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22 Responses to 1027

  1. Robb says:

    I’m actually dying laughing. Send a medic!


  2. markk says:

    He’s not everybody’s bag
    Sorry, i’ll get my coat.

  3. David Cloake says:

    Stop; my ribs

  4. Is that pre-, post- or a-lactarian tea?

  5. Carole says:

    I think he seems a pleasant enough guy, and what I’ve seen of the Nooma vids I quite enjoyed. I couldn’t quite get my head around the near hysteria at Greenbelt the other year (most un-greenbelt like!), and preferred to do my own thing rather than queue for hours prior to getting gobby with the stewards because they had a job controlling the usually patient, polite throngs…but probably he was equally surprised by the response. I don’t think we do people any favours when we turn them into heroes.

  6. Robb says:

    @radical believer

    It claims to be pre-lactarian tea but I suspect it is a-lactarian tea. Milk is often mentioned but I see no evidence of an understanding of milk in its references.

    I have never drunk the tea but I’ve seen an advert for tea and I have friends who read an article about tea online and they definitely say it is a-lactarian with a couple of sugars. They must be right.

  7. youthworkerpete says:

    How do we get out of the tea cup if we’re already in it?

    I seem to have started a mini storm where I am (I am but 3 weeks away from not being ‘youthworkerpete’ and returning to be ‘studentpete’). It’s quite accidental. I simply pointed out we are hemmoraging children from our Sunday morning services, so I went and asked children (and their parents) why they weren’t coming much any more, and published their answers – with their consent – in our parish magazine.

    I now have certain members of the church mis-quoting srcipture at me so show me that children should respect their elders and stop creating fuss.

    If I try to live out my last few weeks in relative peace I would feel like I’m backpeddling on what the children have said, and wonder if I should have left the whole can of worms in place.

    I wonder if Rob Bell feels the same (though I imagine the royalties from his book are helping him feel better about his decision….)

  8. Dawn says:

    the thing i found with “love wins”, is that there was nothing new in it. it was all ideas/theories i have heard many times before. “there is nothing new under the sun”.

  9. Dorian says:

    The internet is a fascinating place. I can feel out of place and out of touch on a British blog right here in my own living room in Kentucky, USA. In other words this is one of those cartoons that I think I would get if I were British. I mean seriously I don’t even know what “stew” means, at least in this context. I thought it was a hearty kind of soup made from chunks of beef, but I tried that definition here and found myself only more confused. Little help? :)

  10. jonbirch says:

    dorian… sorry… allow me to explain. ‘stewing’ the tea is allowing it to over brew so it goes far too dark and far too strong and getting in a ‘stew’ is getting all hot and bothered about something… thus the word ‘stew’ to a british audience has a double meaning. i hope this helps you to laugh out loud at my incredibly funny and (may i say?) clever cartoon. :lol: alright, the cartoon’s not that great! :-)

    youthworkerpete… have you (and i expect you have) thought of telling them all to xxxx off! i don’t know, maybe that’s not helpful. :-) proof though that people can quote scripture to make any stupid point. feel for you mate. btw… i imagine the 100,000 royalties goes a long way to making the pain go away too. :-)

  11. bexgee says:

    @youthworkerpete – this is what happens when you stir the pot. Sometimes it needs to be stirred.

    @Carole – I agree with you – I don’t get why y’all are getting so buzzed up here. What I loved about y’all was the British ability (or so I thought) to see through our US BS. And he’s coming back to Greenbelt 2011 this year along with a number of other US religious rock stars and a UK dude who now fancies himself part of the US emergent world. Here’s a little secret – outside of the evangelical/emergent bubble, folks think this freakin’ ridiculous at best. And here in the US we have had a legitimate progressive battle going on with Jim Wallis (another Greenbelt favorite)’s Sojourners magazine refusing to accept a gay welcome ad. MOSt of those folks (including Rob Bell) who sell themselves as “progressives” still dodge this issue.

    @Dawn – i agree. I felt like I was reading evangelical-lite. It’s like he was trying to talk about God as mystery, etc. but he was very concerned that he didn’t leave the evangelical folks. It’s really a weak book.

