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animator, illustrator, character designer, graphic designer. music producer/recording musician. co-owner of PROOST. proost.co.uk
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14 Responses to 1018

  1. I guess we have to make up for the missing dead animals somehow, don’t we.

  2. jonbirch says:

    it would seem so. :-)

  3. serena says:

    Good call. What about awful organ playing?!

  4. Phr3ak says:

    Hahaha! Thanks man, you made me smile and I really needed that!

  5. jonbirch says:

    serena… yup, that counts too! :-)

    Phr3ak… happy it made you smile. btw. are you any relation to c3po or r2d2? :-)

  6. Forrest says:

    Well, the phrase is make a joyful “noise” unto the Lord.

  7. isnt beauty in the ear of the behearer?

    I have settled with the idea that even ‘worship’ is and probably always has been about taste and everyones taste is different. I noticed that Sue Rinaldi had reposted one of your posts on FB which made me smile I couldn’t work out if she was pissed about it or not but she seems to have a good sense of humour. Sue was one of the very first worship leaders I ever came across so I have a lot of respect for her, a great writer, a good woman and a great singer and my guess is others would say different.

    I am an X user and don’t lead worship anymore out of choice, I was almost forced a few years ago to introduce certain songs to the community I was part of, I knew they wouldn’t like them, turned out i was right and they didn’t so I left them alone which i thought was the kind thing to do … now i just get criticised for not leading so my worship is confined to my office for now.

    I stick by what I picked up from a guy called Chris Bowater, its a very very personal thing, I remember being in a room with him and bunch of leaders and he was writing a song there and then with us, I tell you it was a beautiful moment and I have never felt that good since, It was a time when I genuinely felt very close to god I can still remember the tears rolling down my cheeks … and thats what it means to me, it was a ‘Moment’ and that moment has passed and I need to seek god again …

    Some songs resinate with me and I would gladly sing them forever because they have become personal. some things that get me angry these days in worship leaders is poor sound, crap equipment and lack of preparation which is often visible and the lack of creativity …

    i must admit though that i find god mostly in the lyrics and music of ‘secular’ artists these days …

  8. Forrest says:

    Re: “isnt beauty in the ear of the behearer?”
    That it is.
    And we are running in to what seem to be more profound differences in generational tastes than previously. That would be a factor in some situations.

    I would wager that worship music goes through fads and trendiness just as much as popular music does. Perhaps even the same ones.

    But then, music leader is kind of doomed in a way – different people in congregation (audience?) will be in varying moods, some of which will be compatible and some incompatible with pace and mood of chosen music.

  9. jonbirch says:

    hey dennis mate… sue rinaldi left a really nice message on the last worship cartoon i did… the one of robb and the devil having all the best music. she thought i should do a separate little book compiling all the asbo worship cartoons together and also thought it was good to keep sense of humour in all areas of life. good on her… she is a lovely lady who i recorded with once and have crossed paths with a few times in the past. i have utmost respect for her + she’s my friend on facebook. :-) i have a good few friends who i respect very much in the area of worship and recording. chris’s lad dan bowater, who i last saw a couple of years ago (only met chris once) is a really nice guy and we’ve always got on well. graham kendrick was very gracious and generous in his words to me the one time i met him at something where i was performing. he commanded my respect in his humility. i have many other really good friends, like dan wheeler, mark prentise, bruce pont, etc. etc. who i’ve worked with and who i love very much. these people i have found to be very encouraging of the cartoons i do… certainly they’ve not been demanding apologies or felt got at. in fact, i’m guessing they may find they’re often coming from a similar place to me… though, of course, not always by any means the same place. i do know these people prize excellence, they are very gifted people and i am very pleased they put up with a prat like me as a friend. :-)
    however… i still contest that so much worship music is drivel. i don’t doubt that people have emotional experiences with all kinds of different music, nor do i want to belittle their experience, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it has much artistic merit. i also don’t understand how it’s sensible putting music at the centre of our corporate experience, when music is about the most divisive thing in our culture. if you want to keep a certain ‘brand’ of young person away from your building, simply get out an acoustic guitar, that should do it. :-)

  10. DiaTribe says:

    I once read(skimmed) the collected works of Isaac Watts, the Father of English Hymn writters. He wrote some absolute rubbish. However through time we now retain half a dozen hymns which are treasured.
    When I hear the awful stuff which is put out as “worship songs” I hold to the thought that in three hundred years we will have just the distillation of what is actually good about this periods music.
    I just can’t wait to hear it.

  11. subo says:

    ah, yes. and yet I find myself silently singing something as an expression of love for God, and I scream away at the odd ‘cover’s gig’s’ I get to go to (the mutoids are playing at the Cat & Wheel this fri if any Brissol folks want to let their hair down) sometimes a snippet of J.S. Bach connects with a moment of worshipful reflection, and then of course there’s Taize and Iona music

    so have to conclude music is an essential vehicle to worship for me, I love to silence my inner critic and just squawk away

  12. roy says:

    ahhhh yes, the hills are alive…….hmmmmm

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  14. Rob says:

    thanks – that made me laugh a lot
    Den … I’m with you too on finding God in the secular lyrics …. maybe God ‘gets through’ these because the people writing and simply writing rather than trying too hard! I dunno!

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