NAKED PASTOR BOOK… A serious review. :-)

What is it?

If a picture paints a thousand words then there are 101,000 words in this witty, pithy, intelligent book… And that’s just counting the cartoons! Honestly, it is a wonderful book and David’s cartoons come even more alive when committed to print. Everyone will have their favourite cartoons… Mine, on first reading were to be found on pages 68 and 99… both had me laughing out loud and set me thinking (I suspect my favourites will change with time and with fresh reads). You see, that’s what’s great about what David does. He observes, digests, then lays it out in front of you in a way that cuts through the crap and gets straight to the heart of the matter. David’s book contains more wisdom and honesty in a few strokes of a pen than most books manage over several chapters of 10 point helvetica. I mean that sincerely. Also the print job is pretty tidy!

Why should you buy it?

Because it is excellent and at only £6.61 I can’t think of a better thing to buy in print. I can think of loads of ways that this book could be used as a resource… basically, you have 101 conversation starters… The kinds of conversations we need to be having. Bring a new cartoon to a meeting once a week for two years – Now that’s what I call value! :-) The book will also make a great gift (what with Christmas coming up)… sorry to bring that up. This is a coffee table book, a book for the loo, a book for slipping in to the church library when no-one’s looking and a book for reading in bed. You may well find this book becomes your friend as I have found David’s website to be. His cartoons make me feel understood and accepted (I guess that’s his personality coming through his work) – And I must say I am grateful for his input in to my journey through life.

You can purchase the book here…

Or buy an ebook version here…

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4 Responses to NAKED PASTOR BOOK… A serious review. :-)

  1. Pat says:

    I only have the e-copy as yet but second Jon;s comments 101% :lol:
    It’s a brilliant, thought-provoking and very funny book.

  2. jonbirch says:

    hey pat, i’m really glad you think so too. it is wonderful. :-)

  3. commutertheology says:

    oooh. Christmas stocking present alert!

  4. beckyw says:

    Will check it out…but when is the ASBO Jesus book going to appear?!

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