i’m feeling sad for those who gave up everything…

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20 Responses to 1020

  1. Carole says:

    Perhaps it did happen but none of us qualified…so just war, famine, pestilence and death to look forward to…business as usual under the coalition then… ;-)

  2. Forrest says:

    And I even did laundry to have something clean to wear to the rapture.

  3. Forrest says:

    “4. We should always beware the power of charismatic leaders and groupthink to sway our beliefs.”
    Why is it that humanity seems to be begging and pleading and crying and wailing to be provided with opportunities to engage in that behavior?

  4. Jeremy Myers says:

    Guess it got delayed until December 21, 2012….

  5. JF says:

    What has surprised me is that people whose own beliefs are equally baseless seem so ready and willing to stand in some sort of mocking judgment of these loons. Whether you surrender your intellectual integrity publicly on a set date or more quietly over a number of years, it amounts to the same thing.

  6. soniamain says:

    maybe they should all read Rob Bells book :)

  7. jonbirch says:

    Just makes me sad. The human can be a gullible creature indeed and there are always those who are prepared to manipulate that. You only need to think of the recent Florida ‘Outpouring’ and Meatloaf, sorry, I mean Todd Bentley. + there is so much manipulation going on in many churches worldwide week after week. The difference with ‘end of the world’ type talk is that many people won’t even have homes to go back to. :-(

  8. goodfield says:

    Matthew 24:36 – But concerning that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only.

    The longer I live and the more I see, the more I think Jesus often referred to us all as Sheep with good reason (in all sorts of areas not just judgement day) – maybe we should all refelect on the match between their characteristics and ours for a little longer.

  9. subo says:

    oh la, how come christians come across as such an odd bunch in the media? – or am I being paranoid?

  10. Mark Bennet says:

    We had the martyrdom of Stephen from the lectionary today. People who believe in the rapture should read that story – being raptured takes courage …

  11. Forrest says:

    Re: “subo says: oh la, how come christians come across as such an odd bunch in the media?”
    Only happens because some of us are.

  12. Sarah says:

    apparently Brian Cox spoke to some Mayans who lived where the old Mayans used to live and they said the calendar wasn’t anything about the end of the world, it just ran out based on a certain logarythm so people thought that meant “end of”, when all it was was that their calendar didn’t go beyond a certain date.

    Plus the other guy got it wrong before.

  13. jonbirch says:

    i saw that brian cox program too sarah. makes sense.

    subo… i reckon most people who appear in the media come across as odd. i think it often has more to do with the media and perhaps the nature of those who court it. mind you, i’ve not yet met a person who wasn’t a bit odd. :-)

    my summing up of the rapture would be my little one line poem…
    escapology eschatology = bad theology

  14. Kim says:

    I love your one line poem Jon! I feel sad for them too, its a very skewed worldview and stops them engaging with and enjoying all the amazing possibiities around us in the creation.

    I grew up in a ‘cult’ type church that had this apocalypse stuff on the brain in the 70’s and I remember being sent to school on several occasions in my best dress with instructions about always coming when I was called incase it was ‘time to go’. I was genuinely afraid a lot as a child that they would go without me. It’s another one of the many odd ideas that stops God’s created humans living a brilliant life in the here and now.

  15. Andyp says:

    I KNOW it’s wrong of me……. but I couldn’t help laughing when I read a report of a man who was bewildered and disappointed to find that the world hadn’t ended. He had apparently “taken the week off work” to go to the rapture.

    Taken the week off????? Surely, resigning completely would have shown more confidence? Or even, push the boat out and JUST NOT TURN UP FOR WORK? What are they going to do to you?

    Ah well, at least this way he’ll still have a job to go back to, if he can face the inevitable derision from his colleagues, that is.

  16. Stuart Carley says:

    The whole thing is both sad and infuriating. This nut job stuff is so damaging to any ministry particularly in the UK and Europe as now every Christian trying to live with integrity will be labelled as foolish, gullible and to be avoided!

  17. Forrest says:

    What I don’t comprehend is how one can be a Christian and fall for this kind of stuff.
    On one radio show there even were psychics quoting where the bible says you can’t know it was going to be such and such a date.

    Jesus said plainly what the deal with the rapture date was – he didn’t know ’cause God wasn’t telling.
    It doesn’t take a doctorate of theology to get the meaning of what he said.

    “So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him (Matthew 24:42-44)”
    I mean, come on, billboards a month in advance aren’t exactly “an hour when you do not expect him” — that ought to spark some kind of independent analytical deductive reasoning, should it not?

  18. Stuart Carley says:

    I’ve just read the artice that dgsinclair recommended. A very gracious and compassionate possition. I hope that a spirit of repentance and willingness to support the folk who’s lives
    have been destroyed comes from those responsible for all this.

  19. JF says:

    There’s nothing gracious about telling gullible people who trusted a fraud that their “heart was in the right place”. People like that don’t need affirmation, they need looking after out there in the big, wide, real world.

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