i ought to preface this cartoon by saying how much i loathe and detest the daily mail and it’s sunday sibling with a passion. i hate everything it stands for.


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  1. jonbirch says:

    i almost did a cartoon on how the daily mail is bashing the bishop, but even though i believe that to be true, good taste got a hold of me. :-)
    i was with him all the way up until he called prince charles ‘big ears.’ most of what he said though was right on the money in my view… and let’s face it, who hasn’t ranted before? i’m pleased to see such a passionate man in his post to be honest. all those daily mail types saying things like ‘an apologies not enough’, ‘he’s not fit for purpose’, ‘sack him’, ‘lambeth’s silence is a disgrace’, need to stop reading (or writing) such a useless rag and get a hobby. :-)

  2. Church of England Bishop Causes Cancer

    I’d rather read a newspaper.

  3. That looks very cryptic now I see it as a post.

    Newspapers contain reports of news. Other publications try to steer the socio-political climate in their preferred direction.

  4. jonbirch says:

    he launches quite an attack on the gutter press, so they’re gunning for him (what with them being the gutter press and all). to be honest, they’d have attacked him for his views anyway (bunch of odious, aggressive pudding heads that they seem to be).

  5. jonbirch says:

    absolutely brilliant link! :lol:

  6. Thought you’d like it ;)

  7. rebecca says:

    Dare I suggest that you might be being a bit too judgemental?! Particularly with the words “bunch of odious, aggressive pudding heads that they seem to be” (#5). I used to houseshare with a Daily Mail reader and, although we didn’t see eye to eye on everything, I regarded her as a nice ordinary Christian.

    A Daily Mail journalist gave a talk at Greenbelt this year, and I think he deserves some credit for being courageous. He must have known how much he was likely to be heckled…

  8. jonbirch says:

    interesting rebecca… when i wrote that i was thinking ‘it’s a good job i’m not the bishop, i’d be hauled over the coals for being so rude.’ :-)
    i’m afraid i’m not going to give a daily mail journo any credit, even if he stands up against thousands of opponents, not if he’s defending it anyhow. btw i did say ‘they seem to be’… :-) problem is, i’ve not ever heard a daily mail viewpoint that didn’t seem born out of the most basic primordial soup. ;-)
    on a happy note, my local greasy spoon has new ownership and has stopped providing punters with the daily mail, so there’s progress. :-)

  9. Kim says:

    Well, I dislike the Mail too so wouldn’t support it at all. However I think the bishop was out of order; why not adhere to the old proverb “if you’ve got nothing good to say, shut the heck up”, in terms of public statements? And don’t slag off the grandson of the head of the body you supposedly represent. Haven’t you got any useful work to do?

  10. Kim says:

    Hmm, that did sound bad tempered of me. Maybe the Mail has a vacancy? :lol:

  11. Ben says:

    Kim: in his only public statement on the subject Bp Pete apologised…

  12. youthworkerpete says:

    I agree with the profound hatred of the daily mail.

    And I agree he is entitled to an opinion, even if he is a bishop.

    But why has it become ok for so many people to become so hateful towards someones wedding?

    If my wedding had been received with such distaste I would have been appalled and, probably, very sad.

    Just because the two in question are (or are about to be) royalty, why does that make it ok to be so agressive towards it?

    A Bishop, of all people, should be reminding us that at the centre of this debate are two individuals made in God’s image. Instead, he joined the bandwagon and slated them – probably a foolhardy attempt at seeming relevant, or something.

    His comments were full of judgement, with no sense of grace or love.

  13. jonbirch says:

    youthworkerpete… i think whether you see the bishop as a man of compassion from his recent comments depends on how you read those comments. yes, there’s a distaste for royalty and a hatred of exploitative media in what he says, but i think it’s probably driven by a underlying bigger compassion… which is, that the citizen should not be paying for licentious upper class goings on and he takes the side of the ordinary commoner (whether they want him to or not)… not that dissimilar to our lord in some ways (leaving aside the ‘big ears’ wisecrack). :-) jesus did say ‘let the dead bury the dead’… pretty damning and judgmental and, one could argue, seemingly lacking in compassion. also, to be fair, jesus wasn’t above name calling when suitably angered. ‘brood of vipers’, ‘satan’, etc…
    kim… did jesus shut up when he didn’t have something positive to say? i’m not sure he did. i think saying so-called negative things can be an extremely positive thing to do at times.

  14. Kim says:

    I think many of the ‘ordinary commoners’ love a royal wedding and are very patriotic.

    I think if you have a public ministry in an established church, you should be less naive than to air your clever anti-etablishment opinions in a semi-public forum and not expect there to be controversy.

