinking of you, mate.

  6. eddie says:

    Got no words. Assume yourself to be virtually hugged.

  7. Rachel says:

    hoping for that miracle dennis the menace talked about. shit. so violating. prayers.

  8. ChickenPi says:

    Hugely sorry…

  9. mike_maple says:

    Burgled? That’s no fun at all.
    Bad luck indeed. Sorry Jon.

  10. marylhooper says:

    So sorry Jon. Your work touches many people. Hope it will somehow be restored to you. Sending love x

  11. AnneDroid says:

    How awful, Jon. xxx

  12. Tess says:

    Only just found your site through a friend’s Tweet. So sorry. Prayers from me too.

  13. Darren says:

    Oh no… I have no idea how you must be feeling right now. Sending love: at least you and Clare are ok.

  14. Rosslyn says:

    I’m so sorry Jon! That is awful!

    All my best wishes and prayers. marylhooper is so right, your work touches so many people! Keep strong through these hard times, and I wish you all the best in having your fabulous work restored to you.

  15. byrde says:

    bastards indeed.
    I cannot imagine what that’s like. If you need help with public support, give us all a shout, I’ll be happy to point people towards whatever.
    Short of that, prayers and support.

  16. rob says:

    so gutted to hear this, again – awful news. prayin something works out. do keep on with the ideas, r

  17. Caroline says:

    So, so sorry. :(

  18. Kitty says:

    I’m so sorry. I really enjoy your drawings. I hope they can be recovered and the person who stole them faces judgment.

  19. Jani says:

    Nooooooo… What a pain! One’s work is sometimes like a child.

    So Jon, you are in my prayers.

  20. Johanna says:

    So sorry..
    I am adding my prayers to the others

  21. Johannes says:

    i was challenged by some of your cartoons and had to laugh when looking at others. sorry to hear your story.
    as for your lost backups, let me recommend backblaze to you.


  22. Mimou says:

    Ohh no!!! Hope you get it back!!!

  23. maggi says:

    that’s so awful… so, so sorry to hear this.

  24. Miriworm says:

    Just read your post about the burglary. Sorry to read that Jon. :-(

  25. Phil Ruse says:

    I just happened to see this on Twitter. A horrible thing to happen – a kind of violation – hope you’re able to find a good way to recover from this.

  26. Pat says:

    Oh Jon….

  27. Elaine Groppenbacher says:

    oh, my goodness, Jon . . . my thoughts and prayers will continue in the days and weeks ahead for you and those you hold dear. you touch so many people with your gifts. gentleness to you . . .

  28. That is horrible, a loss not only for you but for those who enjoy and benefit from your work.

    I hope that, barring the ideal of a recovery of your stolen computer(s), you can at least recover some of your work from your web site and those who may have saved copies of cartoons.

  29. Anita says:

    Oh man. I’m heartsick for you Brother.

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  31. Ray Fowler says:

    Jon, I am sorry to hear about your loss. I just checked my Google Reader and I have all 934 of your posts stored dating back to March 6, 2007 (which, coincidentally, is the date I first started blogging). So, I know we can at least get all your cartoon posts back to you. I am so sorry about the rest.

  32. Hazel says:

    Evil bastards. That’s not bad language, it’s a technical term. we’ve been burgled twice in the last two years, I know it’s a technical term.

    Hope the police response is at least bordering on adequate. I would take up the idea of the previous commentator who suggests a media campaign.

  33. Shannon says:

    Prayers going out for you and your work!

  34. Forrest says:

    Oh Jon, God bless and restore you.

  35. Damn. I’ve had a a few hard drive crashes and even losing a few files was a major, major bitch. I can’t imagine losing everything. My prayers are with you.

  36. E says:

    so very sorry to hear abt your predicament. :(

  37. Oh wow, I am so so so very sorry hun. I can’t imagine. <3

  38. Really sorry, Jon. Prayers from this bit of the Lord’s vineyard, for recovery, renewal even, as things get pieced together again.

  39. Catherine says:

    That totally sucks! I have your site bookmarked and check every few days to see what brilliance you have come up with this week. I wonder what decisions you will make about your direction out of these circumstances?

