thanks dave wiles for pretty much giving me this one. :-)

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  1. goodfield says:

    Holy transvestite Pharisea’s Batman! :-)

  2. jonbirch says:

    wear what you like and be who you are!

  3. nice. I saw an article of whatsisname from mars hill taking the piss out of effeminate males, did you see it. Mark Driscoll I think his name was. nice to see leaders saying this kind of stuff from the front. just what need to show love and respect for others.

    I really love this one.

  4. Sarah says:

    How lovely (though a little smug).

    And it’s Gay Pride this weekend yey!

  5. dave119 says:

    Nice one Jon!! Amazing coffee inspiration! Have a gay day! And listen to your trany!! Dave x

  6. JF says:

    Jon, it’s a good job you don’t fit into Clare’s clothes! :-)

  7. jonbirch says:

    i played a joke on clare once… she had an old knitted one piece dress that she never wore and i had to find dressing up clothes for a party we were going to. i thought, what could be worse than me stretching in to one of clare’s dresses. so… just before she got home from work, i put on her dress, put a long necklace around my neck and waited in the bedroom. when she shouted ‘hi love!’ on her arrival home, i said ‘i’m in the bedroom, love!’… she entered the bedroom and i was to be found standing in front of the mirror in her dress swinging the necklace round and round. the look on her face was priceless. later, i said to her, ‘what if i was a transvestite for real… how would you feel about it?… her answer was lovely. ‘it would be okay, as long as you kept it to the home.’ wow! more confirmation of how much she loved me… and i’m willing to bet that she would have actually defended my right to wear what i wanted once she’d got her head around it… in fact, i know she would. :-)

    dave… as you well know, being a transvestite is completely unrelated to being gay… however, as you also know, i’m a sucker for a bad pun, so i’ll have to let you off! :-) and after that great breakfast you cooked me i’ll forgive you anything. :lol:

  8. JF says:

    Poor Clare. No-one should have to see your hairy legs poking out of a dress! :-)

  9. jonbirch says:

    nice breasts though. :-)

  10. Tiggy Sagar says:

    Some of my American friends have said that you wouldn’t be allowed in a church as a transvestite in the US. I was really shocked by that. Even the more Evangelical churches here wouldn’t stop someone coming just because they were male and wearing a dress. I guess we have much more of a tradition of cross-dressing here though.

  11. jonbirch says:

    takes a real man to put a skirt on. :-)

  12. Louise says:

    That’s certainly what the Scots feel :)

  13. Sarah says:

    Och aye!

  14. Jon (and Will) looked gorgeous in kilts. A kilt is a proper manly garment :-)

  15. Ann Onimous says:

    a bit of harmless fun… or a symptom of not liking oneself very much?
    the healthy blurring of gender boundaries… or, very commonly if you look at Trannies, the maintaining of gender stereotypes?
    an expression of a gentler maleness… or, again sadly too commonly, linked to a man dressing as a girl so as to be punished in sado-masochism?

    In my journey I’ve skirted the boundaries of places I wish I hadn’t seen and hurt those I love, transgressing gender boundaries is painful. I am not grateful that I am not like other men, but I am so very grateful to a God who walked through it all with me, and, at last, am kind-of at peace with the person I am.

    a corrective pause… of taking it all way too seriously? :-)

  16. jonbirch says:

    wow! thanks ann onimous. interesting thoughts on what has clearly been quite a journey. thank you.

    i’m not sure i understand the idea of gender boundaries. maleness and femaleness seem such difficult concepts to pin down.

  17. Ann Onimous says:

    Exactly, my point Jon… I think that gender boundaries are difficult to pin down, and so the blurring of them through cross dressing might by healthy… however, in practice, if you look at most transvestites, and probably transsexual women as well, they tend, actually to dress in ways that accentuated old gender norms of how men and women should dress.

  18. good to find this conversation still developing, and to read your thoughtful & thought provoking comments

    I guess I think we all wrestle with some of this, we are called to be fully human in God, and to bring our sexuality in line with God’s will for us individually. sometimes it seems easier to avoid contact with ourselves and others, to live within a role rather than be open and responsive

  19. jonbirch says:

    ann onimous… i get you. i wonder whether there’s a possibility that by identifying with gender norms it allows one to feel more immediately connected to the the other gender. because otherwise it becomes even more complex, possibly too complex. don’t know, just thinking out loud. once again i find myself content to allow people their journeys through life without my wanting to make judgements. i think issues of hurting others etc are very complex with this issue, because people can be very reactionary to the perceived ‘strange’ decisions others make. they can equally play up their own hurt. i think i’d rather save my judgment for the rich and powerful who hurt others deliberately and heartlessly. i guess each of us have to make that decision as to how our behaviour will affect the lives of those who love us, but even on an individual case basis it gets complex. i’m sure the way i am has sometimes hurt those who love me, although i’d never deliberately hurt them. i may have meandered in my thinking, i hope that all makes some kind of sense.

  20. Ellie says:

    ann onimous: Just before throwing ‘transsexual women’ to the mix please try and meet a few more of us, I know of maybe 3 who flat out refuse to wear trousers, many others preferring them, personally i still dress very similar to when i was living as male, still using some of my old clothes. Transvestites i can’t disagree from personal experience, and the older generation of transexual women i can’t really either, but thanks to the progress they made the younger of us can express our position along the spectrum much more freely, in the clothes we want, the volume of make up we want (very little for me) and to not be told we are in fact gay men who can’t deal with it (definitely not true for me).

    I’m sure you were well meaning and your comment wasn’t meant to offend, it just threw in a bit too much generalisation for my tastes

  21. jonbirch says:

    i think ‘spectrum’ is a key word. seems that sexuality is a spectrum and that the male/female boundaries thing is false and used to make things easy when we’re not talking about something that is always easy. thank you for your comment, ellie. it is good that it is more possible to be who you are these days, but sad that some will willfully not understand (or try)… even simply not judging would be a good starting point. seems to me we are all complex and to judge someone else when refusing to see our own lives is the easy thing to do. i’m ‘me’, you’re ‘you’… let’s just try being the best ‘us’ we can. :-)

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