  12. rebecca says:

    Pete — I’m sure you can find some scriptures of your own to misquote, such as “Suffer the little children”. (Probably one of the most misquoted verses in the Bible).

    Bexgee — what bothers me most about the prospect of US rock stars coming to Greenbelt is a) the cost and b) the carbon footprint. I can cope with the odd speaker coming from abroad, particularly if they can combine the visit with other engagements in the UK, but musicians tend to bring entourages and equipment.

    I also request you explain what you mean by “the evangelical/emergent bubble”. I can’t imagine putting these two manifestations of the church into the same bubble, because in my experience they have always been completely different. Perhaps they are more similar in the US.

    I read one of Jim Wallis’ books a few years ago, and didn’t think he was exceptionally progressive, but the most noticeable feature of the book was that he kept repeating himself. I didn’t get to the end.

  13. i prefer yorkshire tea meself but not stewed in a tea pot!

    i keep coming back and looking at this cartoon but i don’t get it, i do love a bit of rob bell though …

    and youthworker pete, good on you for opening that can of worms, i suggest you do what Jon said …

    and greenbelt pfft they still keep ignoring my comment about halogen light left on ALL day long :)

  14. subo says:

    Ah, clever – faith boxed & packaged

  15. goodfield says:

    Ah Brownian motion

  16. youthworkerpete says:

    Thanks Jon……. I may take your advice and see where it gets me ;)

  17. youthworkerpete says:

    We had our PCC tonight. Our associate minister thought it would be a good idea to read out a letter of complaint about how generally rubbish I am. He apologised afterwards, though not quite as repentantly as I would have liked. I very neary did use your choice quote, though didn’t quite have the guts…

  18. subo says:

    all the best youthworkerpete.

  19. Carole says:

    Youthworker Pete – sounds like a whole heap of crap. ‘Good’ people can be such b*st*rds. I hope you have the energy to rise above it and I wish you the best of luck as student Pete. Who knows, you may even thank them for it one day.

  20. subo says:

    Rob Bell only does what nearly every Christian writer seems to do. to polarise good & bad, & to project the things he doesn’t like onto the people he doesn’t like

    i guess he’s no idea how hurtful this is to sensitive Christians, who often feel the projections as being aimed at them, i.e., their the bad one’s

    fortunately, this human trait is nothing to do with Christianity, Christ meets us where we’re at and doesn’t wait for us to sprout ‘aesthetic credentials’ and other nice attributes

  21. Tiggy Sagar says:

    Thank you, Bexgee, that’s what I suspected about that book having taken a look at it at Greenbelt and decided I would prefer to spend my money on something a bit more gritty. Something I find from Facebook is that a lot of people like to read what they already believe ‘nicely put’ and I don’t mean that in the old-fashioned sense of the word ‘nicely’. It needn’t even be profoundly put just as long as someone sees their beliefs summarised in front of them. My impression was that it’s quite a bland book. There’s certainly not much in it that a large percentage of Anglicans haven’t believed all along – we just don’t bother mentioning unsavoury things like Hell. And anyway the Catholics abolished Hell officially some time ago and the Orthodox have almost certainly got some deep symbolic understanding of it so we can go into coalition with the non-Protestants on that one. I’ve had a few run-ins with these supposed heroes of the Emergence on Facebook and I wasn’t that impressed. They seem rather too image conscious.

  22. jennw2ns says:

    As someone who was two years behind Rob Bell at uni and who used to serve him lasagna on Monday nights at the cafeteria, I always find myself somewhat curious about the talk that goes on about him online. Not that I knew him personally, outside of a couple of winks and a postcard once (which I really should’ve saved and sold on ebay by now).

    Carol–too right about turning people into rock stars. I didn’t remember cult-of-personality being such a problem in British churches as here in the US, but maybe I was living in a parallel universe that time I lived in London. Or maybe it’s just really really extra bad over here.

    YouthworkerPete–are you still YouthworkerPete? I feel your pain. I am in the midst of some similar church drama, complicated by the fact that our pastor (with whom I worked quite well, thank you) just resigned from it. How’s the job market in the UK? I still have a bank account over there . . .

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