    I can imagine you feel bereft and violated. I will pray for a return of irreplaceable goods.

    Bless you!
    Greetings from New Zealand.

  40. beckyw says:

    Terrible news. Hope by some miracle you get stuff back.

  41. Val says:

    Sorry to hear your news. Can’t imagine how you must feel. Prayers and friends will carry you through

  42. gavD says:

    Oh mate, that sucks big time, so sorry to hear that

  43. Simon says:

    Sad to hear!
    Greetings from Germany

  44. subo says:

    sorry jon, that’s bad. su

  45. Brenda says:


    I am so sorry to hear that. I pray you’ll get everything back.

    Brenda – in AZ

  46. chris says:

    Oh, my goodness,
    Oh my, that’s just awful, so sad to hear it.
    Hugs to you, and prayers as well…

  47. Diane says:

    That is so sad. Will be praying. You are awesome X

  48. Bill Kinnon says:

    Good grief! Am praying for you. Lord! Help!

  49. Gavin says:

    WTF !!!!!! :( :( :(

    Mega prayers for you guys.

  50. andy t says:

    Really gutter for you and Clare anything we can do give me a call.

  51. Moira says:

    So sorry

  52. Dave H says:

    I’m a stranger and a fan. I respect and admire your work a great deal. I’m sorry I waited until this horrible experience to tell you so. I hope you can find some peace somewhere in this mess.


  53. dgsinclair says:

    I am deeply sorry for your loss. May God leverage this time to deepen your faith and make you an even better person.

    Romans 8:28

    Also, carbonite.com

  54. Andrew says:

    Really sorry to hear this. Made a conscious effort not to mention online backups :-) Will retweet the news to our, well, 10’s of followers.

  55. Jackie says:

    Aw crap – I found being burgled is the only thing that turns me from tree hugging leftie into hang’em and flog’em Mrs Daily Mail.

    I like the comment about a weird miracle – I’ll pray for that too. Hopefully it will involve a creative comedy punishment for the ***** who did this

  56. Rob says:

    sorry to hear that Jon :-(

  57. Michael T says:

    sorry to hear that Jon, thoughts are with you

  58. shelly says:

    That sucks. I’m really sorry to learn this. :(

  59. Hazel says:

    Not the same Hazel as at 32. Sorry to hear this and thinking and praying for you.

  60. Forrest says:

    “Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord”
    Yeah, true, but you wouldn’t mind being kind enough to share a piece of the action with us, would you?

  61. Laura says:


  62. sarahboo says:

    so so so sorry

  63. Deb says:

    Soo sorry–lots of prayers for getting your creations back, and for that terrible feeling after you’ve been burgled! Peace be with you

  64. theseoldshades says:

    so sorry to hear this Jon, you’re in my thoughts and prayers :(

  65. Kim says:

    I’m a bit speechless for anything useful or appropriate to say. only please know we think the world of you and can’t bear the idea of you and your family being hurt by such a sick act. prayers and hugs

  66. del says:

    losing all your work must feel absolutely devastating – our faith is about death and resurrection, I pray God will show you where the new life is for you and your work.

    You have a real prophetic ministry and I love your insight. May God pour out his blessings on you Jon.

  67. Catriona says:

    So sorry, that’s awful.

    Hard to know what to say/pray… real test of theology that espouses forgiveness (lots of understandable anger in the above comments) and avoids a trite ‘God bless me’ desire.

    Praying for you and for those who did this thing… and hoping they do have heart enough to return your stuff rather than chucking it.

    May God’s grace and embrace be yours in abundance…

  68. Mark says:

    I’m very sorry to hear. I hope you are able to recover it all.
    At worst, I hope you are able to find good out of this.

  69. Keat says:

    oh man.
    sorry to hear that.
    one step at a time mate.

  70. Charlie says:

    I’ve admired and been challenged by your work. I’ve never shown enough courage/gumption to contact you before – its shaming to do it in these circumstances – but I stand where I am.
    Is there anything tangible which any of us could do to help you in a practical way?
    Can I suggest you ask anything – the response might be surprising.

