Becky Garrison has a book out!

regular asbo commenter and, more importantly, great satirist becky garrison has a new book out and according to my best mate jonny baker’s review it is very good. it features some asbo cartoons from yours truly as well as some from naked pastor (whose own book is here). if you like satire, if you like a worthwhile yet easy read and if you like books broken up with witty pics,then go get yourself a copy from here. btw. amazon has some great reviews on the book too…

becky is a writer for publications such as ‘the wittenburg door’ and ‘geez’.

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animator, illustrator, character designer, graphic designer. music producer/recording musician. co-owner of PROOST.
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17 Responses to Becky Garrison has a book out!

  1. jonbirch says:

    btw becky… i love that cover! :-)

  2. That cover is worth 1,001 words!

  3. LOVED having your cartoons in the book!

  4. Forgot to add – yes, the book is available in the UK and other places via Amazon – softcover, kindle, and audio – though that’s sans cartoons/art obviously :)


  5. jonbirch says:

    becky… it would have been fun to do audio only cartoons. :-)

  6. notJon says:

    Becky – does the kindle version have the cartoons included? I’m afraid I’m one of those terrible people who have forsaken traditional paper books for the heresy of the electronic medium.

  7. Notjon – a Kindle book is basically a print book in PDF format – so yep, all the cartoons are there as are the pullout quotes.

    Jon – I think the audio version of your cartoons (not to mention Naked Pastor’s) would be about as twisted as one can get – and probably not able to pass the censors. There’s some things you can draw that you can’t say if you get my drift … and I think you do. :)

  8. linus says:

    congrats, Becky =]

  9. subo says:

    nice one Becky, will look out for a copy. su

  10. AnneDroid says:

    What subo said, Becky. x

  11. jonbirch says:

    i get your drift, becky. :-) i must confess though, there have been plenty of things i wanted to draw but held back if you get MY drift… and i know you do. :-)

  12. Oh boy do I ever – that’s why for this book I did a few things … 1) I had an accountability group who told me when I went “too far” and crossed the line from satirizing to slamming; 2) Unless someone had major name recognition (e.g., Joel Osteen, President Bush), I critiqued the movement (e.g., emergent church) rather than individual players. This way we can comment on the ethos of this BS instead of having it become a personality game; 3) When I critiqued three conferences by name, I showed those individuals my chapters so we could talk about it and 4) I share enough stories of me being an ass that it’s pretty clear I am far from perfect. :)

  13. Forrest says:

    Hey, congratulations on having a book out.
    May just have to find where it is available.

  14. Forrest – it is in a number of bookstores. But you can also find it via Amazon (US, UK and other places) in paperback, kindle or audio (downloadable MP3). The first two options include photos and cartons from Asbo Jesus, Naked Pastor and other cartoonists.

  15. rebecca says:

    I was wondering whether the photo on the cover is genuine (as opposed to a setup, or a Photoshop composition). If it is genuine, where was it taken? Presumably not in the UK — we spell words like “saviour” differently here!

  16. Dunno how the cover was created – it was definitely done by an American company, hence the US spellings. Then again, I do US spellings unless I am quoting a Brit directly.

  17. JohnnyontheSpot says:

    Any book that tells Osteen and his lot off is a must buy for me.

    (I’ll tell my Pastor about it too!)

    God bless you, Becky!

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