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animator, illustrator, character designer, graphic designer. music producer/recording musician. co-owner of PROOST. proost.co.uk
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15 Responses to 998

  1. ED... says:

    Thank goodness it’s only bankers who are like that. /heavy irony.

  2. Kim says:

    So I have to give one of my *two* coats to a homeless guy?

  3. goodfield says:

    Deuteronomy 24: 10-13:

    When you make your neighbor a loan of any sort, you shall not enter his house to take his pledge. You shall remain outside, and the man to whom you make the loan shall bring the pledge out to you. If he is a poor man, you shall not sleep with his pledge. When the sun goes down you shall surely return the pledge to him, that he may sleep in his cloak and bless you; and it will be righteousness for you before the LORD your God.

  4. chris says:

    I think that that is a fantastic idea!

  5. Ros says:

    Don’t like the words “have to” in there. We don’t have to give anything – we choose what to give to the poor, and what we’re to give up to do that. It’s not compulsory.

  6. chris says:

    “We do need to be born again, since Jesus said that to a guy named Nicodemus. But if you tell me I have to be born again to enter the Kingdom of God, I can tell you that you have to sell everything you have and give it to the poor, because Jesus said that to one guy, too. But I guess that’s why God invented highlighters, so we can highlight the parts we like and ignore the rest.”
    — Shane Claiborne

  7. Ben says:

    Thank God Jesus didn’t have any tax collectors as disciples!

  8. subo says:

    you only know what something feels like, if you’ve been there yourself, so I understand how those who’ve never faced homelessness or hunger are able to blame those that do – as if by some genetic fault they’ve bought their plight upon themselves

    still, it would be great if a few rich folk bucked the trend, and began to show us ways of being involved in building community

  9. roy says:

    This got me shouting “yeah!” at the screen and then I pondered a little……do I knock the rich because I am not?……. or because of the injustice? In truth, compared to most of the world I am filthy rich, in the western world just doing ok – would I give all I have to the poor? Well not yet, maybe I should!

  10. beckyw says:

    Jon…you asked for ideas about your 1000th cartoon. There’s a few of us in Southampton who are trying to encourage Christians to work together/ share resources/ talk together no matter what background we’re from/ what stage of the journey we’re at/ what ideas we have etc. because we are one church (even though we blatently look like a large bunch of unrelated strangers)! Don’t know if you’ve done anything on this theme before but families are never easy and it seems we expect God’s family to miraculously be perfect in this less than perfect world!

  11. Johnnyonthespot says:

    Sad but true. The way of justice and mercy is open to all, but it can be so very hard to walk down that path. Such is the nature of self-sacrifice.

  12. AnneDroid says:

    Thought provoking, jon-boy.

    Someone I care a lot about is very well off indeed… a millionaire. He is an atheist but has very occasionally in his life come close to searching for God but mostly not at all. I always thought of him as the rich young man in the Bible story till I realised that the rich young man Jesus spoke to wasn’t an atheist but, according to him, had kept all the commandments – a “God-fearer” of some sort, presumably. The person I’m thinking about would not claim to have kept all the commandments!

    When you were drawing your cartoon, Jon, were you thinking of the banker as someone who was “searching”, “Christian”, “churchy”, “atheist”, or….?

  13. jonbirch says:

    that’s a very good question annedroid… hmmm… i wasn’t thinking anything except what might happen in a conversation between jesus and a banker on the subject of financial justice… and i think it’s true to say, from what i witness, that many or most of these guys just simply don’t get it… they really, genuinely don’t… like they’re all differing degrees of sociopath. so i don’t think i’d settled on what his relationship was with jesus might be up until this conversation. interesting question.

  14. Daniel says:

    I love your cartoons and I like your sense of humor. Here is another funny one:

    An old preacher was dying. He sent a message for his banker and his lawyer, both church members, to come to his home.
    When they arrived, they were ushered up to his bedroom. As they entered the room, the preacher held out his hands and motioned for them to sit on each side of the bed. The preacher grasped their hands, sighed contentedly, smiled, and stared at the ceiling.
    For a time, no one said anything.Both the banker and lawyer were touched and flattered that the preacher would ask them to be with him during his final moments. They were also puzzled; the preacher had never given them any indication that he particularly liked either of them. They both remembered his many long, uncomfortable sermons about greed, covetousness, and avaricious behavior that made them squirm in their seats.
    Finally, the banker said, “Preacher, why did you ask us to come?”
    The old preacher mustered up his strength and then said weakly, “Jesus died between two thieves, and that’s how I want to go.”

  15. jonbirch says:

    daniel… fantastic gag! haha! :-)

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