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19 Responses to 950

  1. hahahahaaha I love the honesty.

  2. jonbirch says:

    honestly mate… it’s happened to me sooo many times. :-? :lol:

  3. dgsinclair says:

    LOL, as both a pastor and parishioner, I appreciate this.

  4. chris says:

    that’s adorable.

  5. Caroline TOO says:

    the really strange thing is the guy’s smiling… or is that a wisp?

    Weak, Insipid Smile (for the) Priest/pastor?

  6. Carole says:

    Oh, dear! I have lived this on many occasions…

  7. jonbirch says:

    some of my happiest times in church have been spent asleep. :-)
    to be honest caroline, i don’t think the vicar noticed the sleeping man. :-)
    anyone had that experience in church, where you drop off for a moment and your body semi-violently jolts awake, then you look around to see if anyone’s noticed? :-)

  8. preachersa2z says:

    Sad but true. Mind you, I have always maintained that for every 3 people bored in front of a pulpit…there is at least one bored behind it. (The reason for my first book). Must blog on this…

  9. preachersa2z says:

    Mind you, the Benedictine Rule urged that a brother caught sleeping during a sermon should not be woken, on the grounds that he probably needed it!

  10. jonbirch says:

    preachersa2z… i’m liking the cut of that Benedictine jib. :-)

  11. Tiggy says:

    I think that’s why a lot of churches have installed espresso coffee machines and have the coffee bar open before the service starts.

    At the church I go to, it’s considered perfectaly acceptable to lay on the floor and go to sleep. People even take blankets and cushions. It’s referred to as ‘Resting in the Spirit’ or sometimes ‘Napping in the Spirit’.

    When I was a teenager, some people had what the vicar’s son called ‘SWEGS’ (Sickly Wet Evangelical Grins).

  12. It’s sad when you can’t tell the snoring from the chanting. :)

  13. Eric says:

    When you’re at the pulpit you do notice people asleep.

    Looks like a left-handed handshake! We have plenty of them in our church, with two people not having right hands in working order.

    And if all the people who fell asleep in church were laid end to end, they’d be a lot more comfortable!

  14. Tiggy says:

    Are they Freemasons, Jon?

    I’ve recently become aware through a contact I have of the extent of Freemasonry in the Anglican Church, especially amongst ‘higher’ clergy. It’s a big issue for the ordination of women as Bishops etc.

  15. PaulW says:

    I used to go to a church where I stayed awake for the whole thing. Except the sermon. I’d fall asleep when it started, wake after it ended. My wife used to poke me if I made a noise.

  16. Kayte says:

    heehee! My cousins(who no longer go to church) used to say they were going to church ‘for a sleep.’ I’ve only fallen asleep in church once, after pulling an all nighter. My head was supported by hand, propped up by my elbow on the pew in front. It was fine until i was so soundly asleep that my sleepy head rolled off my hand and i woke myself up by headbutting the pew in front!

  17. Jonathan says:

    So that’s what’s meant when people talk about Sunday being ‘a day of rest’!

  18. Tiggy says:

    The guy who now runs our church confessed recently that when he was just a member of the congregation he found it difficult to sit through the whole service and would sneak out to MacDonalds half way through. Sadly, he doesn’t seem to have learned anything from that experience.

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