  15. SingingCow says:

    My understanding is that +Pete was making the point that media pressure was likely to harm the marriage, but of course that bit was left out and the ‘giving them seven years’ was quoted out of context.
    The bigger controversy is that, despite the apology, the C of E appears not to believe in forgiveness any more.

  16. Keith says:

    Not the first time Broadbent’s buggerd it up with his facebook account. He was rude about the lovely people at ekklesia.co.uk and it become a story too. Set up an interesting debate about whether ‘size’ matters.

  17. youthworkerpete says:

    SingingCow – Forgiveness does not mean that there are not consequences! An extreme example, but a victim may forgive a rapist – does that mean he should escape jail?

    Jon – Not sure the two are analogous. Jesus seemed to reserve his harsh words for senior religious figures that were steeped in hypocracy for the sake of the Kingdom of God. I’m not sure you can read the text with marxist lenses – at least, not those bits!

    Bishop Pete wasn’t attacking someone’s religiosity, he was attacking their marriage, even their love and commitment. Who God has brought together let no Bishop cast asunder!

    Of course, it also turns out, that the tax payer is only paying for the security fee (and I wonder if that’s as big as the policing of the student protests?).

  18. Ben says:

    youthworkerpete: don’t think your namesake was really joining a bandwagon – I heard no one expressing such a negative view before he did.

    Kim: I’m sure many people love the wedding (including me!) but that doesn’t meant he has to agree with the masses. Also I thought the head of the CofE was God rather than the Royal family… If the next monarch does something ‘unchristian’ will we all (well Anglicans) have to follow?

    This argument always boils down to whether the comments were right or wrong to be made… this is easily resolved – They were wrong! – Bp Pete admits the tone was wrong and apologises for the hurt caused.

    The problem is why is he ‘suspended’ for it despite apologising. There are bishops and priests breaking cannon law, ‘Christian principles’ and not living in ‘grace and peace’ all over the place with no sanctions. Having dealt with Bp Pete and known many others of all ilks and churchmanships who love the Rt Rev’d he is a good guy. The reason Pete has been punished is because the Daily Mail raised it… The Daily Mail now decides what is acceptable in the Church of England… God bless the Daily Mail

  19. sunil says:

    Well actually we don’t know what the full context of the conversation was. Even what the media has trumped is a few choice lines and again out of context. Yes he was wrong but he definitely didn’t deserve suspension. a former lecturer of mine said that bishops can deny the ressurection and get away with it but be critical of the royals and out you go!

    youthworker pete: we are paying for more than the security. the government gives the royal family fairly substantial allowances. And the bishop wasn’t attacking their love and commitment, he expressedly said in the facebook conversation that he wishes them the best but he said that the gutter press would drag them down. Hence seven years.

    Have seen ecclesiastical politics up close I would even venture to say that the bishop of London was just waiting for a good opportunity to remove a thorny character.

    And the Daily Mail deserve hate. Yes good people work for it but there were millions of good Germans as well. Yet they wound up supporting a Nazi regime. Frankly the Daily Mail and their media brothers and sisters run by a fairly white upper middle class group of ‘nice’ people will do anything to sell a story. And the simplest thing is to pick on the immigrant, the asylum seeker and the poor. Oh yes mix up the royals in it to get a bit of ‘balance’.

    But the Daily Mail represents a demon of diviseness and dehumanisation. What they do has happened in the past with ugly consequences. The British pride themselves in being moderate. The Daily Mail severely threatens that and frankly when their owners die they will die having left this world a more suspicious and divided place.

  20. jonbirch says:

    interestingly, keith… ekklesia.co.uk have an interssting few paragraphs on the subject of bishop broadbent. whoever wrote the small article seems to have what i would consider to be a good, measured and thoughtful response to the situation. find it here… http://www.ekklesia.co.uk/node/13626

    sunil… i find my self in agreement with you. too easy for the bish of london to be rid of bish broadbent. on ekklesis.co.uk they report that the bish of london himself said that ‘redundancy was good for the soul’… so clearly he can behave like a complete berk… but i guess he didn’t upset royalty, so no matter how offensive his comments he’ll be fine. i hope you enjoy the next cartoon.

    i just wish bishop broadbent had qualified his apology. maybe he did but it wasn’t written. he’s utterly correct about so much of what he says and i’d hate to think he was apologising for those things.

  21. penninegilly says:

    I love this cartoon….says it all

    thank you

  22. Ben says:

    Jon: the apology was written and is here: http://www.london.anglican.org/NewsShow_13955

  23. Caroline TOO says:

    you know, I just love the idea of Jesus walking alongside us giving us encourging and wise advice… :-)

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