ASBO gets naked at Greenbelt!

Thanks David Derbyshire for this crisp picture of Asbo Adam and Eve in the SANCTUARY BATH outdoor installation at Greenbelt this year. The theme was ‘HOME’ and a pre-fall Garden of Eden makes a nice metaphor I think. :-)

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6 Responses to ASBO gets naked at Greenbelt!

  1. Tiggy says:

    Ah, I saw that and thought it was the best one – didn’t realise it was from Sanctuary Bath.

  2. Tiggy says:

    Actually, I really want one of those small (toy?) tents if anyone in Bath has one their kids no longer use. It’s so I can sit on my balcony in the rain. I really like the sound of rain on a tent roof.

  3. You’re welcome! You can view the original image here:

  4. subo says:

    were are the gnomes?

  5. janetp says:

    Fantastic!! I can’t believe I missed seeing it! Missed seeing my favourite cartoonist too, Jon :(

  6. Laura Anne says:

    Is Eve wearing lipstick? Who knew…make up even in Eden…! ;)

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