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animator, illustrator, character designer, graphic designer. music producer/recording musician. co-owner of PROOST. proost.co.uk
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29 Responses to 997

  1. Laura Anne says:

    That’s what they WANT you to think….

  2. jonbirch says:

    haha! conspiracy theorist, eh? :-)

  3. Tiggy says:

    So that’s where Hitler went! Isn’t his mouth a little high? I like the Venutian.

    On several occasions, including Greenbelt, I’ve had the opportunity to do an androgyny test. I always come out as in the middle, therefore androgynous. I just found a professional published one online (from The International Foundation for Androgynous Studies) and came out as androgynous again. I’ve always been good at reading maps and have good spatial analysis. I also have higher than usual circulating testosterone.


  4. ASBO porn, gosh, blush, nanoo nanoo!

  5. goodfield says:

    Really what planet are you from! ;-)

  6. subo says:

    ok, guy’s can b wierd – but hey, lets creat a human planet, filled with love, warmth, fun, honour + freedom

  7. Rob says:

    now you tell me!

  8. Tiggy says:

    Here’s to Metrosexuals!

  9. Ros says:


    Love that link – was just on the border of androgynous/nearly feminine.


    Love this cartoon – surely something Gender theorists have been arguing for decades, that women and men aren’t all that different?

  10. Tiggy says:

    I came out as in the range they are calling androgynous, but slightly to towards the feminine. I really find the categories uses for supposed male and female qualities to be very dated. To have assertiveness and dominance as non-female qualities is ridiculous. In most of the couples or families I know it’s the woman who runs the show. In Jewish families where it’s explicitly stated that the man is the head of the family, the women seem particularly dominant. I also know a lot of women who are more aggressive than their partners.

  11. Ben says:

    Great test! think Jesus would have scored zero exactly!

  12. Changingworship says:

    I’m glad you cleared that up with scientific diagrams of martians and venutians.

  13. jonbirch says:

    changingworship… i think it’s important to present the facts accurately. :-)

    tiggy… gonna try that test later on. :-)

  14. Kim says:

    well, I am apparently psychologically androgynous too, according to the test. It is a little ancient in its’ definitions though! Love the cartoons – the ladies boobs made me snigger a little and then feel very puerile :lol: I wondered if she’s had them done, as they seem nearer to her chin than most!

  15. Of course you may just think the title of Gray’s books is funny buit I think you’ll find The Myth of Mars and Venus agrees with what you are getting at here. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Myth-Mars-Venus-Different-Languages/dp/0199550999/
    It is based on psychological research that shows that we are much much more similar than different. The idea that there are all these hardwired differences between men and women that Gray argues for just does not stand up scientifically.

  16. jonbirch says:

    well tiggy… at + 5 i am completely androgynous apparently. who’d o’ thunk?! :-)

  17. Sophie says:

    Apparently I’m also androgenous at +3!

  18. Tiggy says:

    I’m thinking I should find a better test – now I’ve given everyone a complex! Maybe there is a situational one. I did a second test and came out at 50%. I do think the whole idea is based on incorrect assumptions. A big part of me is very girly and what one would think of as very feminine and womanly. I’m the same with Introversion and Extraversion.

  19. Carole says:

    Hahaha! It must be a few months since you did a nob cartoon, Jon! Though I can see a resemblance between the human bodies and their respective alien’s faces.

    I did the test and actually came out as very feminine…I have never thought of myself as being a girly girl, but there you go. I am a bit wet so that probably skewed the result. There again, it is all based on your own subconscious views of yourself, which are not necessarily true.

  20. jonbirch says:

    yes, carole, i thought we were due another one. :-)
    it would be interesting to do that questionnaire about someone you know… i wonder how much the results would differ.

  21. jonbirch says:

    just did questionnaire answering about clare (my wife)… turns out it gave her exactly the same score as i got (+5). so according to me we’re both androgynous. i’ll have to get clare to do it for herself… see how it turns out.

  22. Tiggy says:

    Yes, I like to do that to see how perceptive I am or how well I really know the person. I’m usually pretty good at it. You’ve always said Clare was more blokey in some ways, though you seem blokey to me as you’re always talking about football or motor-racing. And Clare seems very feminine. Androgynous couples are said to have really good relationships.

    @Carol I don’t think of you as wet at all. You always seem like a strong, feisty woman!


  23. CK says:

    There’s something not quite right about the Venusian… don’t they have a third “all seeing” eye? Just like my wife… wait a second…

  24. Kayte says:

    Hee hee! Last night my husband was apparently about to tell me that he’d been reminded of how feminine i can be, but just before he said it i did a big blokey fart! Only tenuously related but made me giggle!

  25. jody says:

    well, now, i was exactly 0 on that androgynous test – who knew!!? lol, well, i guess i did…… ;D

  26. janetp says:

    Can I have a t-shirt with this on? Please…. pleeeease ……

  27. heather joy says:

    I could’ve sworn that men have belly buttons too. Kyle XY?

  28. jonbirch says:

    ck… actually they have three ears… a left ear, a right ear and a final frontier… oh no, wait… that’s vulcans! :-)

    heather joy… oh yes. :?: oops! :-)

    kayte… glad you’re marriage is still ‘explosive’! :-)

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