  71. Andreas says:

    I´m so sorry about what happened to you! I love this site and your pictures, actually it´s my home page at work!

    God bless you!

  72. janetp says:

    That’s sooooo crap, Jon. Hope you & Clare are as ok as poss in the circumstances. Love & big hugs to you both. J xxx

  73. Josh Hopping says:

    Wow!!! =( I don’t know what to say… may the Lord hold you tight as you walk through this crap… wow… =(

  74. Catherine says:

    Dear John.
    I feel absolutely gutted for you. what can i say to offer you any comfort. one thing that no one can take from you is your God given Talent. somewhere i think in Timothy anyway paul said The gifts from God cannot be revoked. no theif can steal all the treasure you have stored up in heaven all the gifts that God has put into to your heart and mind. I feel so strongly that you must not give into despair be sad be angry do all you can to retreave your stuff but if its not to be remember that God is a god of new beginning something in time will rise from the ashes. Is there any thing i could do practically o help i would like to send a donationation if i send it via the site will it get to you for your support. at least your art work is saved in some measure on this website. I cant imagine what has motivated someone to do this and what use they have for all your stuff it’s wicked and crap and so deflating. i’ve never met you but have been inspired and encouraged so many times by your work. its hones, refreshing, profound and very precious. in the madness and dissapoint i pray you will not loose sight of that and I pray that something good and fruitful will in the fullness of time emerge. it was during a difficult time in my life that i took up painting and i found it to be very theraputic. maybe art will be your healer and guide through this wilderness. there is always hope and i pray you know that God is holding on to you more that you are holding onto him
    love catherine

  75. Tiggy says:

    I only just saw this – that must be such a shock – even hearing about it is painful, so I can imagine how terrible you must feel. It’s gut-wrenching! Such a violation, but the person probably didn’t even intend to violate you. I read about a burglar who stopped doing it after it happened to him and he realised what it felt like!

    As it’s your livelihood, can you get insurance for the lost material – pictures and music? Thank goodness you have each other! Wishing you peace and healing from the experience, love Tiggy. (finally online at home)

  76. Claire says:

    So sorry to hear about this. We had a hard drive crash a couple of years ago and it looked as though I had lost a year of (amateur but precious) photos – I couldn’t do anything but weep. I can’t imagine how much worse it must be to be losing the fruits of your livelihood. I hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel for you somewhere.

  77. Robin says:

    How awful! Burglars with impeccable taste – who’d have thought it?

  78. Could be predictable and trite with 2Cor 11v24> but think I feel more Psalm 17 v13-anyway I do pray that you get something back x

  79. Phil says:

    Many, many, many prayers.

  80. rebecca says:

    I disagree with #78 — if the burglars had had impeccable taste they would not have robbed an artist! The invidious thing about being burgled is that burglars routinely take things which are of no value to them (and which it is in their interests to destroy quickly, so they are less likely to get traced), but which are of immense value to the owners. I’ve seen many examples of this, but never such an extreme one.

    Presumably you’ve logged the theft with the police? It’s unlikely the hardware will be recovered, but if it is, it might be possible to recover some of the material which has been wiped off, so it is definitely worth a try. And if you don’t get it back, I hope that all your correspondents who have copies of any of your material will send them back to you. I don’t have anything, but some of your 80 supporters who have already posted may have something.

  81. Chris says:

    Jon, I’ve been following your work for a few months and it’s always thought provoking. Very sorry to hear of the burglary.

  82. Hazel says:

    On a totally practical note, it is unfortunately a fact that having been burgled once raises the probability of being burgled again, especially if they found stuff worth taking; they give you a few months to replace it and then come and see, in our case it was a year later. That’s not to make you get paranoid, that’s to suggest you get practical; we lost a lot less stuff the second time around… have backups in places other than the house, get disciplined about keeping stuff out of sight, maybe think about CCTV (we haven’t gone there, but it’s cheap enough), and take advantage of any local burglar proofing advice schemes, etc.

  83. Ida Bakar says:

    I am a fan of yours and am very sorry for you. Although it feels that you have been ‘robbed of your life’, no one can take away your talent, your insight and your compassion to all human beings. The sadness will pass.

