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animator, illustrator, character designer, graphic designer. music producer/recording musician. co-owner of PROOST. proost.co.uk
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21 Responses to 975

  1. heather joy says:

    A. this cartoon has a punch-in-the-gut message.
    B. the little dog is amazing.
    C. read “Under the Overpass” by Mike Yankoski – it will change your life.

  2. jonbirch says:

    thanks, heather joy… re. C: what do i do if someone comes to the door while i’m reading it? :-)

  3. heather joy says:

    You definitely put the book down and help them out. Books can wait. Sharing Christ with people cannot.

  4. laura says:

    I quite like the pink walls.

  5. Phr3ak says:

    is he wearing slippers?

  6. jonbirch says:

    yup, books can indeed wait, heather.

    couldn’t live with all that pink, laura. :-)

  7. jonbirch says:

    phr3ak… he is indeed… browny mauve ones. :-)

  8. that doggie is lovely!!

  9. Tiggy Sagar says:

    Dog? I thought that was a toaster on skis.

    I think that man is actually a money-box. She should unscrew his head and tip him upside-down.

  10. Abigail says:

    Haha. I love this. lol.

  11. I would LOVE to see his partner’s response … do they both play the God game or is one willing to let the person in for dinner, etc.

    I agree with Tiggy – looks like a toaster doggie. :)

  12. Botticelliwoman says:

    reminds me of the church that used to throw the homeless drunks out and asked us to keep a group of children quiet because they were praying for children at the time….and my attitude to that church and the people involved with it *sigh*

  13. subo says:

    I have to congratulate you on being able to make your own choices, and not rush to the door just because someone’s ringing the bell

  14. chris says:

    a pile of tracts by the door will solve this problem.

  15. jonbirch says:

    chris… hahaha! :lol:

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  17. Hazel says:

    This actually REALLY happened at our house at 10.45pm on Saturday evening!! We were not actually reading our manuals of “How to be better Christians!”
    A man rang the bell and then knocked the door, we were wary of answering but it turned out he had been chased/attacked. We were a bit scared for our personal safety and how to deal with the situation but gave him the phone to contact the police and ordered and paid for a taxi home for him. I’m not relating this to sound like some sort of hero, I’m definitely not.
    Ironic really that my church is doing this big thing on being “real” and getting out there when the very thing you need to do can be right on your doorstep.

  18. TomC says:

    ironic indeed Hazel.
    many churches LOVE to spend their time and energy talking about getting ‘out there’, planning, having meetings, focus groups and discussions, about getting ‘out there’, all from the comfort and safety of ‘in here’.

    maybe there’s a cartoon in that Jon

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  20. Lindyb says:

    Jon – Hope you don’t mind me “pinning” this on Pinterest? If people click on the pin, it sends them straight here to your website, so hopefully it will be positive. I’ve pinned a couple of your cartoons before but read an article yesterday that reminded me that one should post a comment on the blog about having pinned in order correctly to follow “pintiquette” or “pinteretiquette” or whatever word implies common courtesy….

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