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animator, illustrator, character designer, graphic designer. music producer/recording musician. co-owner of PROOST. proost.co.uk
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  1. beckyw says:

    Riches are unfathomable. When we had little I was generous and full of faith. Now we have more I’m slow to respond and forever thinking about what we should be saving up for just in case…

  2. goodfield says:

    Ah thats how the money got in the the fish to pay the taxes! :-)

  3. subo says:

    yep, it’s just crushing

  4. goodfield says:

    Maybe the bankers could for go there bonus’s this year in order to cover the 7 billion pounds the UK is now going to have to contribute for the EEC bail out of the Irish?

  5. JF says:

    If anything, it was the last government who was tipping our taxes down the drain.

  6. Kim says:

    Is this a record for the looooooooongest cartoon ever?

    It does feel like a drop in the ocean, so hard to work to get it and yet so quickly disappears into a black hole.

  7. jonbirch says:

    to be honest, jf, i’ve been feeling like this for the last couple of years… and i approve of tax! :-(

  8. jonbirch says:

    kim… did you mean ‘the longest cartoooooooooooooooooon? :-) i wouldn’t mind it going so much if i approved of half the things it was going on. these days, it’s mostly a black hole and has been for a while. :-(

  9. goodfield says:

    #5 Thought that was what I said as it was our taxes that bailed out the RBS and Lloyds banks.
    One other thing if the banks have to pay so much to ‘get and keep the best people’ how come they got them in such a mess? Funny how people swallow any old rubbish.

  10. markk says:

    At least we know just what Ceasar is like now. Him and his rendition.

  11. Wulf says:

    That’s why you should live in a country that has £300 billion in its own Government Pension Fund. No wait, we still pay even more taxes than you do …

  12. jonbirch says:

    hey there wulf… it’s not the amount i object to, it’s what it goes on and where it goes. all seems like one huge waste in the main.

  13. Wulf says:

    Hi Jon. I don’t have a problem with taxes, and I certainly don’t know enough about the situation in the UK to have a qualified opinion.
    What I find interesting though is that in Jesus’ times “rendering unto Caesar” normally meant between 1% and 3%. Information courtesy of Google :-)

  14. jonbirch says:

    wow! that is a small amount by todays standards! i had no idea it was that small. :?:

  15. Kim says:

    Be great if you could make a fish swim by with the cash in its mouth when April 5th rolls round though wouldn’t it :lol:

  16. Ben says:

    I’d question the accuracy of google on the 1-3% figure. I’ve read that it was actually much higher – and collected in an unfair system. – taxes did cause uprisings!

    As I understand it it wasn’t a percentage on earnings (PAYE was not around) but rather a per capita tax (poll tax).

  17. Wulf says:

    Don’t know if I can post links here but this is an interesting page: http://www.taxworld.org/History/TaxHistory.htm

  18. Miriworm says:

    Think your missing the point biblically speaking. Render worldly things to wordly rulers and spiritual things to god.

  19. jonbirch says:

    hey miriworm… i don’t believe in worldly and spiritual in the way i think you are suggesting. i believe all things belong to god. one understanding of the caeser passage is that jesus is saying just that… ‘it’s all god’s’.

  20. jonbirch says:

    btw… the cartoon is more of a simple comment on it feeling like my taxes are going down the drain. :-(

  21. miriworm says:

    #19 No problems with what you say Jon it was just the discussion about how much tax (3%, 5% etc) I felt was missing the point.

  22. Caroline TOO says:

    I’m surprised at the sentiment behind this cartoon, Jon.

    I guess that I feel that I should be paying more tax

    I was given free Higher Education and a half grant towards my living costs… so it seems to me that, given the financial mess that we have been left by Tory-voting bankers… I should be asked to dip into my pockets to support current students

    so my concern is that we’re seeing cuts when there are some reasonably prosperous people who could pay more tax and some super wealthy people who pay accountants to stop them having to pay tax see:


  23. jonbirch says:

    i agree, caroline. my irritation is my tax money propping up banks, filling a hole. students should have grants like they used to. soon there’ll be no youth service, a depleted mental health service… all sorts of things that i want my money spent on (things that make our country cool) are going to go. no investment in jobs and lives and infrastructure and community and industry, just cuts… and worse, cuts to those whose need is greatest.
    your tax could be doubled and it would still be going to keep the rich rich. at least, that’s how i see it in terms of the billions we’re giving to the rich banks who will never pay it back and as far as i know haven’t even said ‘thank you’ for the constant bailouts.
    i wonder if this country is capable of a revolution. it seems that so much has to change.
    we’re in a state of low morale which is set to get worse and not even a royal wedding’s gonna help this time.

  24. Forrest says:

    If the folks spending the taxes taken were operating in a more Christ-like manner; i.e. being good stewards of both men, money, and municipalities, would this situation exist?

  25. Forrest says:

    Re: “in terms of the billions we’re giving to the rich banks who will never pay it back”

    Oh yes they’ll pay it back, just not to you, only to the politicians who gave it to them.

  26. Forrest says:

    To fill out the thought – the banks won’t pay back the taxpayers from whom the money originated – rather, they will pay back the politicians who seized your money under penalty of law.

    Sort of a Nibor Dooh thing they’ve got going on, rob from the poor sensible blokes to give to the rich reckless folks.

  27. Forrest says:

    Which makes perfect sense – predators seize from the weakest prey: after all, what would be sensible about going after prey which could put you permanently out of business?

  28. Forrest says:

    The political class hides behind the shield of armed law enforcement as they plunder all classes weaker than themselves.
    And seek to secure favor with those outside the political class who might have enough power to threaten the political class.

  29. subo says:

    tried to get a bit more cash coming in by doing some overtime, only to find I’d made myself ill for nothing – as the tax and NAT.INs swelled

    – and then someone tried to tell me, it was for my advantage – if I was on a higher NAT.INs, I’d get a better pension, so now I know I don’t have a pension worth working 4

  30. taxingistheft says:

    I thought it said we should render unto Caesar “the things which are Caesar’s”

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