  84. JohnnyontheSpot says:


    I am so sorry, my young friend. Truly this is the work of selfish souls who have given themselves up to greed.

    I know my words may be cold comfort, but I just wanted to say, that you are a credit our faith, a credit to the human race, and a credit to artists everywhere. You are a kind soul in an unkind world.

    Jon, if I can do anything to help, just name it.

    God bless you and keep you,


  85. Mathias says:

    I’m very sorry to read this, Jon! Hope you get through this without too much emotional and financial damage.
    Be assured that they can’t steal the joy and insight that you have given to all your readers!

  86. Eric says:

    Sorry mate. At least most of your treasure is upstairs where the thieves can’t get it!

    Fortunately lots of your good stuff lives online so that can’t be lost. Many years ago I lost the finale of my music in a hard disk accident, but reconstructed it from a reduced PDF version.

  87. linus says:

    mate that utterly sucks. All my love and prayers.

    Your loss is real and deep and my heart goes out to you. I hope it is some consolation that the things you have not lost include your friends, your ability to create wonderful new things, and most of all the love and grace of God. Praying for miracles of restoration, healing and release, and God bringing good out of evil. Please let us know how this has affected your work/business/ministry and if there is anything we all can do. Peace. j>

  88. Chris S says:

    gutted to hear it. Praying for you.

  89. oh man! just picked this up – prayers for you. take care of yourself jon, your cartoons are awesome but you are so much more than our favourite cartoonist. be held in God’s love.

  90. LaLa says:

    Just saw this, terrible! I feel for you. In my prayers.

  91. Tim says:

    I am truly sorry. I have appreciated your work for a long time but never commented.

  92. keith Osborn says:

    Really Gutted for you, love your work it keeps me sane in the crazy world of being a Methodist Minister. Respect & Prayers on their way.

  93. David says:


  94. capriwim says:

    I’m so sorry to hear that. :( I always read your ASBO Jesus blog and I like it a lot. I hope you are doing okay. I will keep you in my prayers.

  95. Charlotte says:

    That’s awful!!

    So sorry for you.

    Take care, C

  96. Andrew Coon says:

    I have been downloading various of your comics to use in worship, if you would like, I can email what I have to you. It would not be everything, but it would be better than nothing. ndrwcn at hotmail.

  97. cochleate says:

    Sorry to hear this. Thinking of you :(

  98. M'Q says:

    Keep going Jon. Your work has been an inspiration up to now and it will still be in the future.

  99. JohnnyontheSpot says:


    I know we can’t get your work back. But is there anything we can do to replace the hardware, software, etc that you lost?

    Your brother in Christ,


  100. Rachel says:

    Devastating Jon. I’m so sorry. But it’s a denial of any of that pain to say that the deep theology underpinning this blog gives me great hope that you will know the power of resurrection through this.

  101. Mark says:

    Terrible news if there’s anything we can do mate don’t hesitate to ask. Thinking of you. Love always

  102. Andrew says:

    Sucks, man. So sorry to hear this.

    The site is a great archive and testament to what you’ve done.

    The interwebbing community is with you, certainly.

  103. smudge says:

    I’m a bit confused what kind of burgling?
    your computer[s?]
    as your cartoons are here online…
    but maybe you mean new ones that hadn’t been placed/saved online?

    whatever the detail is I feel your devastation and pray for the Lord to comfort you and give you new hope

  104. metalpig says:

    So sorry Jon… =(

    Though they can robbed all your possessions but they can’t rob your God-given talent…

    God bless u!

  105. mmp says:

    will check back and see how it’s going
    much love

  106. David Knapp says:

    Sorry to hear this. I need to make sure my stuff is backed up!

  107. Christina says:

    Oh no! That is terrible. I have some of your work on my computer too, if that is any help.

  108. Have been on hiatus and just saw your posting…so sorry to hear this! Hope to see you soon!

  109. byrde says:

    I have saved many of your creations and think of you and your loss each time they come up in my screensaver. Just wanted to check back and let you know that you are still very much in my thoughts and prayers.

  110. chris says:

    is there any news? how are you doing?

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